Chapter 30- Rise up once more
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Zhan Yue Chapter 30- Rise up once more

"Ding Heng!"

There was a sound, similar to that of thunder exploding, that came from the cave. A blood cloud charged out and the death energy there was really thick. It formed into Zhuang Huai Shui and behind him werea bunch of elders from the Land of Reincarnation. Their levels were really high and they were all Bosses.

"You finally bothered to come out," Ding Heng said calmly.

"Scoff!"Zhuang Huai Shui laughed coldly. "You've charged here, so could I just sit there and do nothing? Ding Heng, you really are a bully. Who're you trying to scare by sending all your people here?"

"Scare? Do you think I'm scaring you?"Ding Heng smiled calmly. "Zhuang Huai Shui, I am asking you:Did you lock my disciple, July Wildfire, in the Soul Refining Furnace and try to refine him?"

"What rights do you have to question me?" Zhuang Huai Shui laughed coldly. "Ding Heng, we are both deacon elders, so must I answer your questions?"

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"Then I will let you answer!"

Ding Heng hollered and then sent out a slap once more. This palm was even stronger than before. Zhuang Huai Shui slapped backand a giant palm covered the sky!


The two palms clashed. Ding Heng's palm seemed unstoppable and shattered Zhuang Huai Shui's. It swept toward the latter's body.


Two Land of Reincarnation's elders flew out and they sent out slaps, too. They shattered Ding Heng's palm but were also forced back.

"I didn't expect..."Zhuang Huai Shui said, "that Senior Brother Ding's cultivation has reached such a level, but for you to abuse us through your numerical advantage, you really are disrespecting the Land of Reincarnation."

"Let's fight, then!"

Behind Ding Heng, the Undead Giant hollered, "What is the point in all your nonsense? Smash Zhuang Huai Shui's head!"


Zhuang Huai Shui hollered.

Right at this moment, a blood-colored paper pigeon flew over. It landed in the middle. When one looked at it, Ding Heng, Zhuang Huai Shui, and the other elders all showed respect.

"It is the paper pigeon from the City Lord..."

All of them were really solemn.


It shone brightly and turned into a handsome teen. He stood there and said, "The city head says that July Wildfire was indeed trapped in the Soul Refining Furnace and was nearly killed. The Land of Reincarnation has to give Wind Cloud Platform an answer. Both sides will then step back; the peace in the outer five locations must be maintained."


Ding Heng nodded.

Zhuang Huai Shui's face was a deathly gray. "Senior brother Ding, I do know about July Wildfire being trapped inside. I've just confirmed that one of the managers messed up, which is why your disciple was killed. I'll give you an explanation now."

As he said that, he grabbed one of the Fire Soul Corpse Generals.

"Deacon, y-you... you can't—"

"Shut up!"

Zhuang Huai Shui's aura was really shockingas his palm covered the general. He said, "You messed up, so use your life to apologize to Wind Cloud Platform!"


Flames spurted from his palm which instantly burned the general so badly that only dust remained.

"Let's go."

Ding Heng smiled, bringing everyone from the Wind Cloud Platform back.


Wind Cloud Platform.

The clouds gathered into Ding Heng's body to look down at me. "Little fellow, after this, Zhuang Huai Shui won't dare to target you openly, but you still need to be careful. He is someone who will definitely take revenge. Although I've taken revenge for you, we have incurred more hatred. You must be more careful."

"Understood.Thank you, master!"

"En, go and cultivate."


At this point, Black Castle's storyline was over. The Wind Cloud Platform would not open at night, so I could sleep in peace.


I took off the helmet, and after bathing, I returned to the room to take a look at the forums.

Not long later, Ah Fei rubbed his hair and walked in. He sat in front of the TV and smiled. "How is your progress?"

"Not bad; I completed the storyline.What about you?" I asked.

He laughed. "I have started my Linchen County leveling journey. A county is much bigger than the beginner villages and there are many places to train, too, but the competition is also more intense.Pretty much gathering all the players from Jiangsu, Anwei, and Zhejiang."

"Linchen County..."

I smiled and said, "Sooner or later I will go there, too."

"Of course, you have to.Right, has the Wind Cloud Platform opened yet?"

