Chapter 282- Deep Ocean Queen Prawn
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Zhan Yue Chapter 282- Deep Ocean Queen Prawn


    I returned to Black Castle and charged into the inner city. This time there was no need to disturb Senior Sister Yun so I just went into the Weapon Division. I said solemnly, "Sir, I have completed the quest."


    He turned around and placed the hot metal piece in his hands, "Who knows if you are lying, take it out to prove yourself."


    I opened my bag and instantly 3000 turtle shells stacked up into a mountain. All of a sudden, Lei Shi's face was about to turn green, "Enough enough... Kid you really are different. Those vicious Flame Turtles really weren't a problem for you. This is your reward, may justice prevail along with you!"


    System notification: Congratulations for completing the Flame Turtle Shell (SS Grade), obtained experience +60 million, contribution points +800 thousand, charm +2, gold +8000!


    Not bad, the SS Grade rewards were slightly more than the S Grade one and they at least gave 2 points of charm. The experience was quite high too. Forget it, time to head to Precious Treasure Pavilion and spend all of them for Blue Ocean Sand and Wind Soul Grass. I bought 800 of each which should last for a very long time.


    My Paladin account returned to the city and I appeared in the teleportation formation. I walked towards Ah Fei and traded with him from the crowd. All of a sudden, his face was filled with excitement, "Damn, we are rich. Our inscription business will begin again!"


    I nodded, "Calm down, help me inscribe these two equipment and make them our signature items!"


    I passed Silver Ocean Sword and Explorer's Shield to him and his face turned green, "Damn... You... Even your Paladin's equipment are so good?"

    "Right, how can my equipment be bad when I am with Lin Xi?"

    "Damn damn damn..."

    He was speechless, "I really am jealous of you.

    "Jealous of what?"

    I stared at him, "I should be the jealous one? I lived 20 over years and spent so many lonely nights. I want to be like you and have someone in my arms... To be able to heart to heart talk with..."


    He laughed, "Then find a girlfriend. Look at you, you are going to die single!"


    Not long later, the Silver Ocean Sword in his hands shone bright. He was stunned, "Damn... Double stats again, what luck is this?"

    He tossed the Silver Ocean Sword over and I saw that there were two lines of inscription stats--

    Inscription: Attack +450

    INscription: Healing +50


    Double stats, they were quite overpowered! Moreover, level 5 inscriptions added 300 Attack and the level 6 one added 450. What kind of concept was this? One had to know that the Silver Ocean Sword's Attack was 720 so one level 6 inscription was 60% of that!

    Unique Grade orange swords needed inscriptions if not they would be at a disadvantage!

    Very quickly, Ah Fei tossed the Explorer's Shield over and it was a really shocking stat too--

    Inscription: Health +4500


    This level 6 inscription was so much stronger than level 5 ones and the stats increased by 50% and not the small increases from before.

    "We are going to get rich..."

    I frowned, "The stats are much stronger than the level 5 ones. The price can't be so low, we need to double..."


    He laughed, "How about we set it at around 6000-8000, what do you think? We only serve the rich people."


    I nodded, "You also need to buy all sorts of low grade materials. We can't stop with the level 3-5 ones. The basic players need help too if not we would lose a lot of our business."

    "Understood, don't worry."


    I said seriously, "When With You members come, just charge 4000. I will tell Lin Xi, if not things will get exposed if you put Silver Ocean Sword and Explorer's Shield's screenshots up. Lin Xi will suspect our relationship."

    "Understood, you really are the careful one."

    He had a solemn expression, "One needs to be smart to be a spy. If I was the one, I would get exposed really quickly."

    "You wish."

    I laughed, "With your character, one gaze from Lin Xi and you would go soft."

    "Hahaha, you dare to say that your bones didn't go soft when Lin Xi said something gentle to you?"

    "I have no comment!"



    After settling everything, I sent the stats of Silver Ocean Sword and Explorer's Shield into With You's chatgroup. I said, "Lin Xi take a look, that inscriber can do level 6 inscriptions already. He said that I am in With You so he charged me 8000 for both. Go inscribe your high grade equipments, your combat strength can increase by like 40%!"

    "Wow, Silver Ocean Sword actually got double stats?" Shen Mingxuan was shocked.

    Lin Xi was shocked too, "So strong, he can already do level 6 inscriptions?"


    "That is great." She laughed, "We need to clear a high level map tomorrow so it is good to increase our stats. Mingxuan, Ruyi pass me all your orange gear. We can take the funds from the studio. I will pass the 8000 over to you Lu Li."

    "Okay, thank you Boss!"

    I accepted it. This was not the time to be polite. After all, to Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan, I joined them for a salary so it would be abnormal to appear too generous.


    A few minutes later, Lin Xi, Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan appeared in the square. The three of them always caused a commotion when they appeared. Guys would all charge out to look at them.


    I walked forwards and traded her the Flame Turtle.

     "Pa ta!"

    When it entered, her face was filled with emotions, "I... I can activate it now right?"

    "Yes." Lin Xi giggled, "Calm down, just activate it."


    The sealing card in Gu Ruyi's palm disappeared and turned into flames that appeared in front of her. It turned into a ball sized turtle. All of a sudden, her face was filled with surprise. She picked it up and hugged it.

    Lin Xi scoffed, "Why didn't you just pass it to her privately? Maybe she would be touched~~"

    I crossed my arms, "I don't want to chase her."

    "En, then who do you want to chase?"

    She turned around and look at me.

    My heart beat, "No... No chase, I am myself!"

    She laughed, "Coward!"

    I coughed. I wanted to flirt with her but I didn't have the courage because her attitude was too uncertain. Our relationship always had a barrier so I just ended it like that. I just watched as Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and her went to inscribe.


    At 12am, we had all inscribed our items. As for the previous ones, they were mostly level 5 inscriptions and couldn't be replaced. After Lin Xi paid, she smiled towards us, "Okay, time to eat supper and then sleep. I am a little tired."

    "En en."

    We went offline. Ah Fei looked at us in envy. His words were true, he was jealous.

    He was a guy so one would always look for better things, that was something that wouldn't change!


    Supper, second floor, crabs.

    A huge pot of crabs were placed right in front along with fried rice and pumpkin cake. Just the smell alone made me very tempted. Shen Mingxuan wore gloves and helped Lin Xi pick up the claws. I ate on my own. I looked at the dishes and picked up a prawn, "this wasn't the prawns from before, it is so huge... Is this the legendary... Deep Ocean Queen Prawn that costs 100? Our food is changing!"


    Lin Xi smiled, "The studio is clearing more quests and maps so we are getting rich. I told Shen Mingxuan to add food for us... We can be slightly more luxurious."

    I smiled, "En, it gives me more energy!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Then eat more, you need to work hard tomorrow. "


    I nodded, "Right, what map are we doing tomorrow?"

    "You will know then."

    Lin Xi smiled, "But we are a five men party tomorrow."

    I squinted, "Are we... Bringing Tony?"


    She was helpless, "Forget it, just bring him once. He isn't a bad person and if we have a Musician, we can try another style. Your main role is to heal. I will be the tank."

    "Ok, I will do everything you say."


    When she said that, she was sweet and gentle. All of a sudden, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi couldn't help but turn towards her.

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