Chapter 275- Targeted
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Zhan Yue Chapter 275- Targeted

Shen Mingxuan held an orange bow and wore a red leather armor. Her figure was really alluring and in between her peaks was an exquisite necklace. Her leggings wrapped around her long white legs and she was as beautiful as an elf.

She might really be the top beauty in Linchen County apart from Lin Xi.


I sized her up and said, "I feel like you are more beautiful in game than in real life."

"Ah? !"

She opened her mouth slightly, "Scoff, are you saying that I don't look nice in real life?"

"Not that, just feels that you are more... more..."

I looked at her dressing and I didn't know how to describe it.

At this point, her lips curled up, "Okay, the female dressing in game is indeed more sexy... But I have no choice, you have to trust me, I am a more conservative girl."

"I trust, I trust..."

I nodded, "Okay, here is the sealing card. After you activate it you can sign the contract."

"Oh oh!"

After saying that, I passed the Flame Bird sealing card to her and then smiled, "Why not you sign the contract here. I want to see how the Flame Bird looks like."


She nodded and activated it. Instantly, the Flame Bird Card released a bright glow. A pigeon sized red bird appeared in her palm and it flapped its tender wings. It was unable to fly up and it just looked like it wanted to drink milk.

"Wow, so cute~~"

Shen Mingxuan pointed at its head and smiled, "It is so cute at level 1, Hahaha~~"

I nodded my head, "I think you need to give it some experience so that it can grow."


She raised her hand and placed it on her shoulder. She then smiled towards me, "Lu Li, thank you, this Flame Bird's value... I know, thank you for giving it to me."

I waved, "Why did Ruyi lose the roll?"


She smiled while punching me, "You only care about Ruyi, am I so lousy to you?"

I laughed, "Okay so how are you going to thank me?"

She said, "If I follow those game novels, I should be kissing you already, but..."


I said, "I don't want your kiss, you can just treat me to food!"

She laughed, "So simple?"

"En, you said that you won't toss yourself into my arms so not like I can force you!?"

"Haha, next time... Next time..."



Shen Mingxuan waved, "I am going to kill monsters and level, do you want to follow me?"

"Okay, anyways there is some time to supper."

I pulled out my sword and held up my shield, "With You offended so many people, it is quite dangerous if you are alone,

I can protect you a little."



A cool breeze blew across the forest and many goblins rushed around the forest. They tossed their axes towards the newbie players that entered Linchen County.

"Attack, there is no need to form a party."

I rode my horse and guarded beside her, "You kill the monsters, I will be sentry."

"En, okay."

She didn't say much more and just charged with her bow. She pulled arrows constantly to deal many basic attacks. One had to say that her equipment were really strong and her attack speed was really high.

Right when Shen Mingxuan killed a level 35 goblin, the Flame Bird shone bright. It leveled really quickly. After she killed 40+ goblins, the Flame Bird reached level 15. It flapped its wings and started flying around Shen Mingxuan.

She smiled and was totally delighted. Her eyes were filled with joy.


Shen Mingxuan held her bow and pointed, "Lu Li further ahead is the level 50 zone, can you accompany me there?"

"Sure, anyways I am free now."

I sneakily adjusted my level from 71 to 72 and then equipped my orange sword. Instantly the Silver Ocean Sword shone bright. Along with the Explorer's Shield, I looked really luxurious. Many low level players looked at me in shock.


Shen Mingxuan noticed and her eyes were filled with shock, "You fellow... You are leveling so quickly? You reached level 72 so quickly? I just reached level 70 again?"

"Who else can you blame?"

I glanced at her, "If you didn't head to Demon Trace Forest and got killed by July Wildfire, you should be around level 72 too right?"

"Scoff, how can you blame me? July Wildfire was just so evil and killed everyone he saw okay?"

I said, "En, July Wildfire, isn't a good person..."


She held her bow and brought me into the forest.


There were chirping sounds ahead and the sky was covered in flying type monsters. Demonised Valley Birds that were level 54 Rare Grade monsters. The experience they gave was definitely more than the goblins. Shen Mingxuan killed alone. She activated Seven Star Shot, Shockwave Shot, Stun Shot etc all at once and killed a whole bunch of them.


Flame Bird leveled once more and that continued!

I frowned. It seemed like Illusionary Moon did something well which was for low level pets to level quickly. So after getting a new pet, each player can quickly levvel them up. No wonder Ah Fei was able to level Stone Snake to level 40+ in a day. Shen Mingxuan was much stronger than him so logically speaking she should be quicker!

20 minutes later.

Demonised Valley Bird were cleared out and Flame Bird reached level 28. It was really quick. At this point the Flame Bird could start to help. But as its level was too low, Shen Mingxuan just told it to follow and not join in. If not there was a chance it would get insta killed.

"Do you still want to continue?" I asked.


Her lips curled up, "Let's head towards the level 60 Treasure Grade monsters as they give more experience. Since you are free, why not party up and get experience?"

I laughed, "I am level 72, I won't get much killing a level 60 monster and would cause the Flame Bird to lose a lot of exp. Forget it."


I continued forwards and the space got wider. Many bushes appeared on the plains and many feral dogs bent forwards and looked at us. They stared at Shen Mingxuan with nefarious intentions.


"These dogs... Why are they looking at a beauty like this?"


I walked by her side and laughed, "To them there is no beauty, they just treat you as a prey and even want to go behind you, and then..."


Her mouth twitched, "I saw that episode with Lin Xi and you! Apart from snakes, I hate these the most!"

I laughed, "Then prepare to kill. I will use War Trample and Righteous Provocation to draw aggro? If not, you might get swarmed."


She smiled and looked at me deeply, "You fellow... Sometimes your thoughtfulness is so lovable."

I waved my blade, "Don't fall for me, I am a heartless killer."


She laughed and didn't care. Who knew what she would think if she found out I was July Wildfire. After all, this person that she really trusted as a super killer!



War Trample smashed the ground and instantly 20 dogs focused on me. I activated Ash Fortress. Absolute Defence along with the level suppression meant that their damage towards me was only double digits. For someone with 80 thousand health, just my health recovery alone could maintain me at full health.

"So strong, as expected from a tanky fellow..."

Shen Mingxuan praised and started firing to kill those dogs around me. With her Attack, Attack Speed and level advantage, the dogs were killed before they even got near here. Experience soared and the light around the birds flashed.

After they were all killed, the Flame Bird had leveled to 30!

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Right after Shen Mingxuan killed the final feral dog, a shadow appeared behind her. It was an Assassin in stealth. The dagger used Backstab+ Godslaying Blade towards her!

"Be careful!"

I used Assault right onto the Assassin!


I stunned him but Shen Mingxuan tanked two hits and her health was only left with half. The person I stunned was Breaking Dawn Destruction. I didn't expect him to appear here!

Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, open!

The moment I used it, not only was there Breaking Dawn Destruction. There was a bunch of Breaking Dawn Assassins. I was too careless. I should have used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye all the way!

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