Chapter 281- Ignorant Captain Lu
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Zhan Yue Chapter 281- Ignorant Captain Lu

 Night, I continued to hunt the Flame Turtles in the new leveling location.



    Along with White Bird piercing through, another Flame Turtle fell ot the ground. It dropped a shell and also another golden colored Fire Turtle Shel. I looked at my bag and I had over 400 Fire Turtle Shells. A few more and that should be enough for Ah Fei.

    But when I raised my head, there was a smaller and tender looking Flame Turtle that spawned. More importantly was the level above its head-- lv1!

    The level 1 Flame Turtle had appeared!

    At this point I had over 11 Flame Turtle Sealing Cards and my chance of succeeding was really high!

    At the same time, I heard horse hoof sounds and also a familiar rough voice, "Be careful, who is that... A red named player? No, an Assassin, he is... July Wildfire!"

    I turned around and saw a bunch of people appear. The one leading was Man of Steel who I hadn't seen in a long time. Behind him was Wang Yaozu, Camel's Back, Old Li, Flower Zhang etc. There were around ten of them. All the core players of Hidden Dragon Mountain were all here.

    "Boss look!"

    Camel's Back pointed at the level 1 Flame Turtle, "Don't we have two sealing cards?"

    Wang Yaozu frowned, "But July Wildfire saw it first."

    "Why are you saying so much nonsense for?"

    Man of Steel pulled out his sword and said with an ice cold gaze, "July Wildfire, the system guy. You killed many Hidden Dragon Mountain brothers in Linchen County so today without the Boss buggs, let's see what you can do!"

    I turned around and my handsome Shura face was filled with killing energy. I held my daggers and smiled lazily, "Man of Steel, does your Hidden Dragon Mountain really want to fight me here? Do you have a chance of winning? Why not... I can wait, once you gather more people then we shall fight?"

    I took out a Flame Turtle Sealing Card. No matter what I had to seal it first. The reason why Hidden Dragon Mountain wanted to take the risk was also because of this Flame Turtle.

But they definitely had to pay the price for taking food out of a tiger's mouth!

    "Captain Lu."

    Wang Yaozu held his sword. He had half a body of purple gear and he frowned, "Let's no make enemies. July Wildfire was a Boss but now he is a player, we don't have to do this."

    "Why not?"

    Man of Steel frowned and his eyes were filled with violence, "He killed me so many times so how can we let that go? Wang Yaozu, if you don't dare to fight then scram out of Hidden Dragon Mountain. I will kill July Wildfire you rat!"

    Wang Yaozu held his sword tightly, "Since that is the case... Then kill him, but the chances of that happening is low."

    Man of Steel laughed, "Okay, Wang Yaozu you charge. I will think of a way to seal that level 1 Flame Turtle. It is good if we can seal it, if not I will kill it. If we can't get it, July Wildfire can forget about it too!"


    "So shameless."

    I casually said a sentence before raising my hand. The first sealing card landed beneath the Flame Turtle and started the sealing process. The Flame Turtle started to struggle and smash about the barrier. At this point, Wang Yaozu started to charge and he had a cold gaze in his eyes. With a "keng", he used Double Hit+ Flame Slash. As Hidden Dragon Mountain's top Warrior, his strength had improved since he started the game and he had became much more familiar with the mechanics.

    But, he was still too slow!

    I activated Quickness and when Wang Yaozu attacked, I charged forwards too. When I got close, I slid to his left and dodged his attack. At the same time I used Gouge to stun him. I then appeared behind him and with Unparalleled Shattering, I used Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack+Godslaying Blade+Basice Attack and critical striked him many times. After a series of attacks, his health emptied out.


    He knelt onto the ground and his face was filled with helplessness, "Told you we couldn't win..."


    Man of Steel rode his horse over and slashed down. In terms of skills, although Man of Steel was the guild leader but his skill level was not as high as Wang Yaozu. Right when he slashed down, I used my combo, Separated by water!


