Chapter 36- 100 year Soul Refining Flower
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Zhan Yue Chapter 36- 100 year Soul Refining Flower

"Why aren't you speaking?Feeling guilty?" Xu Yao smiled.

"Impossible."I shook my head and spoke confidently. "Xu Yao, when Destiny Corporation developed Illusionary Moon, all the settings were run through me. I followed your rules to play the game and didn't break any. You have no reasonto deal with me, and don't forget that I own a Glory Helmet, too. Plus, in the future, I might become listed as one of the strongest and enter the legendary Hall of Order. Aren't you afraid of me complaining, too?"


Xu Yao was probably laughing out loud on the other side. "Why are you still so shameless?In any case, I heard that someone high up in the company gave you that Glory Helmet. Forget it.You are considered a respected user;plus, I called you not because I was planning to deal with you."

"Why, then?" I asked.

She was helpless. "What else? I already suppressed the complaint and just wanted to tell you not to make it too obvious. If that person continues to complain and even exposes this matter on social media, I won't be able to protect you!"

"I know. I'll keep a low profile."

"Okay, I've helped you this much. Aren't you gonna give me anything?"

"Once I'm free, I'll treat you to fried fish!"

"Okay.Although it doesn't sound sincere, it's still a promise. I shall wait for you to treat me, then."

"En, I need to level up.Bye, Xu Yao!"



Once I hung up, I saw that Ah Fei's eyes went round. Having heard most of the conversation, he asked, "Someone reported us right?"

"Right.If it is who I think it is, it should be Lin Xi."


He slapped his legs and said, "Morally, she could kill me for the items, but she didn't. In terms of rules, she didn't need to give me face and she directly reported us. Such an impartial woman, as expected from the only one I love!"

My mouth went agape as I looked at him. I kept silent for a long while.

"What are you looking at?"

"Are you so shameless?"

"Hahahah!What do I need a face for? Love is something someone like you won't understand, Hahahah~"

"Scram! Time to go online!"


A white light flashed and my data was extracted. I appeared on Wind Cloud Platform, and exactly like what I was during the trial. Lightning buzzed around me, and in the blink of an eye, I returned to normal. A body of leather armor, Snakebone Blade and Water Pattern Dagger, I seemed quite ordinary.


The fog rumbled with celestial-like feeling and formed into my Master Ding Heng, who just looked at me mercifully. "Little fellow, you've made a mess in Linchen County. You also didn't embarrass me in the Wind Cloud Platform's trial this time.Now, you should continue cultivating well!"

"Yes, master!"


He looked at me and smiled. "After all, the blood and killing as well as soul nourishment, your body is strong enough. You have the rightto refine your own soul. Head to Heaven and Earth Pavilion to find Elder Lin Fengnian and tell him that you are planning to cultivate a soul. He'll tell you what to do."

"Yes.Thank you, master!"

I was delighted.Am I finally gonna start the soul training storyline? Right at that moment, a bell rang. This was the first time I had received a quest in Illusionary Moon—


[System notification: Congratulations!You have obtained the scenario quest <Refining Soul> (S)!

Quest details: Head toward the Heaven and Earth Pavilion,understand the specificsteps from Lin Fengnian.]


Head out!

I was delighted. I carried my dagger and then I was on my way. I followed the mountain path to the back mountain. As I passed by the Precious Treasure Pavilion, I thought of buying some equipment. I earned a total of 14000 contribution points this time and should be able to add one or two more blue Rare equipment, but I suppressed my urge to stop. I should just get the quest first.Maybe I would have to use contribution points later.

Just like that, I followed the path to a wooden hut. This building was different from the Wind Cloud Platform, Land of Reincarnation, and Precious Treasure Pavilion, which were all majestic. This place was really old and the thatched houses looked like they were about to collapse, but no matter how they shook, they still stood firm.

When I walked further forward, a blood-colored World Ender flickered in the wind, and a barrier appeared.

"Senior Uncle Lin Fengnian!"I stood outside and called respectfully. "Disciple is on orders from Master Ding Heng to collect a mission from you!"