"No, probably tomorrow morning. Who knows what will happen after the beginner village?"

"I understand."

He stood up and said, "Then sleep early. We shall continue our fight tomorrow morning."

"En, okay!"

I covered myself with a blanket and fell asleep.


The next day.

In the morning, there was a small rain outside. Water droplets flowed on the glass window. When I opened my eyes, I could see the cars going to and fro. The world outside was brimming with life. Ah Fei and I were like two useless fish; we were about to start a new day of gaming. We woke up to buy dough fritters before heading online.


My character appeared on the Wind Cloud Platform and I was a mix of green and blue. On the top right hand corner showed Wind Cloud Platform's timer. Only five minutes were left. So close. I nearly missed it!

I confirmed that I would join in and said to the outside, "Ah Fei, the Wind Cloud Platform will activate in five minutes."


He was stunned. "Okay, I understand. I'll buy a City Return Scroll and prepare to get to work!"

"Hahaha!Level up first; there's no rush. Even if I head over I will have to kill some of them to level up first, anyway."


In the end, not long after, more and more undead cultivators gathered at the side of the Wind Cloud Platform. Even Two Balls and Little Scum were here. Apart from that, many Land of Reincarnation disciples came. Long Yilan and Xia Buhui were here. They looked at me viciously and were filled with hate.

Apart from these two strong competitors, there was one more person. It was Lei Ling who tried to assassinate me in the Earth Essence Pond. He was dressed in blue armor and held a blade. He stood tall at the side of the Wind Cloud Platform. He was really calm as if he did not care about the competitors here at all.

In just a moment, I started to choose skills. With a shua, a skill list appeared in front of me. Everything looked the same as before—

<Godslaying Blade> (A): Ignore 30% of target defense and deal165% of damage to target. If selected, will consume 15 contribution points.

<Hunter's Edge> (S): Deal three attacks to the enemy. The first attack will be based on Attack, second on Agility, and third on Critical Strike. If chosen, will consume 100 contribution points.

<White Cloak> (S): Enter stealth mode.After activation, the damage to the first target will be 200% true damage. If selected, will consume 100 contribution points.

<Apprehension> (SSS): Activate the power of darkness, causing a shadow attack within a 40x40 range, dealing damage to targets in the said area. Damage is related to the user's Agility. Race needed to learn it: Shura. Required contribution points: 500.


However, this time the system told me that I could choose four skills! There was nothing to think about. I selected the four available skills. I did not lack contribution points this time. With Dragon Will, my expedition out was one that I had to do well in. After exchanging for the four skills, I was left with 1900 contribution points. In the trialafter, I would definitely gain a lot, too!

Wind Cloud Platform's competition was about to begin!


[System notification: Please pay attention.As your stats have exceeded the upper limit, the Boss stats of the Wind Cloud Platform will change to seven times!

Yi?I was shocked.So the Boss stats have an upper limit? It did make sense, though. My stats were much stronger than the last time. If my stats were increased by ten times, one basic attack would be able to insta-kill heavy-armored players. The change in system stats was for there to have some balance.

Of course, for me to join the Wind Cloud Platform trial as a player had much unfairness to it, but I did not care.Anyway, it was okay as long as I was happy~


Master Ding Heng's face gathered in the wind. "The Wind Cloud Platform challenge is about to begin; prepare for battle!"

"Yes, elder!"

The bunch of undead cultivators were all brimming with respect. With Ding Heng’s strong display on Land of Reincarnation's mountain last time, his reputation and prestige had risen like a rocket. Therefore, pretty much everyone in the five outer locations envied that I was his personal disciple. However, in truth, until now my master had not taught me any skills at all!

It felt like I had a masterbut only in name, for I was still cultivating on my own.


A few seconds later, the challenge began!

Long Yilan became the first to walk up. His gaze was cold. "Let's begin; stop wasting time!"

All of a sudden, everyone rubbed their palms.

Two Balls charged up. "Long Yilan, let the heir of the Purgatory Lion race test you!"

This time, Two Balls seemed to have come prepared. His moves were fierce, and a few seconds later, he sent the half-dragon heir flying!


Long Yilan's unwillingness could be heard in the wind as he was swept away.

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