Chapter 34- Lin Xi
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Zhan Yue Chapter 34- Lin Xi

Over an hour later.

After four of Breaking Dawn's parties were attacked, Breaking Dawn Ash had no choice but to order retreat from Insect Waking Forest. Breaking Dawn could not afford such losses, and if this continued, it would delay their development in Illusionary Moon, which would put them at a disadvantage when compared to other first- and second-string guilds.

Although Breaking Dawn retreated, more and more players entered the Insect Waking Forest. At that moment, pretty much everyone in Linchen County had learnedof the Rare Boss Lightning Rider Assassin. Moreover, as this Boss nearly wiped out Breaking Dawn, everyone wanted to step out and kill this Boss to gain fame in Linchen County!


Under a twisted old tree, with the cover of the leaves, even if I did not enter Stealth, it would be hard for someone to notice me. I waited for my skills’ cooldownwhile recovering. After 1.5 hours of battles, although I had an insane killrate, obtaining over 8000 contribution points, my health was only left with less than 8%. I did not have any recovery skills and I had no lifesteal equipment on me, so it was impossible for me to heal back. I could only rely on my health recovery, which was slow and could not keep up with the usage.

I looked ahead and saw a three-hundred-man team pushing forwardfrom the south. On the other side, a one-hundred-man team was looking for a chance. They were more concentrated.En, they were the ones!

Hong hong hong~

Apprehension descended from above. With my quick kill secured, I scattered this crowd. The few remaining players were filled with shock—

"D*mn, this is so fierce?!"

"He insta-killed a half-tank Paladin?"

"How is that possible?Oh, my god... Run!"

In an instant, I killed sixty plus players, it was a bountiful harvest.

A bunch of players dashed over from the front. This was their best chance to attack me. Because Apprehension and Hunter's Edge were on cooldown, but how could I give them the chance?

After using Quickness, I raised my hand and a white cloak fluttered behind me. I entered a forced stealth state!

However, the moment I succeeded, there was a shua. A person came from the forest. A small Warrior wearing dark green equipment. She had a light blue long sword and she moved really quickly. Her face was covered in a white veil and she just stuck close to me.

Not good!She can actually see me?

My heart felt cold. Right at that moment, a girl's voice spread into my ears. "Dawn Vision!"


A strong light surged out from beneath her feet and swept all about. My body was suddenly aglow. She charged over instantly and flames flew from her sword at an unimaginable speed. There was no way for me to dodge, and it hit me squarely on the chest!


What a strong attack; it actually broke my defense!

All of a sudden, I felt like my back was a little cold. I used Gouge on her and stabbed her chest, but her reaction speed was too quick. Her legs used strength and she charged. She anticipated my attack and dodged left. My short sword missed. Gouge actually missed!


Not good!

Behind me, there was a sharp ring. A golden light flashed, and in the next moment, her Double Hit landed on my back. It hurt.This skill took away 600 Health; was this person still human?!

I turned around!

Hunter's Edge!

Peng peng peng~

Three sharp lights swept forth and dealt one-sided damage.

This time, it was impossible for her to dodge. Right when she was about to get hit by Hunter's Edge, she tilted her body and stabbed her sword into the ground. She dodged two Hunter's Edge attacks from me, while the strongest second strike was blocked by her sword!


Sparks flew and I was totally stunned. What kind of mechanics was that?She actually blocked my Hunter's Edge?!

However, she was still unable to take it head on, and her health dropped by close to 70%. I could sense that she was shocked. If she had not blocked it in time, that strike would have killed her, but in the next moment, her sword caused a storm as she hacked at my neck!

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She did not believe that this was the case!

I crossed my short swords and managed to block it. Her strength was far from mine, but this Storm Slash still took away 200 of my health, and I was only left with 400, nearly on death’s door.


I raised my hands. Apprehension!


She exclaimed and turned around to use Charge. With a peng, she created a large distance between us to avoid my Apprehension. This reaction speed was too frightening!