A few seconds later, a black-colored shadow floated from inside and landed on the ground, turning into a general holding a halberd. His face was grey with no life force at all and he looked like a puppet. He walked towardme and used the halberd to open a corner of the World Ender.

I flew in and frowned. I looked up and saw the tall general. He still looked ahead with his empty eyes and did not even take a single look at me.

This was a corpse.It was one that could move and had strong combat strength. It was as expected; this was what master mentioned by Zombie Refining. Lin Fengnian was a grandmaster who held all these secrets.

I walked up, and when I pushed open the door, another huge space appeared before me. A giant hall lay ahead and it was really hot. There were seven or eight furnaces burning an unknown matter. The fumes choked me. While I was dazedly looking about, a mechanical voice entered my ears. "Follow me!"

I lowered my head.It was actually a little rabbit made of wood and steel. It just bounced and led me deep into the hall.

Kong kong...

I did not walk far before the cages around started shaking. In the depths of those cages were many roaring fire-breathing monsters. Some even gave out human voices. "D*mn, old fellow!Release us.W-We're... going to swallow your immoral Artifact Refining Hall; it's the source of all evil!"

I looked from afar and was shocked. There were actually a few level 70 Bosses here!

Leave, don't let them bite me!

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Further ahead was a giant blood-colored star. This was the center of the formation, and aman sat there cross-legged. He had white hair and he looked ancient. He looked like he would die at any time, yet his body emitted a really strong aura, such that my heartbeat started to quicken. His name appeared above his head—

Artifact Refining Grandmaster Lin Fengnian (Unique Boss)

Level: ???

Introduction: One of the few artifact refinersin the North Region; Lin Fengnian used to be a grandmasterin Xuanyuan Empire's palace, but because he angered someone powerful, he was exiled to the north. After death, his soul roamed to Black Castle and became a grandmaster good at refining artifacts, zombies, and patterns.


"Senior Uncle Lin!"

I walked up and bowed, saying respectfully, "Master told me to understand more about the soul from you."


Lin Fengnian raised his head and looked up at me. His eyes were really deep and he smiled. "Speaking of which, your master hasn't drunk with me in a long time. He's most probably studying his so-called invincible battle technique.Scoff... He's lived till such an old age but still chases power. Doesn't he consider how much time he has left..."

I listened to him mumble.

"Since you are here, I'll teach you how to refine a soul."

As he said that, he pointed and a veil appeared out of nowhere; it turned into two treasures which floated in the air.

Thousand-year Soul Refining Flower (Rare ingredient)

Pure Ocean Suppressing Stone (Rare ingredient)


"This is..."

I was momentarily unable to say anything. The sight of the two dazzling treasures had shocked me.

"These are the two ingredients needed to refine a soul." Lin Fengnian looked at me. "To be a strong cultivator, you must refine a soul. Those who are strong in Black Castle have all walked this step. Some needed ingredients to help them, while some completed them by pure talent. As for you..."

He smiled. "Little fellow, allow me to be direct:You aren't talented enough; relying on your strength alone to refine a soul is impossible."

I felt a little awkward. Were all NPCs so direct, such that they could make people embarrassed?

"Senior Uncle, what should I do?"

Since I needed his help, I humbled myself.


He nodded. "Although thousand-year Soul Refining Flowers are rare, they exist. I heard that the Precious Treasure Pavilion received one a few days ago. You can find Deacon Pang Dalong; maybe he has it. Once you get it, I will tell you how to acquire the Pure Soul Suppressing Stone."

"Okay.Thank you, senior uncle!"


I turned around and left the majestic hall. The world outside turned into a wooden hut. This was an illusionary skill. Lin Fengnian was truly skilled in many things and was really special!


A few minutes later, I reached the Precious Treasure Pavilion.

I stepped in and a female undead attendant walked up at me and smiled. "July Wildfire, what do you need?"

"I'd like to meet Senior Uncle Pang Dalong."

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