Chapter 35- Reported
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Zhan Yue Chapter 35- Reported

Ah Fei hugged the round helmet and pressed the top of it to summon the elf. "Quick, let me see what treasures I got from killing that Boss!"

"Player identity has been confirmed! Yes, master!"

The system elf's projection above the helmet spun around and the equipment appeared behind it. First was a light blue sword. The sword body was straight and gave off a chilling light. The handle had an exquisite pattern carved onto it. A look and one knew that it was not an ordinary weapon. The stats appeared—

<Twilight Sword> (Rare)

Attack: 40-65

Strength: +20

Stamina: +18

Required Level: 25



I slapped my leg and smiled. "Good stuff!Level 25 Rare sword; it’s definitely the peak of current players. If we sell it in Linchen County, we’ll definitely fetch a good price!"

"Yes!" Ah Fei's eyes shone brightly. "If I only knew that this would be the case, I would’ve chosen to be a Warrior. With this sword, I could do whatever I wanted in Linchen County!"

"You wish... Are you worthy of using top weapons at this stage?" I laughed out loud.



In front of me, a bright light shone. The system elf stepped aside and the stats of another armor appeared—

<Defender Army Armor> (Rare)

Type: Armor

Defense: 40

Strength: +19

Stamina: +18

Required Level: 25


Another top-grade equipment that added Stamina and Strength! This armor was suitable for Warriors and Paladins. At this stage, it was definitely a top-grade item.

I sucked in a deep breath. "Same thing.Just auction it off. We can't equip it, so just sell it. Let's earn ourselves our first bucket of gold in Linchen County!"

"En en!"

Ah Fei nodded. In the next moment, the stats of the third equipment jumped out—

<Scale Leggings> (Rare)

Type: Leather Armor

Defense: 28

Agility: +18

Stamina: +15

Required Level: 25


"Level 25 leather armor; you can use it." Ah Fei looked at it and smiled. "Should I leave it for you?"


I shook my head. "The early game equipment will devalue relatively quickly. After today, this equipment won't be worth money anymore. No, to be more accurate, in twelve hours, it won't be worth anything. Plus, I don't know when I can split a soul and come to Linchen County. Just auction it off. Remember to set a two-hour auction time, not too long."


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At that moment, the fourth item from the Lightning Rider Assassin popped out. It was actually a light gold skillbook. The moment the skillbook jumped out, my eyes could not shift away from it—

<White Cloak> (S): After activation, forcefully enter stealth. First hit to land on the target will produce 200% true damage.Cooldown: 60 seconds. Required level: 20.Required job: Assassin, Rogue, and Hermit.


"D*mn, it finally dropped!"

My eyes popped open. I said that the skills from Wind Cloud Platform could drop. After three times, Ah Fei and I finally got lucky!

"Feels good!"

Ah Fei nodded. "I shall help you keep this book, then?"

"En, of course!Keep it in the storage!"


He laughed. "I shall go online to sell equipment, then. Wait for me and let's head out for lunch. What should we eat?"

"Let's celebrate and eat something good. Let's eat barbecued fish; I haven't eaten that in a long time."

"Okay, I've been thinking about it for a long time, too. Haha!The last time I ate it was when I had a bunch of wives and concubines~"



A few minutes later,Ah Fei sold the equipment and went offline. He took his phone and left along with me.

A shop nearby.

It was twelve and the two of us charged out like hungry ghosts and ordered a portion of barbecued fish. Not long after, we started eating. I ate two huge bowls of fried rice, stunning the waiter. As I was wiping my mouth. Ah Fei pointed. "I saw that they're selling the first volume of Illusionary Moon magazine. I heard that there are many strategies inside; let's go buy one."

"Okay, let's go."


The magazine cost 40 RMB. Though it was quite expensive, the packaging was exquisite. There was also a monster chain on it, one of a Flame Rat and a Skeleton Warrior. I opened it and saw that there were many small tricks and strategies inside, but they were just basic knowledge. Apart from that were some gossip and news about the game, such as after Fang Ge Que disappeared, Chang Sheng Jue took over Legend. After Li Xiao Yao disappeared, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue did not bother to manage the guild, and the main force of Zhan Long all quit. In the end, Dream of a Thousand Cities took over. These did not have much to do with us lowly players.


Right when I was reading the magazine, a voice came from the escalator. "Aiyo! Siyu, look, isn't that your ex?"

That voice was a little sharp and I found it really uncomfortable.

