Chapter 276- Ambushing Lin Xi
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Zhan Yue Chapter 276- Ambushing Lin Xi

"Shen Mingxuan!"

I used War Trample right away and shook a Breaking Dawn Assassin out from Stealth. At the same time I used Self-sacrifice to protect Shen Mingxuan. I pointed towards the south and shouted, "Flee towards the south, quick, don't get stunned by them!"


Shen Mingxuan gritted her teeth and moved really quickly. At the same time she turned and used Seven Star Shot to kill Breaking Dawn Destruction while I activated Ash Fortress. I chased behind Shen Mingxuan as the large number of Breaking Dawn Assassins attacked and a dense amount of damage numbers rose up. My equipment had an advantage but I was outnumbered and Assassins had armor penetration!

In the distance, a bright light shot out from the forest. This was an Archer called Breaking Dawn Mist. He had hid in the forest and used Stun Shot to stun Shen Mingxuan! Shen Mingxuan's beautiful body stood on the grassland and didn't move at all.


I tried my best to run forwards and the instance I was close to her, I struck my shield onto the ground and activated Explorer's Shield's skill- Barbarian Ice. Streaks of ice spread and covered both Shen Mingxuan and I. Defence increased by 80% and 5% of our health recovered each second.

"You still want to leave!?"

Behind me, the Assassins all used Quickness and activated all their killing moves. Their weapons rattled on my shield and armor. My blood started to drop. Fortunately, Breaking Dawn Destruction this super Assassin was insta killed by Shen Mingxuan if not my health would have emptied out!

I raised my hands and used Saint Light Technique!

I healed Shen Mingxuan and the instance that I did that, she was covered in flames. Many Breaking Dawn mages appeared in the forest and they used Flame Whirlpool!


Shen Mingxuan gritted her teeth and moved sideways while looking at me, "Lu Li we have been surrounded. Let's kill as many as we can, we have no choice!"


I nodded and charged out. Shen Mingxuan continued to fire and she killed four Breaking Dawn players. But as she was a squishy, after being hit by a Stun Shot, even with my heals, she still fell down onto the ground.

"That is great!"

Breaking Dawn Mist laughed, "With You's AD is down, only the Paladin is left. Let's see what you can do!"

"Don't be careless!"

A familiar person came out from the back. It was Breaking Dawn Dust, Breaking Dawn's top Paladin. His face was solemn, "Don't underestimate him, focus fire and try to insta kill him. Our news will spread to the city and Lin Xi will come over right away!"


Breaking Dawn Mist got close and charged with a bunch of Breaking Dawn players.

I frowned and held my Silver Ocean Sword forwards. I used Basic Attack+ Judgement+ Basic Attack on one of the Assassins and three damage numbers rose up--




I raised my hand and used Saint Storm too.

The Assassin's hand was emptied out and he knelt onto the ground with confusion, "Paladin... How is the Attack of a Paladin so high?"

I laughed. My Paladin's equipment was at a level that they couldn't imagine. I added Strength+Stamina together and with Silver Ocean Sword's buff, my Attack was catching up to my Assassin account. Don't think that I am just a tank that can heal, I can kill people too!

I charged and got close to Breaking Dawn Mist. Right when he looked shocked, I had used War Trample. Shortly after, I used Basic Attack+ Momentum Slash+ Basic Attack to rip Breaking Dawn Mist's body into pieces. At that point, my body shook and my eyes went blank as an Assassin used Gouge on me. Then I was hit by Stun Shot and ended up being fully controlled.


Just like that, my life was probably going to be lost here.

The moment I broke free, I pulled my reins and shifted to the side with my bone horse. A huge bunch of Miss words appeared and then I healed myself. At the same time, I also activated Silver Ocean Sword's skill- Silver Ocean! A silver ocean appeared beneath my feet, each second I had 150% of healing amount lasting for 12 seconds!


I locked onto the forest and used Assault to charge there.

"He wants to flee!"

Breaking Dawn Dust laughed, "Chase, don't let this Lu person flee. No ,matter what kill him!"

