Chapter 33- What quality, just so-so
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Zhan Yue Chapter 33- What quality, just so-so

Shortly after, the extremely dense sounds of footsteps could be heard from the forest.

"Breaking Dawn is having an operation.Brother, please step aside; thank you!"

"That Lightning Rider Assassin is the Ten Mile Slope’s Dog God from Autumn Moon Village, so please avoid him in case losses are incurred!"

"Those who have the courage to challenge a Rare Boss, please follow us!"


On a wide forest land, a dense crowd appeared. Breaking Dawn was among this. Moreover, their words were all true as they sent close to five hundred people. Five hundred people, with Paladin and Warriors in front, Fighter and Enchanter behind them, and ranged jobs like Musician, Mage, Priest et cetera further back, had spread out in the forest.

It was as if a proper army had appeared in Insect Waking Forest with Breaking Dawn as the leader.

Breaking Dawn Ash, who was the guild leader, stood in front at the center and looked ahead with a sharp gaze. "Stop.All of you, recover to your best state. Musicians, buff the heavy-armored and ranged troops!"

All of a sudden, the Musicians started using their skills!

Battlesong! It raised the target teammates’ Attack, Defense, Attack Speed by +10%

Deer Cry! It raised the target teammates’ Magic Attack by +30%!

Sandstorm! It raised the target teammates’ Physical Damage by +30%!


As a special job in Illusionary Moon, Musician was the king of buffs. It was a job class that any high-level team must have. Before they entered the game, Team Breaking Dawn understood it, so each team of theirs had many Musicians. This provided them a really balanced guild.

This Breaking Dawn should be one of the more commendable guilds in the server!

Further away, Man of Steel appeared. Behind him were a mismatched bunch of Hidden Dragon Mountain members. There were roughly a hundred or so of them, and they were not as orderly as Breaking Dawn.

"Comrades from Hidden Dragon Mountain, we’re facing an old enemy. Let's work with Breaking Dawn and kill that Lightning Rider Assassin to wash away all our humiliation!" He raised his sword, his face teeming with killing intent.

"Right, we can't take this anymore!" Old Li said.

Wang Yaozu touched his nose and said softly, "Again... Here we go again..."

In the distance, apart from Hidden Dragon Mountain, many other small parties appeared. They covered the entire west side. There were definitely over three thousand people present.


Looking at the group in front of him, Breaking Dawn Ash was pumped up. He pointed his sword ahead and shouted, "Attack!Push forward. Trample the entire Insect Waking Forest so that that crafty Boss will have nowhere to hide!"

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The forest was instantly charged with murderous intent!


I touched my nose, carrying my blades as I snuck away from the crowd. I came to the border. Here a small random team was gathering. They were obviously here to make up the numbers. Although their levels and equipment were decent, their organizational ability and execution were not on the same level as Breaking Dawn. Thus... I shall test it out on them!

I jumped out and slashed their Archer party leader's back.Deal with their leader first.

"D*mn, he’s here!"

Someone shouted, but I had already waved the two blades in my hand. I strolled past, and after killing seven or eight people in a row, I pushed my palm forward, Apprehension!

Hong hong hong~

The sharp sound of cranes reverberated in the air. A golden storm ravaged the group. This ‘ultimate’ was so useful in team fights. The damage was based on Agility, too, which was something a full-Agility Assassin with Boss buffs had. To current players, I was a total nightmare!

After Apprehension,I braved their attacks and used Hunter's Edge to kill three more people. I then used Quickness and White Cloak to disappear in the wind. I vanished before them.

"He ran away!"

"D*mn, he actually ran?!"

The players were all stunned. There were originally a hundred of them, but after my attack, half of them died. They suffered heavy losses!


I hid in the darkness and looked from afar as the Breaking Dawn army charged over. I smiled. With Quickness, my movement speed was as fast as lightning. I brushed past Breaking Dawn Destruction and Breaking Dawn Ash to chargeat a party behind them.

Make noise in the east and attack the west; they actually did not know about that!

Ahead, players from Linchen County looked at these scenes in shock. The party leader, a Warrior with a dark green sword, frowned. "D*mn, I have been playing games for a decade and have never seen such a shameless and crafty Boss. He actually fled right after dishing out damage.That’s so shameless.No wonder so many players wanted to complain!"

"Right, how shameless.."

"It’s still okay; Breaking Dawn is here. Let's leave it to them!"