At this moment, I was free to see her name—

Lin Xi (Silver Dawn)

Level: 27

Party: With You


Silver Dawn.Was it... a hidden job, too?

I was slightly stunned and I finally saw her face. The battle was too intense and the veil flew upward, revealing her pair of beautiful eyes and perfect face. It was hard to imagine how such a person would want to kill me so much. Her hair was a little messy and her eyes stared at me as she tried to charge.

Was she trying to kill me even if she died?!


I only had 400 Health and her skill could kill me. I could not take the risk. Her Dawn Vision could see me in Stealth and I had low health. I had no right to fightwith this player. More importantly, she was really sharp and had definitely been lying in wait for a long time. When she attacked, it meant that she was confident in winning. Maybe she had other skills, and if I turned around, I would definitely be sending myself to death.

Unfortunately, Dragon Will's cooldown was a little long; if not, I would be able to lock down on her and insta-kill her.

"Ah Fei!"

"Here, what is up?" he asked.

"Enter Insect Waking Forest and send me your coordinates!"

"I’m coming! I’m nearby, coordinates 2781, 37!"

"Prepare your spells and kill me. Take the items right away and use the City Return Scroll; do you understand?"

"I know..."



With Quickness, I was much faster than her and managed to distance myself from her. Ah Fei appeared near the border, and when he saw me heading toward him, he showed a stunned look before he hastily used Fireball and Stone Wall on me. He then added Wind Blade, but his damage was too low and did not kill me right away!

Behind me, from the footsteps, I could hear that Lin Xi had already arrived. The charge up of Double Hit could be seen on her sword, and the six-star golden pattern appeared!


Ah Fei raised his head and his expression changed. He gasped. "L-Lin Xi, why are you actually ...."

"Hit me!"

I shouted in rage.

He used a Fireball spell, and at that moment, my last bit of health was gone and I felt.

Right when my body was covered in light, and I was about to return to Wind Cloud Platform, I sensed the disappointment on Lin Xi's face. Her hand with the sword trembled and I saw Ah Fei taking the equipment from the Boss. She gritted her teeth and turned around.


I took off my helmet and my head was covered in sweat. Although our battle was a short dozen seconds, it was as if I had faced a huge enemy.

On the side, Ah Fei had logged out, too. He took off his helmet and had a complicated expression on his face. He was charmed, surprised, and filled with disbelief.

"You... Did you see that? It’s Lin Xi!"

He hugged my shoulders in his excitement and smiled. "D*mn... I actually spoke to the top beauty in the server, someone who could be the next strongest player.D*mn..."

"Look at you; she didn't even bother with you!" I dissed.

"Hahaha~"He was still really happy. "Ah Li, what happened? Tell me about it in detail; what’s going on back there?"

He was simping.

I thought about it and said, "She suddenly appeared when I was left with low health. She used Dawn Vision to break my Stealth and then her mechanics... D*mn, she nearly insta-killed me. Fortunately, I had good stats and managed to find you with my last bit of health.How risky..."

"Yes, how risky..."

He was stunned and smiled. "She had the chance to snatch the equipment so why didn't she do so? You... Did she fall for me and think that I am handsome so she stopped?"

The chance of that happening was low.

However, I could not bear to hurt him and said, "I’m not sure, but if she did attack, you wouldn't have a chance to use the City Return Scroll, would you?"

"Right, a top Warrior's attack can insta-kill me." He was still in a daze. "In the end, she fell for me, right?"

"Maybe"—I frowned—"but I think the biggest possibility is that she has no animosity toward you and is famous in game. Will she PK someone she doesn't know for some equipment?"

"That..."Ah Fei was sad. "Still, I’d rather believe in the first thought."

"Yeah yeah. You will get the chance. Let's look at what dropped and if we can get rich!"

"Hehehe.Yeah yeah.Let's look at the spoils of war!"

Thus, the both of us looked at each other and smiled. We were addicted to money.

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