Chapter 32- Super Army gather
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Zhan Yue Chapter 32- Super Army gather


I did not think much at all. The moment they stepped into my territory, I struck. My twin swords sliced and I used a basic attack plus Backstab onto one of the Warriors.



He was instantly killed!

"Ah, what is going on?"

From behind, before the Fighter and Enchanter could react, I dashed at them and usedHunter's Edge. Instantly, there was a loud ‘Mother Hunter's Edge’ voice and three lights blinked, piercing through the two of them. Both were killed instantly, too!

"This is bad!"

The Mage raised his staff and used a Snow Domain skill on me while shouting, "We can't defeat him; little sister, leave!"

However, it was obviously too late. When I raised my hands, a golden light wrapped around my arms and Quickness was activated. It cancelled the speed reduction effect of Ice Domain. I then used Gouge to insta-kill the Mage while chasing the panicking Priest and killing her with two basic attacks.

All of a sudden, the Insect Waking Forest regained its tranquility; a few corpses were lying on the ground and two armor-type equipment had dropped. What a waste. I could not pick it all up; if not, I would have become rich.

"Was I too vicious to kill that girl?"

I looked at the Priest's body and mumbled, but then I touched my nose. "Forget it.They’re all the same;boys and girls are equal. People who step into my domain are all gonna die..."


I slowly entered Stealth, my blue-colored body disappearing into the forest. The moment I disappeared, footsteps could be heard from the distance. There were more people this time, fifty plus or so, and they were all around level 20 to 24. The bunch of them charged in, with anall-green Paladin in front.

"The battle’s over?!"

He looked at the five corpses in shock and frowned. "Did players do it or was it a Boss?"

"The Boss!"

A Musician carried a pipa and spoke solemnly. "I added one of them as my friend when I entered Linchen County. He just told me that the Boss actually knows Hunter's Edge!"


The Paladin panicked. "Is it... Is it... the Autumn Moon Village's ‘Mother Hunter's Edge’Boss?"

"Right, that Boss seems to be really intelligent. He changed the voice of Hunter's Edge to Mother Hunter's Edge as if he’s mocking players."

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The Paladin was decisive. "We can't stay here anymore. Retreat!Cancel all plans. All of us, retreat from the Insect Waking Forest; we will head to Yellow Bee Forest to train and not ask for trouble here! Retreat!"

One had to say that this Paladin was a great leader. When he knew that the Boss had Hunter's Edge, he ordered them to retreat right away. This person was a talent!

Unfortunately, it was too late. Right when they prepared to retreat, I appeared in their way. Since they were here, they should experience the terror of thisBoss!


Snakebone Blade turned into a blue light, which stabbed into the back of one of the Assassins. While I was insta-killing him, my short sword also stabbed the chest of a Mage. In that instant, my body dashed around their backline, using my attack speed to perfection. Within three seconds, I dealt close to seven attacks and insta-killed five people. I was bathing in lightning, and everywhere I passed, there would be lightning marks flashing in the sky, making me look really scary!

"D*mn, jerk!"

The bunch of them panicked.

"Go all out!"

The deputy leader Warrior charged at me with his sword.

"Come back!"

The Paladin party leader shouted, but he was unable to stop him.

I stretched out and the bloodline power surged in my body.I used Apprehension right away, and the heavy-armored players who had charged at me were all killed. Some ranged players suffered too and over a dozen were killed. Coupled with my ceaseless attacks, I charged at and used Hunter's Edge on all of them. Thus, more than half of the party was decimated by me!

"Don't rush over!Split up and flee from the sides. Run!"

The Paladin leader shouted.

Thus, the players all scattered, such that I wouldbe unable to kill too many of them. I could only chase those who fell and were relatively slow as close to thirty players split up. They left the Insect Waking Forest, and when I was about a hundred meters, a red barrier descended from above and covered the whole forest.

This was the World Ender of the map. Other players could not see it, but my camera did. This meant that this was meant to restrict me. I was like a beast that was trapped in Insect Waking Forest. Although I was powerful, I was not totally free.

