Chapter 481- Mixed leaderboard
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Zhan Yue Chapter 481- Mixed leaderboard

  The next day.

    I spent some time in Hercules Beetle Forest and went offline to eat at 11. Then I went online to prepare for the event.


    I appeared in Winter Sun City, repaired equipment, and filled up on potions. After everything was done, I sat with Lin Xi at the Great Sage Hall entrance to blow some wind. Ah Fei was nearby and he was still inscribing. This fellow was earning big money. Grade 7 along with 6 and 5, he did all of them and he was famous in Winter Sun City.

    "Ten more minutes."

    Lin Xi looked at the time and hugged her White Dragon Sword, "A while more."


    I looked at her sword and smiled, "White Dragon Sword is just super orange right? Time to change. Let's fight a boss and get a red sword for you."

    "En en, I want too~~~"

    Under the breeze, she tidied her hair and smiled, "But red equipment is so rare, sword type weapons are also the rarest of all. It is too tough to get a red sword, I don't think the server has a red sword yet."

    "That is true."

    I nodded, "We got the first red boss kill and apart from event rewards, players shouldn't have had a chance to get red equipment."

    "En." She looked at me and smiled, "Also although your dagger is red but when the time is right, change it for those with attack chasing stats. Although Seven Star Chaos is strong but extended damage is the best. Just one skill can't allow you to kill everyone."

    "Understood, I will remember~~"

    I looked at her skirt that was blown by the wind and I coughed, "Lin Xi be careful, sit a little lower in case others can see..."

    Her face flushed red, "It is okay, I pay attention to that!"

    Even if she said that, she still carefully adjusted her skirt.

    Ah Fei was also tilting his head and looking at Lin Xi's hands. In the end, Shen Mingxuan who passed slapped

Ah Fei in the head, "What do you Scum Fei want to see?"


    Ah Fei felt a little awkward, "Have I been found out..."

    My mouth twitched, "See, we have to be careful of such shameless people."

    Lin Xi smiled, "En, I will be careful next time. I didn't expect that people can be so shameless!"

    "The more you know."


    "Lin Xi, Ah Li~~~"

    Shen Mingxuan walked forwards and sat next to us, "Look, many people are waiting."


    I nodded, "Who knows what it would be like inside. If we can form up, let's add all the With You members."


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    Lin Xi smiled, "We don't have many that meet requirements. Less than 50 of us can enter."

    "That is okay, we can enter and take a look."



    Not long later, the timer started to count down. At 12 sharp, a bell rang---


    System notification: Legacy Fight battlefield has opened, will you teleport in?

    "Let's go!"

    I looked at the few girls beside me and smiled, "Let's enter!"

    "En, let's go!"

    Everyone confirmed together and four golden lights shone into the sky. At the same time, many such lights charged into the sky. Above the sky was a red ball of light. If I was right, this was the god artifact Lost Happiness. The artifact was in Elder Dragon's hands. Was he summoning us to Lost Happiness?



    I appeared in a desolate space and could only see 200 yards ahead of me. There were only bald trees and nothing else. A timer appeared and it was only three minutes. This means that after three minutes, those who registered but didn't enter would be locked out.

    I sucked in a deep breath and clicked on the map but didn't see anything. I couldn't see coordinates too.


    Lin Xi said, "I can't see the coordinates, what now? Where are the three of you?"

    I was speechless, "I can't se coordinates so naturally, we don't know where we are... Anyways there is empty land in front of me with a few withered trees. There is no grass too."

    "Me too..." Gu Ruyi said.

    "Me too!" Shen Mingxuan smiled.

    Lin Xi said, "Seems like it is all the same. Let's wait and see what happens."


    Three minutes passed quitckly and the moment the countdown ended, Elder Dragon's voice spread from above, "First stage, block your opponent and don't die within a certain time. Then the 200 with the most kills can enter the second stage."

    He was attacking!

    The moment I raised my dagger, a golden light descended on the ground. Each pillar was an ugly Zombie, level 100 Legendary Grade monster. In a blink of an eye over a hundred charged over. Moreover, more of them spawned. Was this a test?

    I entered the battle state and after using Bloodthirst Banner, I summoned Orange Night and White Bird. The moment I used Apprehension+Wooden Dummy to kill, White Bird slashed. She raised her blade and her sword slashed through a blue star, this was Star Slash!


    Starlight smashed into the group of zombies and a series of damage numbers exploded---






    This was so high! The Grade Six White Bird was far stronger than Orange Night, especially in terms of damage. Moreover, she became much more beautiful and a slight Star Armor glow appeared on her body. It was as if she was wearing an armor made of the stars, she charged around the monsters and was unstoppable.

    Tsk tsk, this White Bird was just too strong! Even if she was weakened during PK, she would still be terrifying. Her support use would be far above that of pets. Even Lin Xi's Pure Blood Ice Bird would be weaker than White Bird. Moreover, with Orange Night and my damage, I definitely led the first round.

    As expected, a few minutes later, a red veil appeared in the sky and the leaderboard appeared--

    1st: July Wildfire

    2nd: Li Yang

    3: Zhou Ya

    4th: Feng Canghai

    5th: Yanshi Bumou


    A shocking scene appeared, was this a mixed leaderboard? That was something I didn't expect. So players and NPCs were together and after the first round, we might clash. Tsk tsk, there seemed to be limitless possibilities here!

    I continued.

    "Is everyone okay?" I asked.

    "No worries."

    Lin Xi said, "What about you Ruyi? I saw that you were ranked 9th, are you safe?"

    "Abit... Tough!"

    Gu Ruyi fought while saying to us, "My Element Shield has been broken many times. This is too tough. Moreover, my speed is slow and I can't outrun them. I can oly open the shield and try my best."

    "Use potions, don't hold back." I said.


    "Shen Mingxuan what about you, are you safe?" I asked.

    "Still okay."

    Shen Mingxuan said, "I am kiting them. I just have to survive. I am safely in the top 200, I am currently 27th."

    "That's good."


    After 20 minutes, I gained decent experience from killing them. The zombies turned into a red light and disappeared. The leaderboard was done and I was ranked 1st. Lin Xi was 7th, Ruyi 11th, Shen Mingxuan 31st. Apart from that, Haotian, Calorie, Moonlight Firefly, Mundane Slaughter and Light Lantern were all in the top 200. With their ability, this wasn't too hard.

    Unfortunately, those support jobs like Priest, Musician etc didn't have damage and were basically all eliminated.

    "Weng weng weng~~"

    Elder Dragon appeared in the sky and he looked down, "Not bad, you will face an even tougher challenge. Only if you pass this can you face more challenges."

    I looked at him and frowned. I really wanted to curse at him but I didn't dare as I would just get kicked out. After all, this was Lost Happiness and he was king. I had to get first as Senior Sister asked me to. I had to do it!

    The environment changed and the desolate area disappeared. What replaced it was a forest at the night. I was standing in the forest.

    "Pa ta~~ Pa ta~~"

    Rain dripped on me and in a blink of an eye, my armor was drenched.


    System notification: Second round "Survival", you have to survive for 60 minutes! Apart from that, you need to beware of the shadow hunters!


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