Chapter 31- Lightning Rider Assassin
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Zhan Yue Chapter 31- Lightning Rider Assassin

"Two Balls, you’ve become much stronger!"

I praised him from below the platform.

"Haha hehe!Thank you!"

Purgatory Lion smiled and scratched his head.


In the crowd, Xia Buhui laughed coldly. "He only improved a little. If not for Long Yilan being too arrogant, he wouldn't have lost. In the end, he’s still trash. What descendant of the Purgatory Lion race?He’s just making himself look good!"

"Xia Buhui, you dog Necromancer; come up!" Purgatory Lion shouted in rage.

"I will come up then!"

In the end, after a few exchanges, the Purgatory Lion's attacks were countered and he was suppressed. Under Xia Buhui's soul attacks, Two Balls lost and was sent out of the Wind Cloud Platform.


Xia Buhui grabbed his staff and he had a dark gaze. He stood in the duel arena as if he looked down on everyone.

At the next moment, Little Scum charged up but lost too and was sent away by the wind.

The Necromancer had high control, defense and attack methods, such that others could not handle them. In just a moment, the undead cultivators in the trials were defeated one by one. All that was left were Xia Buhui and Lei Ling as well as me who was not onstage.

"Scoff!A bunch of trash!"

Lei Ling charged up the Wind Cloud Platform and his sword gave out metallic clang. Lightning surged around his body and his eyes appeared to have electricity hidden in them. He just stared at Xia Buhui.

"Senior Brother Lei Ling..."Xia Buhui frowned and said, "I admit defeat."


Lei Ling smiled.

In the next second, Xia Buhui admitted defeat and was sent away by the wind. Lei Ling pointed his sword at me and said, "July Wildfire, in the end, it’s still a battle between us. Come up; let's continue our fight."

"As you wish."

I flew up, and the moment I landed onstage, my body entered Stealth mode.

Lei Ling just stood at the center and looked into space. He smiled. "Under lightning, do you think that you can stay hidden? I didn't expect that Wind Cloud Platform Senior Uncle Ding Heng's direct disciple only has such ability. How disappointing!"

I frowned and slowly got close.

"Come out!"

Lei Ling suddenly roared in rage and lightning shone around him. As if theground had roots, lightning started to spread across the entire Wind Cloud Platform; obviously, I could not avoid it. I was struck by lightning and my Stealth disappeared. I did not hesitate at all; the moment the lightning hit me, I charged at Lei Ling.


He did not expect me to be so fast. After all, when he tried killing me last time, I did not have the Boss buff, so my Agility then could not be compared to now. Right when I was right in front of him, Lei Ling sent out a slash. His sword was like the rumbling lightning as it slashed through the sky and turned into a cold light!


I ducked to the right and flicked my Water Pattern Dagger. I blocked his attack route and directly interrupted his assault. At the same time, the dagger in my right hand slashed his throat and I activated the Gouge skill!


That 900+ Attack was really very strong!

Under Lei Ling's shocked gaze, I went across his body and used a basic attack plus Backstab onto him. The moment the two attacks were completed, I used my last bit of energy to launch Hunter's Edge!

Peng peng peng!

A sharp blade pierced Lei Ling's body, but he was really strong as he was still standing. His stats were at least a level higher than mine. He hollered and slashed at my shoulder, causing me to retreat. My build was full Agility, so my Strength was far lower than his; therefore, a head-on confrontation was one that I definitely lost out on!

"You’re asking for death!"

He stabbed hisblade at me and the sword light turned into lightning.

He used the same move, but it was still a lethal attack. If it hit me, I was afraid that not much Health would remain.

White Cloak activated!


A white cloak flashed in the wind, and in the next second, I stepped into invisibility. Lei Ling's lethal attack missed and he hollered, "Come outquickly!Battle me to the death!"

Unfortunately, the lightning skill he used seemed to have a cooldown. He started randomly slashing on the Wind Cloud Platform, but he still could not find me. I waited for four seconds, and once I had enough energy, I charged up and got close to him. The dagger in my right hand disappeared, and what replaced it was a palm which was full of power.


Dragon Will!


