Chapter 485- Final obstacle
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Zhan Yue Chapter 485- Final obstacle

 "Ang ang--"

    Not far away, we heard cries as a snow eagle charged into the sky. Its metal-like wings smashed the chain beside us. There was a loud explosion and the players attached themselves to the rope. However, the rope shook too much and a few people were tossed off.

    "Be careful, let's go!"

    I held my dagger and activated Darkness Shura. More and more snow eagles appeared and started to attack players. The number of survivors started to reduce. It seemed like no one could survive but then I looked below and saw that a giant beast was pouncing at us.

    "Be careful!"

    I shouted, "Stop running, hug the chains quick!"

    I sunk down and intersected my daggers to lock onto the chains. Lin Xi, Gu Ruyi, Moonlight Firefly all sunk down. In the next moment, there was a loud explosion and we felt like the heavens were moving. We spun along with the chain.


    Moonlight Firefly was first to fall and then it was Mundane Slaughter. Then Calorie, Haotian etc couldn't hold on and they screamed.


    Lin Xi was in White Star state and she grabbed the chains while pressing Gu Ruyi down. Who knew that many Snow Eagles would charge out of the cloud ocean and strike our chain again. At the same time, one of them spat out blood red energy that melted Moonlight Firefly and Calorie. They turned into a white light and disappeared.


    What was terrifying was that after the second strike, Lin Xi couldn't take it and fell with Gu Ruyi.

    Not good!

    My heart felt cold and I couldn't hold back anymore. I used Cloud Ladder Technique to stabilise myself. I grabbed Lin Xi's hand and shouted, "Grab Ruyi!"


    She hugged Gu Ruyi's waist with her other hand.

I charged upwards and grabbed Haotian's legs. We flew forwards and avoided a Snow Eagle's pounce. But behind me, Mundane Slaughter and Light Lantern fell into the cloud ocean and disappeared.


    Lin Xi held my hand and turned behind, "It is coming!"

    "Let's go!"

    I saw that Cloud Ladder Technique was disappearing. I dove down and the eagle's claws brushed past my hair. The moment it disappeared, the four of us landed on the shaky rope. Lin Xi let go and dragged Gu Ruyi towards the Cloud Ocean Palace.

    But at that moment, two snow eagles descended and golden lightning slashed from their claws.


    Haotian placed his blade in front of him and said with determination, "Boss we can't leave, just bring Lin Xi and Ruyi away. I will hold them up. Run! Don't hesitate!"

    I hesitated slightly and charged toward Lin Xi. I changed my camera angle and saw Haotian jump up to use Return Slash. The two Snow Eagles changed their targets. Haotian charged at the one on the left and dragged the feather of the snow eagle. He then used the Wind Chasing Stab to stun the two of them.

    His mechanics were worthy of his Challenger rank!

    Unfortunately, in the next second, Haotian's stun limit was reached. He sighed helplessly and fell into the cloud ocean.

    I sucked in a deep breath. This person was courageous and smart and he was a true brother. As expected from someone from KDA!


    Lin Xi hugged Gu Ruyi ahead and charged up the walls. Behind them were two Snow Eagles. I spread my palm and placed a Bloodthirst Banner beside Lin Xi. I used Dark Shadow Jump to jump over and a barrier appeared behind me. The two snow eagles could only flap their wings in rage and they had no choice but leave.

    "Only we are left?"

    Lin Xi looked at me in shock.


    I nodded and looked at the cloud ocean, "The other brothers all died!"

    Gu Ruyi frowned, "If not for Lin Xi and Lu Li saving me, I would have fallen down..."

    I glanced at her, "Mages lack strength so you might be the only Mage in the fourth stage, it seems like... Not many from other guilds are here."


    Lin Xi looked ahead, "Only Feng Canghai and Lin Songyan from Elements survived."



    On the walls of Cloud Ocean Palace more players stumbled here but all of them had full health. The Snow Eagles insta killed player so they either insta killed or they didn't deal damage. There were no half health players.

    "Lin Xi!"

    In the distance, Feng Canghai walked over and beside him was Lin Songyan. There were some others from other guilds, there were three from Dragon Rider Hall. Male Bear, Penghao Ren and Heart's Desire were here. Wine and Poems was probably dead but this three were skilled and managed to survive!

    Feng Canghai smiled, "So dangerous I didn't expect With You to have three people."


    Lin Xi nodded, "Elements only have two?"


    Feng Canghai was embarrassed, "This challenge... Hard to explain, I nearly died."

    Lin Xi smiled and didn't say anything.

    On the other side, Limitless and Winds of Battle were here. Yanshi Bugong brought Yanshi Stargazer and Yanshi Wuxing over while Winds of Battle Fengxian led a challenger warrior called Zilong. Their armor was covered in scratch marks so they probably went through a lot.

    "So few of us are left?"

    Yanshi Bugong looked at us and smiled, "I didn't expect so few people from Winter Sun City to reach the final stage of Cloud Ocean Palace."

    Fengxian smiled, "So the three hidden job players will be from us."

    "Guild Leader Fengxian."

    Feng Canghai looked at him and smiled, "Are you thinking about fighting now to decide three?"

    "Why would you think that?"

    Fengxian touched his nose.

    I said, "You are happy too early. There are still NPCs, they will definitely disturb us."


    Zilong said solemnly, "July Wildfire is right. This bunch of NPCs doesn't look nice and might take up the spots. We have to defeat them to get to the end."



    The clouds spun and a figure appeared above. It was Elder Dragon and he held Lost Happiness in his hands. he looked at us and said, "Kids, congratulations. This is the final trial... It would also be the biggest!"

    He waved and the Cloud Ocean Palace changed. It turned from golden and mysterious to one that was broken and damaged. He said solemnly, "This Cloud Ocean Palace decomposed ten thousand years ago. Inside are many ancient carvings. This tests your comprehension. Understand the meaning within and you will obtain a mark. Whoever gets the most will rank higher. Of course, you have to be able to survive."

    A golden teleportation gate appeared and the quest was clear. Understand the carvings and then teleport out. Whoever gets the most would get first. This was a cultured battle but in truth, it was filled with killing intent. The item should be able to be dropped so that would lead to a fight.


    Elder Dragon waved, "You can go!"

    The barrier ahead disappeared and Cloud Ocean Palace stood in front of us. The interior was of a broken cliff and the stone Steeles were growing out of the ground. But in terms of understanding, I wouldn't lose to anyone. 97 comprehension, I was just one step away from the max!


    "Prepare to go. "

    Lin Xi held her White Dragon Sword and stood on Gu Ruyi's left to separate Feng Canghai from her. she and I protected Ruyi in the middle.

    Feng Canghai laughed.

    Yanshi Bugong held his blade, "Okay let's not waste time. let's head out and comprehend them!'


    Everyone nodded and scattered. Some headed to the left, some to the right. Some headed right towards the middle

    I sucked in a deep breath, "Let's go too!"

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    "Let's go."

    We followed the steps that were covered in grass and walked down carefully.

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