    Golden energy currents surged and Man of Steel was stuck onto the ground. After my attacks landed, my dagger shook and before Man of Steel was able to toss out a sealing card, I used Flames of Karma. His health was finished. The moment he fell, he also dropped a sealing card.

    I got close and picked it up. At the same time, with Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, I saw Camel's Back getting close. I used Dark Shadow Jump to appear right in front of him. His pupils constricted like he had seen a ghost. It was obvious that he didn't expect me to see through his stealth. I then used Hunter's Edge and he knelt onto the ground.

    "I am finished..."

    Chicken Pee held his staff and didn't even toss a single spell when he saw the three main members of the party fall, "How can we even play? They can't even take a hit?"

    Flower Zhang, "..."

    I said, "Scram, scram before I plan to kill all of you!"


    Flower Zhang gritted her teeth, "Let's go, we are not his match, there is no need to make unneccessary sacrifices."


    Old Li, Chicken Pee, Chen Xuanba etc expressed agreement and disappeared into the forest along with Flower Zhang.


    I frowned. For some reason I didn't want to kill them. Maybe after spending time with Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi, I became more kind and felt like I wanted to be more merciful. But.. I couldn't. I had to protect my honor. To protect the important people, we had to become stronger!

    I turned around and continued to seal the Flame Turtle.

    After 7 cards, I noticed that none of them succeeded. I glanced and noticed that Flame Turtle Sealing Card only had 12% success rate, no wonder.

    Fortunately I had a few so I continued!

    Just like that, I tossed card after card. Until the second last one was there a tender roar. The level 1 Flame Turtle turned into a ball of flames and entered the card. It also turned into flames that returned into my hands. This Flame Turtle's growth stats were pretty good--

    Flame Turtles Sealing Card

    Skill: Not activated

    Attack: 5.5 Star

    Defence: 8 Star

    Health: 7.5 Star

    Agility: 3.5 Star

    Magic: 5 Star

    Growth Potential: 6.5 Star


    As expected, the growth stats were quite good, especially Defence and Health. It was pretty much stronger than Ah Fei's stone snake just that it was slower. Each pet had fixed stats so if I sealed another, the defence should be a shocking 8 star. But there were differences in growth potential. In other words, if it was higher, the pet would be stronger in the future.

    This Flame Turtle had 6.5 stars of growth potential and was half a star above that of Shen Mingxuan's Flame Bird.

    Then who should I give it to?

    To Ah Fei for his Stone Snake?

    There was not much need. One Stone Snake was enough for him and moreover, he had just reached level 60. For a long period of time he would remain in the city to earn money from inscriptions. Even if he took the Flame Turtle it would still be left there and it was a waste. It was better to give to Gu Ruyi. I had just a few friends and Gu Ruyi did need this.

    I directly sent this screenshot to the With You group.

    "I am sorry friends, I have sealed another pet!"


    Lin Xi was shocked, "You fellow... What kind of luck is that?"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Flame Turtle? Not bad, so tanky. It should have an aggro technique right?"

    "En, it has Flame Trample and Flame Strike. The other skill is to add armor."


    Lin Xi smiled, "Are you using it for yourself or giving it to Ruyi?"


    I touched my nose and smiled, "Actually I obtained a weird system before and I can't use pets. At lesat not now."

    "Oh, what kind of system is so weird?" Shen Mingxuan asked.

    "It is a long story and might only be solved a long time in the future. How about I just give this to you Ruyi?"


    Gu Ruyi said weakly, "I am the same as Mingxuan. once you are free, I shall treat you to food?"

    "Sure, that meal must be at least more than a thousand."

    She laughed, "En, deal!"

    "I shall call you when I return to city."



    I continued to kill Flame Turtles. The training here was about to end. 3000 turtle shells had all been dropped and along with a few hundred Fire Turtle Shells and a slightly above average pet, this trip was a huge win.

    I continued to 11pm and then I looked at my bag. I had close to 700.

    Nice, time to return!


     ! !


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