One palm strike emptied his health! After White Cloak was activated, the first strike had 200% true damage. Along with Dragon Will's 300% damage, it was unsurprising that this palm attack was capable of completely defeating him.

"July Wildfire, I swear that I won't stop till you die!"

Lei Ling roared furiously, but he sounded so weak. In truth, the moment I obtained the Bossbuff, Zhuang Huai Shui's disciples were all noobs to me and they could not take even one strike of mine!

"Challenge success!"

Master Ding Heng's face congealed once more and he smiled at me. "Little fellow, you’ve never disappointed master here before. Next will be the Wind Cloud Platform's trial. Good luck.Fight for Black Castle, fight for the kind people!"

"Yes, master!"

The next moment, a blue-colored light appeared around my arms. My body started to change and my green leather was covered by deep blue, which turned into a chestplate. My daggers became two short swords that shone purple. My face was covered in a blue mantle so that no one could see me. It seemed like I had become a high-grade Assassin.


[System notification: Congratulations for turning into a Lightning Rider Assassin (Rare)!Please choose the town that you would like to descend on.]


Finally, a Rare-tier boss!

The current me had really strong strength and was someone that could drop blue-colored equipment! With lightning surging around my body, I stood quietly on the Wind Cloud Platform and waited for destiny to call to me. I confirmed and chose to descend in Linchen County. In the next second, my body was covered in light. I left the Wind Cloud Platform and headed over to Linchen County!

A few seconds later, I landed while I was covered in eye-catching light!


[System notification: Players, please pay attention; a Lightning Rider Assassin level 25 (Rare) has descended on Linchen County's Insect Waking Forest with heaps of treasures. Courageous Warriors, please head over and help wipe out the demons for Xuanyuan Empire!]


I was here. I was finally in a human province!

I got up and held onto the short swords. I opened the map, and as expected, the large map was of Linchen County. Insect Waking Forest was not far east and was probably just ten minutes away from the city. This location was not good as it was a really convenient place for Linchen County’s players.

I sucked in a deep breath and turned invisible again. The monsters around were level 25 Bramble Boars; they were just a bunch of useless things with horns and oinked their way around. They sought roots as food as they waited for their impending deaths.

I tried communicating with them, but they did not bother about me. It seemed like, this time, I did not descend as the king of a species; I was just a random monster that had descended from nowhere.

"Ah Li!"

At the side, Ah Fei said, "Is the Lightning Rider Assassin you?"


I frowned. "Did I cause a huge commotion?"

"Still okay." He laughed. "Linchen County is a province; do you think it is a beginner village? There are many public Bosses around Linchen County and some spawn once every two hours.You... You triggered a system notification, so it’s slightly more special, but not everyone will charge over to kill you."

"That's good;otherwise, I would be worried that I couldn't handle it."

"Hahaha!Don't talk about it. I’m at the east square of Linchen County, and many players are buying potions to prepare to beat you up."

"They’re asking for death..."

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"Hahaha! I like how arrogant you are!"

"Prepare. Just level up around the area. When I need you, I will inform you."

"Okay, I know! Be careful. Linchen County isn't a beginner village and all the huge factions are here. There’ll be many guilds heading over to beat you up."

"En, I know.Don't worry~"


In a short two minutes, someone had arrived.

Footsteps spread in the forest. There were five people. With one Warrior, one Fighter, one Mage, one Enchanter, and one Priest, it could be considered a very standard party setup. They were level 23 on average, with the Warrior at level 24. He was really serious and said, "This is the place; we’ve entered the Insect Waking Forest."

Behind him, the Fighter was a female dressed in leather armor. She had iron boxing gloves and had short hair, looking a little cute. "Brother, Insect Waking Forest is so big; we might not meet it, right? Plus, even if we do, it is a level 25 Rare Boss. I’m afraid that we can't beat it..."

The Warrior smiled. "If we don't try, how will we know? Now, there are more and more Linchen County players. After playing day and night, we’ve finally become the first batch to enter the province. Why? It’s to scour for resources before others?"


The Enchanter touched the head of the Cerberus and smiled. "I heard that the first time a Boss is taken out, it has the highest chance of dropping equipment. Then, after they spawn again, there won't be so many rewards."

"Right, that’s the case!"

"Let's gofind the boss and deal with it quickly!"


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