In the distance, the only thing that was left were shouts of ‘run’, "Quick, don't get killed!" The people disappeared one by one while I was left in the forest all alone. No one was playing with me, so I suddenly felt a little lonely.

However, what I was happy about was, along with player levels and equipment getting better, the contribution points I received increased, too. When I killed close to thirty players just then, I obtained 174 contribution points. This meant that killing players above level 20 gave me roughly 5 to 6 points!


"Ah Li, you’ve begun your massacre in the Insect Waking Forest, haven’t you?" Ah Fei suddenly asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"The news has spread back to Linchen County." His voice was really solemn. "Breaking Dawn is gathering people at the east square and calling all Linchen County players to kill the Lightning Rider Assassin. Unfortunately, I can't send you a video.Otherwise, you would be able to see its live feed."

"You d*mb*ss, just record the screen and send the clip to me.That way, I can also see it."

"Oh... I forgot about that.Wait a sec!"

A few moments later, a game recording was sent to me by Ah Fei. I skulked inthe forest and opened the recording. What I saw was what was occuring in Linchen County.

White walls and black bricks wrapped around the square, and in it were potion shops, blacksmiths, NPCs who gave out quests, et cetera. At the center was a dagger-holding player who wore high-level armor. It was Breaking Dawn Dust, one of the four pillars of his guild. His face was really ugly as he looked at everyone around.

"It’s him.Definitely. The Boss that changed the system sound of Hunter's Edge, only that AI Boss can be so annoying!" Breaking Dawn Dust gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. "He’s openly challenging all players from Illusionary Moon. The character must be something created by some sick designer. We failed in Autumn Moon Village, but now that we are in Linchen County, be it resources, level, or skills, everything’s a whole new stage. It’s time for us to let that AI taste defeat, isn’t it?"


Breaking Dawn Fate blinked. "Breaking Dawn is recruiting people and we will set off soon. We hope that other parties can join us. Let's cooperate in chargingat Insect Waking Forest. The rewards from the Boss will be little, but getting revenge will feel great!"


Breaking Dawn Dust said seriously, "Back in Autumn Moon Village, we were only over level 10 and had level 1 skills. Now, it’s different.We are close to level 25 and are familiar with our skills. I believe many of you now have level-3 skills. Along with higher-quality potions, we’ll definitely slay that Lightning Rider Assassin!"


Breaking Dawn players raised their weapons. "Slaughter that Lightning Rider Assassin, wash away our humiliation!"

Breaking Dawn Fate looked at everyone with her huge eyes. "Listen to me: Breaking Dawn isn’t only gathering our players from Autumn Moon Village; members from other beginner villages are heading here as we speak, too. Our guild has close to five-hundred-strong troops.Follow us and let's trample the Insect Waking Forest;do you agree?"

"Since that’s the case..." said a middle-aged man from within the crowd, "today, I’ll bring my brothers from Hidden Dragon Mountain to follow Breaking Dawn!"

D*mn! Man of Steel?

I nearly laughed. When was the fellow there? I actually did not notice him.

Apart from Man of Steel, many other party leaders stepped out and expressed their willingness to enter Insect Waking Forest to slay the Lightning Rider Assassin.


"This is a little problematic..." I frowned and said.

Ah Fei said, "En, probably at least a thousand will head in. Moreover, they’re really united. What should we do? Can we still do our business? If I kill your Lightning Rider Assassin, I’ll be promoted to level 25 and my name may even appear on the Leaderboard of Linchen County."

"There’s no rush,” I thought about it and said. "Head close to Insect Waking Forest and level up. Wait for my news, and when the time is right, I will find you."

"Okay, then. Let's just do that. Be careful;don't get killed by people from Breaking Dawn."

"Don't worry; they don't have theability!"

"Hahaha! I think so, too."


I took a deep breath and retreated. I used Stealth to head toward the south. I had to avoid their main force. Although my stats were really high, for an Assassin Boss with lower than 30000 Health to fight a thousand people, I was asking for death. I just had to avoid their main force and grab those who strayed.

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