Chapter 484- Terrifying
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Zhan Yue Chapter 484- Terrifying


    Lin Xi sighed, "It seems like With You and Limitless' relationship is getting worse."


    I nodded, "Yanshi Wuxing is a big bully. If we see them, just kill them all. Since they dare to provoke us, we have to go all out."



    I sent a message in the guild channel, "If anyone sees Limitless members and have confidence, kill them. Don't hold back!'

    Everyone nodded. Especially Mundane Slaughter and Moonlight Firefly. They were such experts. Once I sent this order, Limitless wouldn't have it easy.

    At that moment, my body couldn't move. A golden light wrapped around me and Gu Ruyi. We looked at one another and were both teleported out.


    My eyes lit up and I heard the wind. I stood on a cliff and many players were teleported over. Even Lin Xi and Ruyi were here.

    "With You members come here."

    Lin Xi raised her sword and called out to our allies.

    Thus, Gu Ruyi and I walked over. Calorie, Haotian, Mundane Slaughter, Moonlight Firefly, Light Lantern etc walked over. at this point, only a few players remained. Only 91 ere here. In the second round, 109 were eliminated and Shen Mingxuan was one of them.


    "We only have so few?"

    Moonlight Firefly counted, "8?"

    "Right, that is quite little." I frowned.

    Mundane Slaughter said, "En, Warm Sun was killed by Ghostwalker, Nine Song was insta killed by two Shadow Hunters. Light Frost was also killed by a Shadow Hunter.

    "Shen Mingxuan was killed by Yanshi Wuxing." I said.


    Everyone sighed.


    Not far away, the other guilds had gathered up. Elements had 8. Apart from their four kings, there was Yun Jian and a few others. Winds of Battle and Limitless wasn't much better. I saw Yanshi Wuxing among them. I walked over and smiled, "Yanshi Wuxing you killed Shen Mingxuan right?"

    "Ah? Yes."

    He smiled, "PK map, everyone does that."


    I nodded and said solemnly towards Limitless members, "From today on, as long as it is not a safe zone, I will kill anyone of you I see. Let's wait and see. All of you want to play right? With You will play with you!"

    "July Wildfire, we didn't mean that..." Yanshi Bugong wanted to explain.

    But I had turned around and waved without turning my head, "Let's meet in the next round!"

    Not far away, there were some NPCs. They looked pumped up. Among them were Li Yang, Zhou Ya and Feng Chen. They saw me speaking to Yanshi Bugong and the others. Li Yang smiled in disdain, "Whatever!"

    These NPCs didn't understand us but it was quite amazing that the game could be designed like that. In normal games, NPCs wouldn't react to player conversations.


    At that moment, the cloud ocean moved and it turned into Elder Dragon's hand. He looked at us and said solemnly, "Not bad, you passed the second stage. Next is the real test. In front of you is your goal-- Cloud Ocean Palace."

    He waved his sleeves and a high mountain rose up. At the peak was a golden palace that was wrapped by a cloud ocean.

    "This test is called One Step from Heaven."

    Elder Dragon waved and an old chain rose up from the cliff in front of us towards the Cloud Ocean Palace. This chain pierced into the outer walls and ten of such chains floated in the wind.

    "Do you see?"

    Elder Dragon looked at us calmly, "This is your only path, get to Cloud Ocean Palace by these chains and you would pass this. But you need to be careful as you will only die if you fall. Apart from that, the Snow Eagles in the cloud ocean are hungry, you need to be careful of them. Be careful!"


    Lin Xi looked at the disappearing Elder Dragon and said, "This old man... Looks quite merciful, what is that word? Celestial-like..."

    I was speechless, "Get close, I got something to tell you."


    She tip toed and placed her ear to my mouth, "Yes?"

    "Actually he might be an enemy, I probably have to fight him."


    Lin Xi kept silent and her face was solemn. A few seconds later she said to me, "Come, I got something to tell you."


    Her breath was warm, "This elder is at least End of the Universe Grade, you actually say that you need to fight him. Why does it sound lik a lie?"


    I was speechless while she giggled.

    Light Lantern coughed, "So should we go together or what?"


    Lin Xi nodded, "Eight of us line up and go."

    "En, good~~~"


    Not far away, there were people stepping on the chains. The chain bridge was just half a meter wide and looked scary. Below was a cloud ocean and people afraid of heights might just fall themselves.

    Ten chains hung in the air. Apart from the one in front of us, there were people up the others.


    I pointed forwards, "Lin Xi you lead or I lead?"

    "Let me do it."

    She held White Dragon Sword and she smiled, "I will, you protect the back."

    "I will try my best."

    "En en."

    Just like that, Lin Xi leapt forwards and landed on the bridge. Her boots stepped on the rusty chains and she turned around, "Get up one by one and don't move about if not the whole chain would move and we would get wiped."


    Moonlight Firefly landed behind Lin Xi. Shortly after, Gu Ruyi, Calorie, Light Lantern, Mundane Slaughter etc got up. Haotian was the last one apart from me and he smiled, "Boss let's go."


    I stepped on it. Maybe because of my agility, my balance was really good so the chains were like flat land. Lin Xi walked at the front, "Keep your distance, keep a 1.5 meter gap so we can help one another but not affect each other."


    The moment I replied, I heard a shout. Four ropes away, a player fell like a stone down. He shouted, "Fk, I have a fear of heights. This is a waste of my skill! ! !"

    "Such a bad death..."

    Lin Xi smiled, "Does any of us fear heights?"

    "All of us, but we can control it." Moonlight Firefly said.

    The others nodded.

    "That's good, let's head out!"



    Three minutes later.

    The bunch of us were in the cloud ocean and we couldn't see the mountain behind. We could only see one chain and that was just uncomfortable. At that moment, the cloud ocean started shaking and a giant being pounced out. It was a huge Snow Eagle. It flew like a fighter jet and it clawed our chain.


    Sparks flew and the chain started to turn!

    "Ah ah ah ah ah~~~"

    The few on the chain were tossed like water on a shirt in a washing machine. A few others appeared and they opened their mouths to swallow players. White light shone and they were insta killed!

    "This... This works?"

    Light Lantern was about to collapse.

    "What kind of demon setting is this? !"

    Goosebumps appeared on Haotian's body, "Damn, can I scold the designer!?"

    "This isn't the monsters' fault, it is the NPC? Players have no chance right?"

    Moonlight Firefly gritted her teeth, "What now?"


    Lin Xi held her sword and hugged Gu Ruyi. She shouted, "This isn't a game to pass a stage, this is a game of speed. Leave this place! Pay attention to where the eagles appear. If they attack our chain just hug the chain!"

    "En! Charge!"

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    We increased speed and charged forwards.

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