"Right, Breaking Dawn sent five hundred people. I don't believe that so many of them can't kill a level 25 Rare Boss!"


While everyone was discussing this, I glanced at my skill list. White Cloak and Apprehension’s cooldown had ended and their skill icons were lit up. I appeared behind the Warrior leader and my short swords gave out a purplish light. I was like a deep bluespecter with lightning-buffed attacks.

Pu pu!

I dealt with theleader really easily and turned around, using Apprehension on the group. Under the sharp storm, the crowd fell in batches. I charged within the range of Apprehension and slashed to kill some high-Health players with my short swords. I then charged forwardand used Hunter's Edge on their ranged players!


This group was stunned by my series of attacks, and by the time they reacted, I had already used Quickness to flee. White Cloak flashed and I disappeared into the wind with no traces left.

This sneak-attacking strategy felt so good!

I jumped and landed on the branch of an old tree. I looked down from above and saw that the players were all panicking. Half of them were insta-killed by me and they had suffered heavy losses. As for me, I obtained 300 points from them!

Did they not want to send an army? Great, Apprehension was best at shredding such things!


"This isn't good!"

Man of Steel held his sword and dashed towhere the core players of Breaking Dawn were at. He frowned. "Breaking Dawn Ash, is this how you are arranging strategy, running like headless fliesas your living targets? This Boss... He’s definitely not as simple as what all of you are thinking!"

Breaking Dawn Ash's face was ashen white. "Hidden Dragon Mountain leader, pay attention to your words. This isn’t our responsibility. Moreover, the Boss comes and goes without a trace. He has stats and skill advantage, so what do you want us to do? Breaking Dawn can only push forward to fight him!"

Another leader said, "Leader Ash, don't you find it weird. This Boss seems to be using misdirection on us. If he runs about and fights on both sides, we will be whittled down."

"There’s no choice."

Breaking Dawn Ash frowned. "Gather our troops and sweep him. All range players, fire randomly to smoke him out; otherwise, we can only fight on the backfoot!"

"Fire randomly to smoke him out?" asked Wang Yaozu. "Allow me to be direct; how much mana do the current Mages have? Your Breaking Dawn Mages have the best equipment and Magic Power, but your mana probably isn't enough to fire at random, right?"

"They can just take turns."

Breaking Dawn Ash looked at Wang Yaozu coldly. "No one learned scouting skills at this stage in the game, so this is all we can do. Why, do you have a problem?"

"No," replied Wang Yaozu.


Thus, the large group of them started to push forward. All sorts of arrows and spells flew in the air. Some Fireball spells landed beside me and sparks flew. Luckily, I was fully focused as I rested on the tree branch to dodge their attacks. I looked as Breaking Dawn's four parties left. My eyes landed on an average-size party; it was them!


I descended from above. My strategy was the same: basic attack plus Backstab the leader, Apprehension to stir chaos, and kill the rest with basic attacks. I would then use Hunter's Edge to clear people out before employing Quickness to dodge. If I must, I would use White Cloak to ensure that everything was fine.

In the blink of an eye, after I disappeared, a whole bunch of corpses lay strewn on the ground. I killed at least sixty of their hundred-strong party.

"Lightning Rider Assassin, you jerk!"

Breaking Dawn Ash returned and looked at the empty forest. The veins on his face were bulging. "I don't care who you are or what kind of AI you are, F**K your mother! F**K your mother!"

I frowned at him from below a maple tree in the distance and shook my head. "He’s this annoyed? For a head of thefour pillars, he’s actually just so-so..."

On the side, Ah Fei laughed. "D*mn, I’m looking at the livestream of the fight. Little Brother Ah Li is so strong, playing with Breaking Dawn like this.Hahaha~"

"The main reason is my skills..." I laughed. "If not, they would’ve long disposed of me..."

"Right"—Ah Fei laughed—"but... your movement and mechanics are really sharp. Your skills are smooth, too. Don't you think that, after playing this hidden job, your mechanics have improved a lot?"

"I think so."

I thought about it. "Maybe because of the upgrade of Illusionary Moon's engine. I feel like I can do anything in this game, as if it’s one with me. As long as I think about it, I’ll be able to do it."

"Tsk!You’re starting to act cool?"

"HAHHAHAHA~ F**K your mother!"

"D*mn!You’re just like Breaking Dawn Ash, you double-standard b*st*rd. Tsk!"

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