I looked up and saw a guy and a girl holding hands. The girl wore a dress and she looked like she was a ‘7’. The guy looked like a playboy with that huge gold chain hanging on his neck and a T-shirt with a boyband picture printed on it. He looked at Ah Fei and me in disdain.

"Lu... Lu Li?" Wang Siyu was stunned. "Why are you in Wuzhong District?"

Ah Fei frowned. "Ah Fei is staying with me now; do you have a problem?"

"No problem."

She smiled and her lips curled up as if she were mocking us. "Birds of the same feather flock together; it’s normal for men with no future to be together."

"Oi oi oi."I smiled. "Wang Siyu, it’s okay for you to diss me but not my brother. I have a good temper, but it doesn't mean that he has, too. If this brother of mine decides to beat you and your bumpkin boyfriend, I won't be able to stop him!"

"What did you say?!" Wang Siyu was furious.

"I'm talking about you, so what?"

Ah Fei walked out and pointed at her. "B*tch, the moment Ah Li quit Destiny Corporation, you broke up with him. Why, was it because you thought he wouldn't be able to provide for you? A few days after you broke, you are with this thing. It seems like you cheated on my good brother before you broke up with him. D*mn, what a sl*t!"

Wang Siyu's face flushed.She was furious but could not say anything in defense.


The guy with her could not take it anymore and walked forward. "You want trouble?"

I walked up and stood with Ah Fei. "Who said that birds of the same feather flocktogether? Your mouth is foul, so you can't blame others. I don't know who you are, but if you wanna fight, bring it on; will I be afraid of you?"

All of a sudden, he was stunned.

Although Ah Fei and I were not muscular, we were healthy young men. Especially Ah Fei, he had a belly that girls loved. Our demeanor was enough to scare him.


Wang Siyu pulled his arm and said, "Datong, let's go; we still need to level up, so there's no need to bother with these two..."


Her boyfriend scoffed, and when he looked at the Illusionary Moon magazine in my hands, he looked up at Ah Fei and smiled coldly. "I know you.You're that August End, aren’t you? Plus, you are in Linchen County. Wait and see; I'll make you regret this."

After saying that, they went downstairs.



Ah Fei frowned and asked, "Ah Li, are you okay?"

"What can happen to me?"


He was stunned. "The pair provoked you like that, yet you're fine? Wang Siyu is your ex.Aren'tyou actually hurt at all?"

"No." I shook my head. "For some reason, when I see her, I feel like she’s got nothing to do with me anymore. I can't have another person in my heart."

"Can't have another person in your heart? Who is inside, then?"

"I don't know..."


He was speechless and then smiled. "Right, which stage did you and Wang Siyu get to before? Did you take her down? If you did, then that dog is still looking so proud; what a joke!"

"Ah Fei!"I shouted grimly. "Don't talk about women like that, you scum..."

"Hahaha~What happened between you and your ex?"

"Someone introduced us. Actually, the two of us were only together for two months and we seldom met. We just went for movies and didn' even hold hands. When we were together, she would always ask me to buy her stuff until I felt annoyed. Fortunately, she asked for us to break up. Do you think I would care about her?" I laughed.

His eyes opened wide. "You really are heartless..."

"Your head.Let's go back to level up!"



I returned to where we stayed at, and before I managed to get online.

Du du du...

My phone rang and the name that appeared was ‘Xu Yao'. I was stunned. Xu Yao was my colleague at Destiny Corporation, and right before I quit, she had changed departments. Why was she calling me? After I picked it up, I asked, "Hi, Xu Yao!"

"En, Lu Li."

Her sweet voice spread into my ears. "It’s been a while. Are you surprised that I called you?"

"Hello, what's up? If it's to ask me out on a movie, I'm not free, busy playing a game!"

"Cough cough! You're thinking too much.It is work."

"Speak. I know you."

"Haha!" She smiled. "I'm working in the customer service department of Destiny Corporation, and what I say next is top secret. Let's say this: We can all see your actions in Illusionary Moon, and logically speaking we can't interfere in you getting the hidden race, but.. you're using the Wind Cloud Platform's bug to give your friend August End drops. The higher-ups have noticed this and someone has also reported you."


I said, "The boss I turned into used Hunter's Edge to kill so many players.Most of them complained, but you didn't care. Why are you suddenly talking to me about this?"

"This time is different; it's someone with a Glory Helmet.Someone, who's about to be the next strongest player, complained, so we have to care."


My heart sank.It was definitely that Lin Xi, was it not?

I thought that she was righteous and did not kill Ah Fei. Who knew that she would report us right away?That girl was not pure at all!

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