Chapter 280- Flame Tortoise Armor
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Zhan Yue Chapter 280- Flame Tortoise Armor


    After changing accounts, the majestic Paladin disappeared and a golden light smashed into the earth. The Shura Assassin appeared, his body giving off thick killing energy and his daggers shining a cold glow. Golden energy surged all around and it was as if I had came from the depths of hell.

    But, when I walked a few steps forward, I was actually unable to see the Flame Turtles' level. How high was it?

    I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye!

    Instantly, the Flame Turtles' stats appeared in front of my eyes. Indeed, they were much higher than my Assassin account--

    Flame Turtle (Unique Grade Monster)

    Level: 85

    Attack: 8500-10050

    Defence: 9000

    Health: 1000000

    Skill: Flame Smash, Magma Armor, Flame Trample

    Introduction: Flame Turtle, a turtle that contains strong flame laws. These turtles spend long years by the shore and consume the crabs, squids and starfishes for food. As they only eat meat, their bodily strength is huge and their armors are really thick. Normal cultivators can't do anything to it. Linchen County's Army wanted their shell but they were too strong and there was nothing those soldiers could do.


    As expected, they were really strong. No wonder the Flame Bird quest was S Grade while this was an SS Grade quest!

    But, they still weren't a problem for me. After all, I had two super helpers! I raised my hand and both White Bird and Orange Night appeared in front of me. Orange Night's experience was full and it gave me a headache. I was too busy and didn't manage to upgrade Orange Night. After completing this quest and helping Ah Fei get the level 6 inscription materials, it should be time ot upgrade Orange Night. After all, the stronger Orange Night was, the stronger I was too!

    "Pata~~ Pata~~Pata~~~"

    Just in case, after placing down three Bloodthirst Banner, only then did I start challenging Flame Turtles. I used Soul Star Explosion and attacked with my daggers. I used White Cloak+Annihilation on one!


    The dagger slashed across the thick shell.

It only left one small wound and the damage numbers were 90 thousand. I frowned. What kind of defence was this, even Soul Star Explosion state couldn't allow me to deal 6 digits of damage?

    In the next second, Flame Turtle hollered in rage. Flames spurted out from behind it and it pushed forwards like a rocket and smashed onto my chestplate. Instantly, I felt intense pain on my stomach!


    This damage made things optimistic, after all, this was just a normal monster!

    Orange Night swept his spear forwards and used Giant Dragon Storm. It took away close to 100 thousand damage. White Bird attacked from the wings and stabbed her blade into the exposed neck. One sword and it dealt 100 thousand damage. The effect of hitting a weak point was her specialty.

    Just like that, the three of us smashed about this Flame Turtle and dozens of seconds later, this tanky Flame Turtle was finished!

     "Pa ta!"

    A giant shell dropped, it was the quest item.


    I picked it up and tossed it into my bag. I found it weird. If this is the case, then what about the Fire Turtle Shell? Was it... Would it drop under special circumstances?

    I looked into the distance and saw something. As expected, one of them were different from the Flame Turtle that I just killed. There was a golden piece on its shell. That should be the Fire Turtle Shell, level 6 spiritual ink material and not the quest item!


    I flew forwards with Orange Night and White Bird and after bombarding it with our skills, the second Flame Turtle was killed!


    This time, it dropped now only the shell but also a fist sized fragment. I picked it up, right, it was the Fire Turtle Shell, level 6 spiritual ink material!

    I tossed it into my bag and felt really delighted.

    Just like that, I spent over an hour on the beach. As many turtles fell, a red card also dropped. It was the Flame Turtle Sealing Card, it was here! All of a sudden, I had a thought. Would I be able to seal a Flame Turtle today?

    The Flame Turtle's stats were really strong and they were much tougher to deal with than the Flame Bird. If I could seal one, it would be a top meat shield for the current stage. Magma Armor could increase defence and resistance while Flame Trample and Flame Strike were great tools to draw aggro. En, if I had a Flame Turtle to tank, Mages and Archers would be overpowered!

    Who cared, I shall just continue grinding.

