Chapter 487- Final attack
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Zhan Yue Chapter 487- Final attack

 Not long later, we started working hard in an old palace courtyard.

    "We need to be careful."

    Lin Xi comprehended the stone steele while looking at the gate, "Those bunch has noticed that we have much more marks than them, maybe... They will start to attack us."


    I nodded, "They will definitely. Let's see who is bold."

    "Yanshi Wuxing, this person is decisive. He might."


    I frowned, "We also need to be wary of Dragon Rider Hall. They have bad intentions too. I don't think we will be able to complete it easily, especially Ruyi. You need to be careful."

    "I know."

    Gu Ruyi nodded, "As long as it isn't an Assassin, I would be able to block them."

    "The key would be the Assassins."

    I took in a deep breath and activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. I felt a little tired. I didn't expect that Yanshi Wuxing who I had talked to had become such a huge problem for us.


    Not long later Shen Mingxuan's voice spread from outside, "This... it is already six, the few of you aren't eating right?"

    "We can't."

    Lin Xi said, "Lu Li and I are still in game and can't walk away. If we don't get the Dragon Mage job for Ruyi, our whole day would be wasted."

    "Okay then..."

    Shen Mingxuan said, "Right, do you see Yanshi Wuxing, help me finish him!"


    I smiled, "Even if we don't find him, he will find his way here. Who knows in what way? Don't worry, I can give up on the reward but Yanshi Wuxing has to die!"

    "Can, that is my Handsome Li!" Shen Mingxuan smiled.

    Lin Xi was confused, "Handsome Li?"

    I was speechless.

    Shen Mingxuan laughed, "I am going to drink coke, all of you have fun!"


    At that moment, a message came from Winds of Battle Fengxian, "July Wildfire, I was invited out of Cloud Ocean Palace. The few of you need to be careful!"

    "Ah? !"

    I was stunned, "What is going on, aren't you and Zilong together? Who is strong enough to invite you out?"


    His voice was very solemn, "Yanshi Bugong led the way and brought Yanshi Wuxing, Dragon Rider Hall's Male Bear, Penghao Ren and Heart's Desire. The two Assassins sneak attacked. Zilong and I insta killed Heart's Desire but after both of us died, our marks are with them. If they gather the marks, they might get the top three spots from you."

    "I understand."

    I frowned, "Thank you Guild Leader Fengxian for your information, I will cherish it."



    After which, I told Lin Xi and Gu Ruyi about what Fengxian said. The two girls got worried.

    "In terms of numbers, things are not good for us."

    Lin Xi bit her teeth, "Yanshi Bugong, Yanshi Wuxing are both challenger. Male Bear too. Along with Penghao Ren, if they attack together, who knows how high our chances are. Also, I am worried Elements would work with them. Then our chances of winning would be even lower."

    I frowned, "Or rather... You remain here with Ruyi. Let me sneak attack and try to kill some of them?"


    Lin Xi shook her head, "You can't leave. If they come when you leave, both of us are gone. Let's go together, anyways... If we fight I will try my best to kill as many as I can. Even if I die, as long as Ruyi and you are in the top three, that would be okay."

    "Let's hope so. Let's just comprehend all the memories here. Based on my guess, the entire Cloud Ocean Palace should have around 500 seals. As long as we can get 200, we would get first. As for Ruyi, she would be third if she gets 100."

    "En, I will pass mine to her. You need to protect her and even if you have to carry her, you need to carry her into the formation."

    "I will try my best."


    Just like that, time passed bit by bit and close to an hour passed. When I comprehended the last mark, I reached 89. Lin Xi had 47 and Gu Ruyi had 25. In the next second, Lin Xi passed hers to Gu Ruyi and she reached 72!

    "Let's go!"

    I used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and sunk down. I walked at the front with White Cloak and brought them out of the desolate hall. The moment Lin Xi and Gu Ruyi appeared, a figure appeared in the fake mountain ahead. It was Yanshi Wuxing, he was charging over in stealth.


    I retreated and in the next second, Yanshi Bugong appeared behind Yanshi Wuxing/ He rode a horse and used Assault at Lin Xi. At the same time, he used Return Slash behind Gu Ruyi and Lin Xi. Lin Xi instantly entered White Star state and forced Yanshi Wuxing back.

    At the same time, there was the sound of the wind from the other side as Male Bear and Penghao Ren appeared to charge at Lin Xi and Gu Ruyi.

