Chapter 274- 7 star half attack growth
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Zhan Yue Chapter 274- 7 star half attack growth

After lunch, continue online, Red Valley to kill Flame Birds.


"Pa ta!"

After ten minutes, when White Bird used Meteor Sword to kill a Flame Bird, it dropped two items. One was Flame Spirit Feather and the other was a red card.


I picked it up and was stunned, this was an item from the new patch--

Flame Bird Sealing Card

Effect: Used to seal level 1 Flame Bird and change it to pet, success rate of 20%


Instantly, my heart sank. I directly understood Illusionary Moon's pet setting. In Destiny, only level 1 monsters could be sealed but the cards were bought in the shops. Sometimes the sealing chance was as low as 0.01%.

In Illusionary Moon, everything changed. The shops stopped selling and the monsters had a chance of dropping them. The Flame Bird card can only seal Flame Birds and were useless for everything else. Moreover, the success rate was 20% and that was quite high. Five cards would be enough to seal one pet.

But the chance of the card dropping was too low. I killed since morning and only one dropped!

But this was Destiny's style. This was what made players go mad. Things that one got easily wouldn't be cherished. That worked for pets and it worked for love too.


Continue to kill!

After half an hour, along with me using Annihilation, another card dropped. Moreover, I gained a lot of Bloodline Power. Today, I gained over 24 points which meant that I could use Flames for 24 minutes.


A message came from Ah Fei, "Ah Li how is it, how is the material collecting?"

I sent a Flame Spirit Feather picture over, "I am gathering."

"Wow, how many do you have?"


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"Damn, so slow?" He was shocked.

I was furious, "Damn, do you know how tough grade six materials are to get? You think this is slow? I am done, you go get them yourself you pig!"

He laughed, "Don't, don't. Boss don't be angry, you are very good already okay? Good luck~~"

"What a dog."


I switched off and continued to work hard. Right when I was slashing, a bell rang. Orange Night's head shone and he had reached 100% experience. He would be able to reach grade six soon. Unfortunately, I would need Lin Fengnian's help and it would be a disaster for my money!

Orange Night was an orange puppet and it was indeed really strong. Grade Five Demon Spear allowed him to fight with White Bird and once he upgraded, his strength would definitely exceed.


Just like that, I continued to 8pm and I finally had 580+ of them. At the same time, I had 4 cards. It was time to get back. I had to search for Flame Shells next. At the same time, I had to upgrade Orange Night too.

At that point, I heard a chirping sound. Several new Flame Birds spawned.

They were chirping there.


I muttered to myself, "Would I end up meeting a level 1 Flame Bird now?"

En, time to head over and test my luck. If there weren't any level 1 ones, I would return to the city!

When I came to the area, I saw the levels of the three Flame Birds and my mind went blank. As expected, behind two level 83 Flame Birds, there really was a level 1 one. It was smaller and it looked really happy!

"That is great!"

My heartbeat was about to stop. I looked at the Flame Bird Card in my bag and I had 4 of them. Each one had a 20% chance of passing so this was a little risky. I had to try. I had only collected 4 so if I could succeed, my day's work would be complete!

Thinking about that, I told Orange Night and White Bird to use their AOE skills to hit the two mature ones. My target was that level 1 one. My blood started to burn up. With a "shua", a Flame Bird Card appeared in my palms. I locked onto the level 1 Flame Bird and used it!


The card turned into a rainbow light that flew out and appeared below the Flame Bird. It formed a magic formation that swallowed that Flame Bird. The bird flapped and tried to pounce about. It gave out a ear piercing screech as it circled around the sky.

In the end, the sealing lasted for three seconds and the Flame Bird flew out of my control. Aside, White Bird and Orange Night were fighting those two Flame Birds that were shocked.

Second sealing card!

Without hesitation, I tossed out the second one. The level 1 Flame Bird pounced and three seconds later, it broke free!


I frowned and used the third one!

The sky was filled with the sounds of the Flame Bird flapping. This bird was really intense and it looked really tragic. It made me feel like I was killing a chicken.


Once again, the Flame Bird broke free!

This time, I was in cold sweat. My final card, go!

When the card appeared under the Flame Bird, I frowned, "Seal it or not, it doesn't matter. It depends on luck!"

This time, the Flame Bird struggled even more and its wings were about to drop feathers. However, the sealing power seemed stronger. Finally with a "xiu", when I thought that we were about to fail, that level 1 Flame Bird turned into a streak of light that entered the sealing card. With a click, a sealed Flame Bird card fell to the ground and it was shining a full red.

I picked it up and saw the Flame Bird's growth stat--

Flame Bird Storage Card

Specialty: Unactivated

Attack: 7.5 stars

Defence: 5 stars

Health: 5.5 stars

Agility: 5.5 stars

Magic Power: 4 stars

Growth Potential: 6 stars


Relatively good growth stats, it was much higher than Ah Fei's Stone Snake especially its Attack growth which was 7.5 stars. Along with six star potential, this pet would sweep the early game. Although I couldn't see its skills, but once it was activated, it would mainly be Eagle Strike, Peck and Flame Strike. These were best weapons to train with. Moreover with five star and above Defence and Health stats, it could tank!

I sucked in a deep breath and placed the card into my bag.

How should I deal with this card?

Give it to Ah Fei? He had Stone snake so that was a waste, give it to With You? It felt like I was betraying my initial goal. I was here to take revenge so how did I become With You's protector? That didn't make sense. But I couldn't have a pet on my own. As for auctioning it off, I didn't lack money. Ah Fei's inscription business meant that we didn't need to worry about food and clothing. Moreover, if Lin Xi saw it, she might want it. It would be another round of torture where I would end up trading with myself.

Forget it, just give it to With You.

Thinking about that, I switched accounts and returned to Linchen County!


I appeared on the east square and headed to Ah Fei's side. After passing him a bunch of Flame Spirit Feathers, I opened the With You chat. I shared the pet picture to them, "Cough cough, look what I got?"

"Ah? !"

Lin Xi was stunned, "Lu Li you got a pet so quickly?"

"En, I was lucky and sealed it with a few cards!"


Shen Mingxuan smiled, "This Flame Bird's Attack growth is so high. Lu Li it seems like we have to follow you from now on!"


I was speechless, "I am asking who wants? If you want it then I will give it to you."


Lin Xi was stunned, "You don't want to use it for yourself?"

"No need, it is quite a waste."

I shook my head, "I am a milk cavalry and I don't deal damage. This Flame Bird is such a waste. Even if I need a pet, I need one with an AOE skill so I can hunt alone."


Lin Xi smiled, "That is true. I don't need this as I have the Heaven Sword Umbrella. Mingxuan and Ruyi, who wants it?"

"Both probably..."

Shen Mingxuan said, "Ruyi let's roll. The winner gets it?"


In the next moment, the two of them began. Shen Mingxuan 4, Gu Ruyi 2, in the end Shen Mingxuan won.


I said, "I will be on the east square. Shen Mingxuan come over and I will pass it to you."

"En en, I am coming!"

A few seconds later, a beautiful figure appeared on the teleportation formation. Linchen County's prettiest Archer walked over.

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