Chapter 486- Gift from his highness
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Zhan Yue Chapter 486- Gift from his highness

   "Sha sha..."

    We entered a courtyard and this seemed like a side hall. Maybe the emperor's concubine used to stay here. There was a well and it was bottomless. Around it was many stone steeles. There were at least 40-50 of them here.


    Lin Xi pointed, "I will be at the door, Ruyi in the middle, Lu Li go to the hall's door."



    I nodded and summoned Orange Night and White Bird. If anyone wanted to attack us they had to pass them. Lin Xi understood and left her Pure Blood Ice Bird here too. This increased Gu Ruyi's chances of survival!

    Lin Xi and I discussed that I hoped that Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi would get top three. Now that Shen Mingxuan was gone, Ruyi was left. So she had all our hopes.

    "Lu Li, I will pass all my marks to Ruyi, you too then Ruyi would be first." Lin Xi smiled.

    "I can't..."

    I frowned, "Lin Xi, when I got this quest, my Senior Sister in Black Castle told me I had to get first. If not things would be problematic. This quests concerns too much."


    She smiled, "Sure, I should be enough. We can balance it out, you can be first, Ruyi second!"



    I came to a steele and knelt down. I wiped the spiderwebs. I had an idea. My Shifang Flame Spiral Eye could increase comprehension speed so wasn't that good? But after I used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, I noticed that the steele was blurred. It seemed like this function was off.

    No choice, I had to do so properly!


I stared at the ancient words. Although I couldn't understand but I had to act as I did. After two minutes, the words started to rearrange into things I could understand---

    "On this day, your highness gave me Yu Ruyi,"

    It is here!

    A golden fist sized token landed in my palm like that of a turtle shell.

    "You are done?" Lin Xi was shocked.

    "En, simple!"

    I laughed, "Focus..."

    She smiled awkwardly, "Okay, I won't bother with you!"

    Not far away, Gu Ruyi sat in front of one and was fully focused. But although her comprehension was above Ah Fei, but it was not as high as Lin Xi and I.

    I didn't care and just tossed it on the ground to pick it up. After confirming that this thing could be dropped, I knew that there would be a battle.

    Thus, I stooped in front of the second one and used my death gaze. Not long later, another golden light flashed and the words were rearranged.

    "On this day, his highness gave me a jade belt."

    A golden token flew into my hand. The second one, continue!


    I was really quick and got five in a blink of an eye. Lin Xi had comprehended two and Ruyi had one. Lin Xi looked at me with a weird gaze, "You fellow, how high is your comprehension?"

    "97!" I puffed my chest and said confidently.


    Lin Xi was speechless, "I only have 91..."

    "People with 90 stats are all really talented so don't be sad." I said.


    She smiled and focused on the steele.


    Just like that, 40+ minutes passed and I had 29 pieces. Lin Xi had 13 and Ruyi had seven. At that moment, I stared at the final steele for close to a minute and a snow white figure appeared. it was an ancient beauty and she looked really beautiful. She frowned and she looked really sad. She disappeared into the wind and she was filled with sadness and grievances.

    Right ahead, the words changed--

    "The corrupted officials failed the country, his highness gave me a white cloth to kill myself for love."



    I was emotional, "40 minutes and this is what I get, I really didn't expect that..."

    Lin Xi laughed, "Isn't that normal? Girls have to rely on themselves. If they pass everything to a guy, they would miss out on everything. But girls in the past don't understand, even if they did they didn't have a chance."

    I glanced at her, "You are talking about... Woman's rights?'


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    She stared and punched me, "What do you want to say?"

    "That isn't woman's rights, that is woman's fist!"

    "Stop your nonsense let's go somewhere else."

    "Okay leader."

    We walked out and up ahead a steele was refreshing but there were others comprehending. The moment we entered the square, a golden 30 appeared on my head. Lin Xi had 13 and Ruyi had 7.


    My heart sunk and I frowned, "This system is so cunning? It actually shows how many we got?"


    Lin Xi frowned, "This isn't safe, let's go to the right, there is a hall."


    We dashed and left the sights of everyone. When we opened the door, the entire place collapsed. There were actually many here to comprehend.

    I left Orange Night and White Bird to defend and I started to observe the place.


    After two minutes, a figure rose up. It was a young man in ancient dressing. He held a brush and he turned around to disappear. The words on the steele appeared--

    "His Highness made me his close servant."

    En was this related to a eunuch?

    Not long later, the code beside was unlocked by me and a line of words appeared.

    "Tonight I held the lamp for his highness."

    The third one was fast and I did so in less than a minute.

    "His highness gave me 10 strings of five beads."

    One can imagine that this eunuch felt good, he was getting attention!


    Not long later, I read the words on the steele. It was as if a voice was describing a forgotten story.

    "His highness gave me a gold belt."

    "His highness gave me a pear."

    "Today, I forced back officials for his highness."

    "Today, I scolded Concubine Ning for His Highness."

    "His highness gave me a furnace."

    "His highness gave me a hundred acres of land."

    "His highness gave me a jade ornament."


    I sucked in a deep breath. The story started to get interesting, but... Why did the emperor give a eunuch a jade ornament? Why not a set of SK2 lipstick!?

    Lin Xi and Gu Ruyi were comprehending too. Although they didn't read as much as I did but they understood a portion. This was the life of an official.

    50 minutes later,

    it was down to the last one and the final one.

    Lin Xi smiled, "You are the fastest. Save time, you do it!"


    I walked forwards and in less than a minute, a soul floated out. It turned into a eunuch with a face filled with despair. He disappeared with the wind and shortly after, a line of words appeared--

    "Yuan Zhao scolded me for causing trouble to the dynasty, his highness made me jump into the well to kill myself."



    I stood up and opened my eyes wide, "So it is Shichang!"

    Lin Xi laughed till she nearly teared up, "Wow what a sad story~~~"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Okay let's stop talking. Continue, we have many more to comprehend!"



    I exited the hall and this time I had 57 above my head. Lin Xi had 29, Gu Ruyi had 17. Our numbers were quite high. The stone steeles on the square were all gone and I could see a few players trying their best to comprehend things. Among them was Yanshi Bugong and he had 22 above his head.


    Yanshi Bugong looked at us and saw my 57, shock flashed across his face. At the same time, another few people walked out from the side hall. They were from Dragon Rider Hall and Male Bear, Penghao Ren, Heart's Desire had 14, 11 and 9 respectively.


    Penghao Ren looked at our numbers and said, "With beautiful girls by his side, no wonder you are more efficient."


    Lin Xi held her sword and a cold gaze flashed across her eyes. She looked like she was going to attack.

    I used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and didn't notice Yanshi Wuxing. I frowned, "Lin Xi let's go, there is a side hall there, let's avoid this group."


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