    Just at that moment, I received a message from Ah Fei, "Ah Li look at my level!"

    I glanced, "Wow, you reached level 60? That was really fast!"

    "Of course, Stone Snake is also level 55. The leveling speed is real now, it really is like a rocket!" He sent me a screenshoot, "Look at what this is?"

    "You pig, what?"

    "Damn, do you not get it? Look at my empty hands, where are my ink materials? Damn, I have the skills and tried to reach level 6 inscription technique but where are my materials?"


    I felt my head hurt and sent him a picture of the Fire Turtle Shell, "I am getting them now. Calm down, I will pass you them all after getting them."

    "You found them? That's great!" He smiled.

    I glared at him, "Stop this nonsense, I need to focus. The Flame Turtles are so hard to kill and their attack are so high."

    "I know, good luck, give you a heart~~~"




    Just like that, I continued until 12pm. After heading offline and eating with Lin Xi and the others, I continued at the east shore. This lasted to 5pm and at that point I had 9 sealing cards. My luck was quite good. On the contrary, only a few Fire Turtle Shells dropped. It seemed like I had to spend the night on this.

    Dinner time.

    Big Bone Soup Shop, the four With You members sat there and waited to eat.

    "How are your gains today?" I asked.


    Lin Xi smiled, "Mingxuan reached level 70 again and Ruyi is level 73 now, as for me... I have reached level 76."

    "So quick!"

    I was stunned, "I am about to reach level 73."

    "That is quite slow!"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "This speed is slower than previously."

    "That depends on the rewards." I laughed, "I had the Silver Ocean Sword to motivate me so I went all out to level. Today, I wanted to do more quests and get Charm and reputation. Don't you all know? The higher the charm and reputation, the chances of triggering hidden quests will also increase."

    "I heard of that before."

    Lin Xi said, "Many hidden quests need reputation to trigger which means that if your reputation in the Light Faction is not enough, most hidden quests won't be given. Charm also decides on luck. The higher your charm, the chances of reaching the upper limit of your attack will increase, same for critical strike. Anyways, Charm is the best and get more of it if you can."

    Shen Mingxuan looked enlightened, "So that was the case. No wonder when I talked to all the NPCs in the newbie village none of them bothered about me!"

    Lin Xi and I facepalmed.

    Gu Ruyi smiled, "But Charm is so hard to get. If one is lucky to get a main quest, the charm given is so little, S Grade only gives 1 and SS Grade gives 2, so stingy."

    Lin Xi laughed, "Of course, if Charm is randomly given then it won't be so precious anymore."

    The Bone Soup came.

    The pot was placed right in front and we cooked and ate at the same time. Moreover, we could place other hotpot ingredients too. Apart from that, I ordered some dishes. We trained from noon till now so we were all famished.

    "Lin Xi, drink more soup."

    Shen Mingxuan scooped a huge bowl for Lin Xi and smiled, "Eat more legs and then your leg will be strong. Maybe one day you can start jumping about?"

    All of a sudden, the look in her eyes changed. I could see her desire to stand up. Each time Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi went down the stairs, her eyes were filled with envy. She was definitely not willing to continue sitting on the wheelchair and be looked at differently.

    Just now when we passed the corridor, someone spoke, "That girl is so beautiful, unfortunately she is on a wheelchair, what a waste..."

    To Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and I it felt piercing to the ear, so what about Lin Xi? How much pressure was she under? She was probably the only one who knew. I couldn't comprehend that but I could understand that slightly.


    "Let's level together tomorrow."

    Lin Xi drank a bowl of soup and said, "Lu Li you need to come back tomorrow. I found a decent map that we can spend some time in."


    I nodded. If tomorrow, my Assassin account should have gathered the level 6 ingredients and those could last for a long time. As for upgrading Orange Night, I didn't need to rush.


    After eating to our fill, we returned to the studio.

    After sending Lin Xi up, I stood at the edge of the villa and breathed in and out. For Lin Xi's convenience, we really needed a lift but that cost money. The studio didn't have much money while I did. But it wasn't right for me to take it out, so let's just wait.

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