Chapter 279- Finding a job
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Zhan Yue Chapter 279- Finding a job

"Not bad!"

    She looked at the bunch of Flame Birds and a smile appeared on her face, "Well done, as expected from someone I have high hopes for!"

    She turned around and placed her hand on my chestplate and her expression became solemn, "Someone who walks between light and darkness needs to use your actions to prove your courage. These Flame Birds will provide Black Castle with energy and nutrients. Come, this is glory that belongs to you, I hope that you are always with justice!"


    System notification: Congratulations for completing Flame Bird Collection (S Grade), obtained experience +40 million, Contribution points +500 thousand, Charm +10 thousand, Gold +5000


    An S Grade quest actually gave 5000G, as expected from my Senior Sister Yun, she really didn't lack money!

    I was delighted.


    She looked and smiled at me, "Are you going to the east coast to search for Flame Turtles?"


    I nodded, "I need to collect some Fire Turtle Shells."

    "Very good."

    She nodded, "Follow me to the inner city Weapons Division?"

    "Oh? Okay!"

    She walked at the front and I followed at the back. To the right of the main hall were rows of buildings. When we entered one, we noticed that it was a giant furnace and there were raging flames all about. There were many dwarves waving their hammers.

    On close look, these dwarves were all undead beings. Their faces were ash grey, some only had a skeleton structure left but when they waved their hammers they were filled with strength.

    "What are you looking at, do you want to get hammered?"

    A hot tempered dwarf shouted towards me.

    I didn't say a word while Senior Sister Yun smiled, "These dwarves are undead,

a large portion are people we enslaved from outside. A small portion don't want to remain here and want to go back so they are behaving like that."


    I looked at the giant furnace and was quite amazed. I didn't expect there to be such a place in Black Castle.

    Yun Yue saw through my expression and laughed, "This is the Weapon Division and is controlled by the left and right camps. They help Black Castle craft precious weapons, machinary, shields and armor. Only when Black Castle is equipped can we go against the humans, demons and Blood Dynasty.

    She smiled, "Let's go, I will bring you to see the division in charge."


    Just like that, we passed through the buildings above the furnace and came into a huge hall. Before we entered, we heard ear shattering knocking sounds. There was another furnace inside and golden flames burnt inside. A burly dwarf had a cape on and his arm was covered in muscles as he smashed onto a golden piece of metal.

    "Sir Lei Shi!"

    Senior Sister Yun walked forwards and smiled, "Blood Pool's Yun Yue greets you!"

    "Oh? !"

    The dwarf turned around. He was middle aged and was drenched in sweat. He was really muscular and had a white mustache on his face. He smiled respectfully, "So Lady Yun Yue came, greetings Lady!"

    He knelt down on one knee.

    I saw the line of words above his head--

    Drawf King Lei Shi (Legacy Grade Boss)


    He was actually a king?

    Yun Yue smiled, "Let me introduce, this is my junior brother, July Wildfire."


    Lei Shi rubbed his moustache and smiled, "I have heard his name and legend has it that he is the strongest disciple in this generation. He even followed his master Ding Heng to kill two Blood Dynasty Blood Elders, I shouldn't judge him based on his looks!"

    I looked at his gaze and felt a little insulted. What did he mean by not judging by looks? Did I not look strong?

    When I looked at his bulky figure, he looked like someone around 250-300 kilograms. He was like a tnak. Forget it, from the outside, his strength was definitely more than mine. Moreover, he was much stronger than me.

    Yun Yue smiled, "Junior Brother, this is Sir Lei Shi and he was once the leader of the dwarf race. Under the Dimension Legion atatcks, this branch was defeated. King of Darkness led us to save Lei Shi and some of his members. Now, he is in charge of the Weapon Division and is helping us craft all sorts of weapons."


    Lei Shi pointed at the golden metal behind him, "Sir Li Mu sent this over to help him craft a Green Dragon Sword. I dare say that once this sword appears, I would slash metal like mud!"

    Yun Yue twitched, "Stop bragging. I came here to ask you whether or not the three thousand shields you promised Blood Pool's army to craft is done?"


    Lei Shi said firmly, "I have been really busy and I lack materials. The giant lizard scale and Cangwu Tree Bark have already been finished so I am unable to make three thousand high quality ones, even mid grade ones are not possible!"

    "I knew it."

    Yun Yue smiled, "So please give a quest for the Flame Turtles in the east ocean of Linchen County. Their shells are really firm and are like metal. Once inscriptions are done they would become even more inpenetrable. You aren't free but naturally I have someone that can do that."


    Lei Shi squinted, "Are you going to let little friend July Wildfire handle this?"

    "Yes, I can do it along the way." I smiled.


    Lei Shi said, "Flame Turtles are really strong and their shells are tough. You need to be careful. How about this, if you can bring back 3 thousand shells, I will give you generous rewards!"


    System notification: Congratulations for obtaining the quest Flame Turtles' Shells (SS Grade)!

    Content: Head towards the east ocean shore to find where the Flame Turtles gather. Gather 3000 shells and you will gain generous rewards!


    He was here!

    I smiled. It seemed like my job today was planned. I shall gather their Flame Turtles Shells and also Fire Turtle Shells, who knew whether or not they conflicted. It was destined that I would spend a large part of today with the Flame Turtles!

    I turned around and left with Yun Yue.

    "Senior Sister, really thank you!"

    I was grateful, "You are helping me find a job~~"

    She laughed, "What are you saying. As your Senior Sister and Master, naturally I need to see that you are training. Flame Turtles are strong and if a grade 1 undead cavalry of Black Castle meets them, they would have to hide. Although you are strong but be careful, don't end up falling there."


    I said goodbye to Senior Sister Yun and after fixing my Shura accounts' equipment, I changed to the Paladin account and shattered a Linchen County city return scroll. I appeared in Linchen County and I had thought things through. As long as I bought the city return scrolls of both cities, I didn't need to use the teleportation formation. I could just switch between characters to teleport like that!

    At the city gate, the three familiar figures appeared in my sights. They were Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi.

    "You haven't headed out?"

    I passed by them and asked.


    Lin Xi said, "Ruyi spent some time getting potions. What about you, you aren't out yet?"

    "I am going now, I shall head east for a quest."


    She smiled, "Good luck!"

    "En en~~"

    After leaving the three of them, my heart felt warm. After spending days with With You, Lin Xi was treating me better and better and she wasn't so cold as before. Shen Mingxuan was familiar with me now and teased me regularly. As for Gu Ruyi, she was really gentle and her relationship with me was always good.


    I headed out the east gate and walked east. On the map was a long coast. There weren't exact monster spawning points so I might have to search for it myself.

    Fortunately, the Paladin's account had a speed advantage and it was good to cross maps.

    I rushed and arrived there in 20 minutes.

    It was a beach here with coconuts lining up. It was tranquil and beautiful. On it were some level 79 monsters and there were large crabs and also turtles. There were even beached sharks and squids. The only thing I didn't see where the Flame Turtles so I could only continue searching.

    Along the way, I didn't even see a single player. The monsters here were too high level and this was far from the city. Even I took 20 minutes so others would take 40. Most players wouldn't be willing to head so far to level. Anyways, there were maps near to Linchen County and that was enough for them.

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    15 minutes later, I charged out from the forest and when I saw a beach again, finally balls of wrapped light appeared in my field of sight. They were on the beach crawling left and right. They were finally here, Flame Turtles!


    I guided the horse forwards and I confirmed that they were Flame Turtles. Their shells were two meters long and they moved like little hills. Many life marks appeared on their shells and they looked quite strong.

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