It seemed like Breaking Dawn Dust knew my name.


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Using my mount advantage, I bashed around the forest. Right at that moment, Lin Xi's voice spread from the group chat, "Lu Li are you still alive?"


I said loudly, "Shen Mingxuan is dead and I just charged out. They are chasing me!"

"Head towards the city gate, I will receive you!"


In truth, I didn't let Lin Xi do so. These bunch of Breaking Dawn people killed Shen Mingxuan in front of me. If I didn't take revenge, I really couldn't swallow my anger!

Thus, when I was out of vision, I switched accounts!


A golden storm swept the forest that disappeared right away. My Shura account appeared in the forest with a dagger and I entered White Cloak state right away.



Breaking Dawn's group lost track of me. Breaking Dawn Dust held his blade and was shocked, "Where is he Where did that kid go, you actually lost him you bunch of trash!"

An Assassin gritted his teeth, "His mount is too good and his speed is far faster than us. Haiz, level 72 Paladin is too tanky, he is so hard to kill!"

"Even if it is hard we still have to kill!"

Breaking Dawn Dust hollered in rage, "Now that he escaped, it would be even harder to kill him next time. This person would be careful and won't head out alone again. The next time he appears, he would definitely be with Lin Xi!"

"Boss Dust, we saw Lin Xi head out of the city!"

An Archer said seriously, "She is heading towards us and should be here to support the Paladin. What should we do now?"

"What now?"

Breaking Dawn Dust frowned, "There are only so few of us so it would depend on all of you. Even if Lin Xi comes, we just have to survive. Boss Ash is bringing the elites over. Even if Lin Xi is here we can still get rid of her. I don't care if she is one of the strongest people, if she is an enemy of Breaking Dawn, she has to pay the price!"


The bunch of them were pumped up and raring to go.


Time to attack!

Under White Cloak state, I headed in front of Breaking Dawn Dust. Looking at how arrogant he was, I laughed. The dagger in my right hand disappeared and I spread my palm. Streaks of golden energy shot forwards and the world around started to twist like a certain power was rising up. I pushed forwards and a dragon-shaped palm energy shot out with Breaking Dawn Dust as the focal point!

White Cloak+ Dragon Will!







Under the thick palm energy, the 6 times true damage dealt over 50 thousand damage each. If it critical strike, it dealt 6 figure damage numbers and instantly the group of them were shattered. As Breaking Dawn Dust was a Paladin job player, he took the least damage but that was still ver 50 thousand. In the next second, I used Basic Attack+Godslaying Blade+ Basic Attack to take his last bit of health away!

"July Wildfire, you--"

He groaned and fell into a pool of blood.


I didn't stop, using Apprehension on their ranged players. I used Dark Shadow Jump to jump about the crowd. While they couldn't lock onto me, I massacred the others like a true war god!


Right at that moment, many people charged out from the forest. The one at the front was a Warrior riding a horse, Breaking Dawn Ash!

Breaking Dawn's leader was here, he really gave me face.

"Boss Ash!"

A low health Archer ran across, "July Wildfire suddenly appeared. Boss Dust was already killed by him and our formation got scattered!"


Breaking Dawn Ash kept silent for a few seconds, "Quick, kill the With You Paladin. Lin Xi would be here soon. All Assassins prepare and ambush Lin Xi!"

"Yes boss!"


My gaze turned cold and I used Quickness to charge at Breaking Dawn Ash. Since this was the case, I shall operate on this stupid guild leader.

Along the way, I turned back and used Apprehension on those chasing me. At the same time I looked towards Breaking Dawn Ash and said coldly, "Breaking Dawn Ash you really are scum!"


He pulled out his sword, "If I am a scum then what are you? !"


Right at that moment, there was a loud explosion and two Breaking Dawn Assassins were struck away. Their bodies turned into white light as they disappeared in mid air. In the next second, a beautiful figure appeared in the forest with Hellfire in her hand. She looked at Breaking Dawn Ash calmly, "He is right, you really are a scum!"

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