Chapter 277- Exposed
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Zhan Yue Chapter 277- Exposed

"Lin Xi, you are finally here!"

Breaking Dawn Ash's gaze was cold as he smiled, "I heard that you and this July Wildfire has animosity... Why not, we put aside our hatred, you two can settle it among yourself?"

"No need."

Lin Xi waved her arm and walked out of the forest slowly. Her exquisite face was really calm and under the cold breeze, her clothing danced. It was as if she was one with the environment around. Such a beautiful girl walked towards the Breaking Dawn Guild Leader but none of the other Breaking Dawn members dared to attack.

"Why, you want to attack me?" Breaking Dawn Ash said calmly.


Lin Xi smiled, "I shall deal with you first and then it won't be too late to handle July Wildfire!"

"Very good, I wanted to spar with you and learn how strong the pinnacle Warrior on the server is!" Breaking Dawn Ash didn't fear anything.


Lin Xi smiled, "With your strength, you probably aren't good enough to spar with me?"


Breaking Dawn Ash charged forwards. Sword light flashed and that orange sword stabbed towards Lin Xi's throat.

"Boss is so valiant!"

Breaking Dawn players cheered while I also continued killing. I held my daggers and stood on the empty land.


Right when Breaking Dawn Ash was about to hit, his face was filled with a gleeful smile. In that instance, Lin Xi turned around and opened her left hand. Streaks of golden swords formed into the shape of Heaven Sword Umbrella and blocked Breaking Dawn Ash's strike. At the same time Breaking Dawn Ash was pushed aside.


Lin Xi charged forwards with wind under her feet and used Basic Attack+Flying Flame Slash+Basic Attack+Double Hit+ Basic Attack, instantly causing Breaking Dawn Ash's health to disappear by half!

"Ah, what?"

Breaking Dawn Ash definitely didn't expect Lin Xi's attacks to be so strong. He pulled the reins and wanted to dodge but the instance that it happened, Lin Xi used Assault and appeared at where Breaking Dawn Ash was fleeing towards. She pointed Hellfire forwards and the combo storm exploded from her feet- Gale!

"Peng peng peng!"

Sword slashing meet, Breaking Dawn Ash's blood started to spurt and once Gale was completed, Lin Xi used Blade of Dawn to take away his last bit of health.


Breaking Dawn Ash's body became powerless and he fell of his horse. He knelt onto the ground with shock on his face. He definitely didn't expect things to end like that, not having a chance to fight back at all. After all, Breaking Dawn Ash was a quasi first rate Warrior and he might be considered first rate. Who knew that he didn't even touch Lin Xi and was insta killed!

"I told you, you are not good enough!"

Lin Xi's blade was bloodstained. She looked at Breaking Dawn Ash's corpse and didn't even look at the equipment he dropped. She looked towards me and her body was covered in silver light. She was in White Star mode.

She looked at me, "July Wildfire, let's continue the battle from last time?"

I frowned and gritted my teeth. Flames appeared around me and I looked more majestic and was filled with more killing intent. My daggers were in flames as I smiled, "Since you want to fight then so be it!"


At this instance, a bunch of people charged out from the forest and their levels were all really high. On their heads were Elements' mark. The one at the front was wearing great equipment and held an orange sword. This was Elements's Guild Leader--- Feng Canghai!

"It seems like I was late..." Feng Canghai saw Breaking Dawn Ash's body and frowned. He then looked at Lin Xi, "Lin Xi, Breaking Dawn and With You's grievances will end like this? Give Elements face. If you continue like this, Linchen County will be in chaos. Once the secondary city opens, we will lose out compared to the other counties!"


Lin Xi frowned, "They suddenly attacked With You's Shen Mingxuan and made her drop from level 70, why didn't you speak then? Now that Breaking Dawn Ash got killed, you actually want me to stop?"

Feng Canghai said, "Lin Xi stop being petty. Listen to me, forget it. Breaking Dawn has so many people, are you planning to kill all of them with one sword? Can you? A while later, thousands from Breaking Dawn will come, how will you deal with them?"

"It doesn't matter."

Lin Xi said calmly, "If they want to kill me then come, killing and being killed is just a cycle."


Feng Canghai looked at me and pointed with his sword, "This July Wildfire relied on his hidden job identity to attack players. Since he dares to appear here, Elements as the top guild of Linchen County, naturally we have responsibility, so... Lin Xi, I will settle this July Wildfire for you!"

"No need."

Lin Xi looked at me, "In truth, July Wildfire helped With You so I won't allow others to fight him. Only I can kill him, you better not interfere!"


Feng Canghai was stunned and a cold glow appeared in his eyes, "July Wildfire, now everyone in Linchen County know that you are a player so stop being fake. I am making it clear, if you dare to attack Lin Xi, Elements will hunt you down. If you dare to appear, Elements will chase you till the world ends!"

I frowned and slashed two energy waves in the sky, "Lin Xi and my animosity isn't your business? Who are you even? If you want to chase her I don't care, but don't use me in that. If Elements want to attack me then bring it on. Before this, I remember that I have killed all of you many times?"

I pointed, "Old Mountain, you should know how many times I killed you? And also Lin Songyan, I insta killed you a few times. Mars River, I rarely fought with you but I think I insta killed you once before."

Mars River touched his nose, "Damn, I got exposed..."

Lin Songyan gritted his teeth, "July Wildfire, what are you being arrogant about? You aren't a Boss now and don't have the Boss's buffs. Do you think you can solo the entire Elements?"

"I can't solo but I can make all of you suffer."

I frowned, "Feng Canghai bring your men and scram. This is my problem with Lin Xi, it has nothing to do with you!"

Lin Xi looked at me, "Right, this is our problem, don't interfere!"


Feng Canghai was furious and didn't know what to do.



Lin Xi flew across and her body shone in a white star glow. My body was covered in Shura Flames and I welcomed her attacks. "Keng keng keng", three attacks and after I blocked Lin Xi's sword, my counter was scattered by her Heaven Sword Umbrella. Our battle caused heat waves that caused the grass around to shatter. Many players around were all forced to retreat.


I swept Lunar Eclipse forwards with the Annihilation light to slash Lin Xi's armor. While leaving a blood wound, I also dealt 15000 damage. Lin Xi counter attacked and took away 20 thousand of my health. In terms of Attack, her White Star was stronger.

But in terms of skills, I had more!


I used Dark Shadow Jump and then Backstab+ Godslaying Blade. The instance that I completed, I was hit by Heaven Sword Umbrella and losta nother bit of health.

Come, Apprehension!

Storm swept and the sounds of cranes could be heard.

A silver light shot out and Lin Xi charged out of the Apprehension range. At the same time her sword forced me back. She was really vicious, she was truly determined to kill me!

"Come on then!"

I slapped a palm out and used Dragon Will!

The moment Dragon Will was used, Lin Xi's body shook. She opened Heaven Sword Umbrella and with a "Peng", Dragon Will was actually absorbed by Heaven Sword Umbrella and turned into golden rain light.

But Dragon Will was just a bait. The instance that Heaven Sword Umbrella was closed, I used Dark Shadow Jump in front of Lin Xi and then used Gouge to stun her!

Backstab+ Godslaying Blade!

After a series of skills, she was left with 30% and my health was around there too.


I held my daggers up and Heaven Sword Umbrella forced me back. I charged forwards again and slashed on Lin Xi's sword that she used to block. We were at the climax of our battle!



Feng Canghai frowned, "July Wildfire stop if not I will attack!"

At the same instance, Lin Xi and I stared, "Scram!"

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