    "Ruyi flash!"

    I raised my hand and used Apprehension, "Enter Apprehension!"

    Gu Ruyi flashed to dodge the stun while charging into Apprehension's range. Lin Xi slid to the side and after dodging Male Bear's charge, she rode forwards. She was in the middle of Yanshi Bugong and Male Bear as she used Bladestorm to sweep the entire field!

    "Wuxing, hold off July Wildfire!"

    Yanshi Bugong used Weapon Protection while slashing Lin Xi, "Male Bear, Penghao Ren, attack Lin Xi with me. As long as we kill her, Lu Li would be alone. Quick!"


    The three challengers attacked from three directions. Male Bear used Double Hit+Return Slash and then used Wind Chasing Stab at Lin Xi's back. But Lin Xi used full vision and shifted the horse to the right to dodge his attacks. She flicked her blade and Wind Chasing Stab landed on Male Bear's body. When Penghao Ren raised his hand to use Wind Chasing Stab, Lin Xi used Assault and then followed it up with Return Slash+Double Hit+Blade of Dawn!

    "Wu wa~~~"

    Male Bear cried out and was killed. he dropped a bunch of shining marks!

    The moment I turned around, Yanshi Wuxing used Quickness and slashed at me. He didn't want me to assist Lin Xi at all.

    I couldn't underestimate this person or I would lose out!


    The moment I transformed into Darkness Shura, I waved and both Orange Night and White Bird flew out, "Support Lin Xi, quick!"

    The moment Orange Night stepped out, he was hit by a fireball spell. This was Yanshi Wuxing's Fire Fox pet. The magma-like fireball formed a short stun and Orange Night couldn't move.


    Yanshi Bugong pushed Lin Xi's aside while using Return Slash+Double Hit. At the same time, Penghao Ren attacked too and that caused Lin Xi's health to drop. Not far away, Pure Blood Ice Bird buffed its master and also damaged. However, it didn't aid the situation.

    Lin Xi rode her horse and moved in a Z shape. Yanshi Bugong and Penghao Ren continued to restrict her. Even though Gu Ruyi was using Flame Laser to shoot them, however both of them were challenger players and their stats were high so she couldn't kill them. Instead, the pets were all attacking Lin Xi and her health was dropping!

    "Lin Xi, goodbye!"

    Yanshi Bugong shouted and stabbed forwards with his horse. He used Wind Chasing Stab+Return Slash once more. This was his all in strike, if he hit, Lin Xi's health would drop a lot!

    In that instance, she reacted quickly and placed her Heaven Sword Umbrella in front of her. After getting hit by Penghao Ren, she moved to the right to dodge Wind Chasing Stab. Her health was down to 26%. If she got hit by Return Slash she would definitely get killed. However, energy currents spread out and she activated her combo- Gale!


    The moment Return Slash's damage missed, Gale dealt over half of his health as Yanshi Bugong was down!

    "No use, you will still die!"

    Yanshi Bugong's eyes flushed red and he stabbed Lin Xi's Heaven Sword Umbrella. He shouted and a dark current spread from his blade. It caused a black hole to appear around!

    Hell's Gate, SSS Grade Skill!


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    Lin Xi retreated and opened Heaven Sword Umbrella. She entered the defensive stance but she couldn't move. Yanshi Bugong waved his sword and hit Hell's Gate onto the Heaven Sword Umbrella like he was going to melt it. The blade slashed her shoulder and blood splattered. At this moment she was down to 3%. Heaven Sword Umbrella's defensive effect was used up and she was at her limit!

    "Lu Li!"

    Lin Xi shouted. I understood and used White Cloak to break free from Yanshi Wuxing control. I then used Dark Shadow Jump on Yanshi Bugong!

    "Wu ah..."

    Yanshi Bugong cried out and fell to the ground. He died!

    At the same time, Lin Xi cried out as Penghao Ren's Flame Blade Thrust+Return Slash killed her. Fortunately, she didn't lose any equipment.


    "Boss... Lin Xi is killed!'

    Penghao Ren's body shook and his face was filled with joy.

    I gritted my teeth and used Hunter's Edge+Flames of Karma on him. On the other side, White Bird landed with lightning to insta killed Penghao Ren. At the same time, Yanshi Wuxing tried to turn around and leave!

    "You still want to leave!?"

     ! ! ! !

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