Chapter 21- Apprehension
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Zhan Yue Chapter 21- Apprehension


Xia Buhui could not help but laugh. His hand movements were not slow, either. He pointed his staff forwardand the power of souls wrapped around him. With a peng, he used a Soul Charge skill!

I could only roll on the ground to avoid his attack. At the same time, I jumped up with my dagger and used my speed to get in front of him.

"You think you can kill me?"

He smiled viciously then muttered some words and death power flowed from his body. Many white bones gathered around him and formed into a shield that protected him.

"Soul Bone Prison!" he hollered. This was actually a shield skill similar to a magic shield.

My gaze turned cold. I did not think much about it. Since he took out a shield skill, let us just decide the battle in the simplest manner. I appeared behind him, then my daggers danced. Basic attack plus Backstab was used, and the Soul Bone Prison's durability was reduced by 70%. I used Hunter's Edge immediately afterward.

Pu pu pu—

The dagger turned into a sharp light that sliced through the air. The first strike broke the Soul Bone Prison, while the second and third landed on Xia Buhui's body.



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His defense was too weak and far from that of Long Yilan. Moreover, Necromancers were naturally weak, with their meager health which could be halved in two strikes. He only had around 10000 Health, and it did not look like something a Boss should have.

"You're asking for death!"

Xia Buhui retreated as he shook his staff, hollering, "Soul Grab!"

My body could not move at all. The Wind Cloud Platform stone panels started cracking. Five blood-colored fingers then stretched out and grabbed me!


Xia Buhui was so arrogant because his skills could pretty much insta-kill anyone!

However, though Soul Grab was strong, it was only a single spell and there was no sustained damage. My Health, which reached 20000, did not make it easy to kill me.

"The battle has just begun; feel the true power of death!"

Xia Buhui smiled and waved his staff. A giant, purple-colored star pattern was released. Many Skeletons appeared, some holding spears, some holding bone swords, andall of them charged at me aggressively.

"Soul Summon, prepare to die! Hahaha~"

So this was Xia Buhui's killing move!

All of a sudden, thirty Skeletons appeared on the Wind Cloud Platform. Although their levels were low and I could ignore them, they were able to tangle with me. Xia Buhui just needed to attack me from afar and he definitely would not lose.

At this stage, anyone could tell that I was at a disadvantage.

However, no one would have expected that I had exchanged for Apprehension. That skill could give Xia Buhui a huge surprise!

I opened my hands, looked at Xia Buhui, and smiled back. "Don't be happy too early!"


A deep golden word appeared beside me; there was a low system roar, too—


The moment the skill was activated, I felt shocked. A thick power surged from deep within me, like a long slumbering dragon finally waking up. A pair of eyes opened deep within me, and that look filled one with despair, shock, and helplessness. This was the Shura Bloodline hidden in my body?

Hong hong hong~

In the sky,Cranes circled above me and on the ground as a storm brewed. These cranes' shrill chirpingreached my ears. This was a forty-yard superskill,which dealt continuous damage. It instantly turned the thirty Skeletons that Xia Buhui had summoned into dust. Even the guy himself started losing health.

Pa ta...

He lost all his health and knelt onthe ground. Shock had appeared on his face. "H-How... How's this possible..."


A storm swept up his body and sent him back to the Land of Reincarnation.

I laughed out loud; I was first again!

In the air, Master Ding Heng reappeared and looked at me mercifully. "I knew it. How could my disciple lose to Zhuang Huai Shui's? Well done!Now, prepare for the Wind Cloud Platform's test!"

"Yes, master!"

Immediately after he spoke, a power inside me started awakening and my body began to change. I became larger and larger, and even my face started to change. My nose and mouth stretched as my ears started to grow. Golden fur grew around my body; I changed the camera perspective. D*mn, was this not a Gnoll? What was going on?

In the next moment, the system notification told me to select a village. I chose Autumn Moon Village without hesitation. I was wrapped up by light and flew toward the village once more. I was back!


An ugly-looking Gnoll Boss appeared on a map near Autumn Moon Village. A system notification spread in the air—


[System notification: Players, please pay attention! A Golden Gnoll Demon (Elite) has landed in Ten Mile Slope in Autumn Moon Village. Courageous Warriors, head over to clear out this monster for the human race!]


I looked at myself; I had turned into a level 20 Gnoll Boss. My body was shining gold like a middle-eastern rich guy. The blades I held were like scythes, and as for the stats, they were the same. The skills were the same too, Apprehension, Hunter's Edge, White Cloak, et cetera could all still be used. This time, I was really going to start a massacre!

I disappeared from the map and found an old tree, which was curved at the neck and waited for people to come.

A few seconds later, I felt suddenly playful, so I changed the voice notification of Hunter's Edge to Mother Hunter's Edge.

Let us give it a try!

I raised my hands and I attacked with the dagger. Three attacks struck in the forest and caused leaves to fall all around me. At the same time, a hoarse voice spread in the sky, ‘Mother Hunter's Edge!’



"You descended again?"

Ah Fei's voice came from the sofa. "That Golden Gnoll Demon is you, isn’t it?"

"Yes, I look really ugly this time..."


He said seriously, "So from now on, I can call you Dog Li?"


"Hahaha!" He laughed for a while before saying seriously, "My party leader has informed us to head near Ten Mile Slope. You need to be careful; it won't be so easy this time. Many top players, especially those from Breaking Dawn, have reached level 20. They really want to get revenge. Breaking Dawn Destruction and Breaking Dawn Ash arelevel 20 and have learned a few skills. They are much stronger, so you may not beat them so easily."

"It is okay; I have improved, too!"

"En, that's good, Let's meet in Ten Mile Slope!"


The system notification bell had just rung, but many players had begun to appear. Not far away, a bunch of players started pushing in with killing the level 20 Gnoll as their goal.

Thirty or so of them were around level 15 to 18, but none was at level 18. They were just a mid-tier party, and if Ah Fei were here, he would probably be the best of them.

Sha sha...

A level 18 Warrior carried his sword and walked at the front. He frowned. "We are already in Ten Mile Slope. There are Gnolls all around us. That Golden Gnoll Demon is definitely here. Be careful. D*mn, this is Autumn Moon Village's third Boss and it should be the final one. We need to grab this chance."


A level 17 Archer smiled. "I heard that the Spirit World Patroller had dropped much Excellent equipment. Moreover, half of it all is level 20 Excellent equipment. After we reach level 20, we will have all the high-grade equipment and can challenge level 40!"

"Right, let's grab this chance!"

The Warrior captain said, "Once we fight, listen to my orders. This is a good chance to train our coordination. Be serious as those who don't listen will be kicked out."

"Yes, leader!" The bunch of them nodded their heads.


I crouched on the tree and heard their words. I laughed but that ended up in me producing barking sounds!

"D*mn!"I cursed. I jumped off the tree, and in that short time when I got out of Stealth, I used Apprehension. Instantly, the power within my body woke up and the skill started surging about at the densest part of the party.


A golden word appeared on the tree branches.

All of a sudden, they panicked.

"Boss, lead us! What should we do?" someone shouted.

The Warrior captain fled while shouting, "Lead what?Flee!Head out of this dangerous region!"

At that moment, I got close and was right before the captain.


He looked at me and his voice started to shake. "Golden... Golden Gnoll Demon!"


Wang wang~

Hunter's Edge activated and two golden words popped up, followed by a hoarse voice which made everyone mad—

‘He! Mother Hunter's Edge!’

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