Chapter 278- Rather it was you
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Zhan Yue Chapter 278- Rather it was you

"Too arrogant!"

Feng Canghai's face turned green and right behind him, Lin Songyan pulled out his blade. He rode a black horse and raged, "Lin Xi, July Wildfire, are you too ignoring Elements? Since that is the case then let's go hard on them. Brothers, together, let's kill the both of them!"

Instantly, the Elements members pulled out their swords and they all couldn't take it anymore.


Feng Canghai's face sunk, "Without my orders who dare to attack!?"

All of a sudden, everyone was rooted to the spot.

Mars River smiled, "en, right, Lin Xi is from With You and they are our allies. Naturally we won't attack our allies, but this July Wildfire..."

Old Mountain nodded, "Understood, brothers prepare to fire!"

Within 40 yards, at least 20 Elements players started to channel their skills. They pointed their swords, arrows, spells all at me. It was obvious that Mars River meant that they couldn't offend With You but they could offend me.


Lin Xi frowned, "It seems like this is not a good time, there are too many people stirring trouble."

"Yes, goodbye!"

I nodded and ran backwards. At the same time I used White Cloak and disappeared from everyone's sight. With Quickness, and with my Agility and movement speed, their cavalry players wouldn't be able to catch up, much less those without mounts.


Behind me, Lin Xi was calm. She held Hellfire and looked at Feng Canghai, "This matter has nothing to do with Elements so why did you have to interfere?"

Feng Canghai frowned and explained, "Lin Xi, Elements have our own views and we are doing so for the prosperity of Linchen County. You must know that they are the 2nd guild in Linchen County and although With You has a few members but you are the top 2 studio in the country. If the two of you clash, Linchen County will be weakened. I am not willing to see that. We are all doing this to enjoy the game so why kill one another?"

Lin Xi smiled, "So Guild Leader Feng doesn't want With You and Breaking Dawn to fight?"


Feng Canghai nodded, "Can you give me that face?"


Lin Xi placed Hellfire into her sheath and frowned, "I killed Breaking Dawn Ash so that is it. In the future if they don't do anything, With You will naturally be peaceful. But if they continue to sneak attack, I will chase them to the end. I won't give them face at all."


Feng Canghai nodded, "I will tell Breaking Dawn Ash, so today... With You and Breaking Dawn is okay right?"


Lin Xin nodded. She shattered the city return scroll and returned.

I stood in mid air,

and looked from afar. Feng Canghai lost face today. Lin Xi and I didn't give him fae at all but in the end, with a few words he solved the awkward situation. This person really could handle situations. No wonder he was choice for top of the server behind Li Xiao Yao and Fang Ge Que.


Not long later, Lin Xi sent a message for us to eat supper.

Thus, I changed to the Paladin account and returned back to the city. My level was high enough so I didn't need to continue training. I could take a rest.

Second floor.

Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were all sitting in the hall. After I got up, I saw Shen Mingxuan hugging her pillow helplessly, "Why is my life so tough? I lost 1 level yesterday and 1 today. I am training for nothing everyday. Is this the will of the heavens?"

Lin Xi smiled, "Okay, I will level with you tomorrow to get that level back, don't be sad."

"Right, it is normal to lose."

I took a coke from the fridge and sat next to Lin Xi.


Lin Xi looked at me and asked, "Lu Li, after Mingxuan got killed, where did you go? Did July Wildfire kill you?"

"No, there are too many of them. I used my movement speed to charge into the forest before heading back to the city." I said.

"That's good."

She said, "You better not let your level drop. With You's level isn't too high so we can't take any more losses."

I nodded and then looked at Shen Mingxuan, "Sorry Shen Mingxuan I was unable to protect you."

"It is fine!"

Shen Mingxuan waved, "Actually you did well enough. From support to buffs and then covering me. You did really well. I died because I am not strong enough."


I nodded and then looked at Lin Xi, "I heard that you met July Wildfire? And you fought?"

"Yes." She smiled, "Unfortunately Elements interrupted and we were unable to get a winner."


Gu Ruyi frowned, "Who is this July Wildfire? Isn't he from Darkness Faction? Why is he around Linchen County everyday?"

"That is not surprising."

Lin Xi smiled calmly, "July Wildfire is August End's friend and from their IDs one can tell. August End was chased by Breaking Dawn and For Dreams so July Wildfire must come here to take revenge for his brother."

She smiled and asked me, "Lu Li is brotherhood just like that?"


I nodded and smiled, "That is right... You can scold me but not my brother. You can touch me but not my brother and his girl, if not I will fight you to the death!"

Shen Mingxuan laughed, "Guys really are simple~~"

"Of course."

I laughed, "Much stronger than your plastic sisterhood."

"But aren't there a lot of fake brothers?" Lin Xi dissed.

I facepalmed, "I can't continue, I can't..."

The few girls covered their mouths and laughed. The entire studio became harmonious once again. After supper, we went to our rooms to rest. Lin Xi had set the training plan for the next day. She would bring Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan to level. As for me, I will go solo. That was good, it was what I wanted.


Next morning.

I woke up early and went out to buy breakfast along with Gu Ruyi. Breakfast was either bought by Shen Mingxuan and I or Gu Ruyi and I. Anyways, I would definitely be one of them.

Morning, the sunllight shone onto Gu Ruyi's white dress. She was such a cute beauty such that the breakfast sellers would all look over. Some aunties would praise, "That girl is so beautiful!"

Gu Ruyi's face flushed red and she looked at me.

I lowered my voice, "Maybe she wants to introduce you to her son and nephew."

"Really?" She was shocked.

"Who knows!"

The two of them arrived in front of the breakfast stall, "Three fried dough fritters and one set of pepper soup."


Gu Ruyi bought some buns and soya bean. When she paid, the auntie really started speaking. She talked about where she was from, how old she was, what she did, that she had a nephew that did well in life. Gu Ruyi was totally stunned.

"Ruyi, I am done."

I walked over and helped her, "Auntie no need to introduce for her, she already has a boyfriend."


The auntie's face was filled with disappointment as she handed the buns and soya bean over.

I laughed. Right after we left, she glanced at me in embarrassment, "How can you fake that you are my boyfriend?"

"Is that so?"

"I just said that you have a boyfriend, I didn't say that it was me. Just treat it that I was referring to Yun Jian."


She gritted her teeth, "If that is the case then I rather my boyfriend is you."

"En?" I looked at her.


Panic appeared on her face, "I... I am just making an example, don't misunderstand, I don't mean that..."

I walked while giving her the OK sign, "I understand, don't worry!"

She walked at the back and shuffled. After being shocked for a moment she caught up.


After breakfast, I went online.


My Paladin account appeared in the square. My equipment and skills were all quite good so I fixed my equipment and then teleported to Black Castle. Time to find Senior Sister to hand over the Flame Bird quest. I had many Flame Bird corpses so they should be enough for Black Castle for a long time.

Inner City.

I showed the Blood Pool Disciple token and passed through the barrier. Along the way, I saw many type of cultivators. Blood Pool was one of hte three divisions but it was different from the left and right camp. The two were armies while we were much more slack. We had various cultivators and talents, our position was above that of both camps.

Beside the path were many blood pools that gave out blood and death energy. When I reached the end, I saw Yun Yue laying on a giant leaf. When I got close, she floated down and stood in front of me, "Junior Brother, did you complete the quest?"

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I poured a bunch of Flame Bird corpses out and they were stacked up like a mountain.


Yun Yue's eyes were filled with shock, "You really work hard~~"

I frowned, her words really made one think wrongly.

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