Chapter 20- Necromancer
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Zhan Yue Chapter 20- Necromancer

Precious Treasure Pavilion.

After speaking with the undead attendant, a new treasure list appeared. I looked at all of the items listed. The available skillbooks were not things I coulduse. Assassins did not have many skills, and even fewer were usable to me, so I only focused on looking at the equipment. Only by raising the quality of equipment could I stand a better chance in the duel arena!

Eventually, my gaze fell on a pair of dark green war boots, and I could no longer shift my eyes away—

<Morning Glow Boots> (Excellent)

Type: Leather armor

Defense: 26

Stamina: +14

Required level: 18

Contribution points required: 800


The stats were relatively strong, especially with the 14 Stamina increase, which could improve health greatly. However, the required contribution points were rather high, but thinking about it, earning contribution points was all so I could spend them. I gritted my teeth and spent the 800 I had. The Morning Glow Boots landed in my hands and I wore them right away.

The following moment, Wind Cloud Platform's next battle began!


My body was wrapped up and sent to the Wind Cloud Platform. The light overhead congealed into the skills that could be exchanged for. My eyes lit up; it seemed that a new skill could be chosen this time—

<Godslaying Blade> (A): Ignore 30% of target defense, dealing 165% of damage to target. If selected, will consume 15 contribution points.

<Hunter's Edge> (S): Deal three attacks to the enemy. The first attack will be based on Attack, second on Agility, third on Critical Strike. If chosen, will consume 100 contribution points.

<White Cloak> (S): Enter stealth mode.Upon activation, the damage to the first target will be 200% true damage. If selected, will consume 100 contribution points.

<Apprehension> (SSS): Activate the power of darkness, causing a shadow attack within a 40x40 range, dealing damage to targets in the said area. Damage is related to the user's Agility. Race needed to learn it: Shura.Requiredcontribution points: 500.

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I was shaken and could no longer remain calm. This was an AOE attack skill and the damage depended on Agility. In addition, only Shura bloodline players could use it. Was it not custom-made for me? All of a sudden, my breathing got heavy, and I was so excited that I was about to explode. Fortunately, I did not spend too much moments ago and still had 825, or else I would be unable to exchange for Apprehension.

After confirming everything, I spent 500 contribution points to get the skill.

I also exchanged for Hunter's Edge and White Cloak. These three super skills, along with Gouge, Stealth, and Backstab, were now in my skillbar. I looked like a top Assassin!

At that moment, the Purgatory Lion said, "July Wildfire, you're here!"

"Of course. Two Balls, you're here again."I smiled. "Your chances of winning are too low."

"I am the strongest Purgatory Lion amongmy peers, so how could I not come? Even if I can't beat you, I will still do my best."

His eyes were filled with pride, but he lowered his voice the next instant. "Still, it won't be so easy for you this time because Zhuang Huai Shui sent another top disciple, and this fellow is stronger than Long Yilan and will be your direct competition."


"He's already here."

The Purgatory Lion turned around and faced the right along with me. I saw a staff-holding, dark-faced man in a cloak. He opened the cloak and revealed a terrifying face. Although he had cultivated a human body, his face was still ashen white with many death patterns on it. His gaze wasbrimming with fire and arrogance.

"Are you July Wildfire?" His brows furrowed.

Ireplied, "Yes, who are you?"

"Xia Buhui, my master is Zhuang Huai Shui. This time, I am here to teach you a lesson. Let's meet on the Wind Cloud Platform and I will let you know that the Land of Reincarnation isn't a place for you to be arrogant."

"Okay." I smiled. "See you on the Wind Cloud Platform."

Not far away, Long Yilan also walked over. His expression was a little ugly as he said, "Senior brother Xia."

Xia Buhui looked at him coldly. "Useless thing, you actually lost to this kind of person, who hasn't even reached the Body Refining Realm yet; you are such a disappointment! To think that you are a dragon race halfbreed.Scoff!"


Long Yilan was strong, too, but he was actually scolded so badly.

Not long after, the dark clouds in the sky swept and formed into Ding Heng. He touched his beard and smiled. "There are more present here today; that's good. Let's start the challenge!"

"Senior brother, let me go first?"

Long Yilan jumped up.

"Snort. Go ahead!" Xia Buhui held his staff and stood there coldly. He was like a block of ice stuck to the ground.


The Purgatory Lion said, "Xia Buhui cultivates the elemental power of death. His spells are the top among the younger generation in Black Castle. If you meet him, you must be careful."

"En, I know."

On the Wind Cloud Platform, many young undead were sent up, but all were defeated by Long Yilan's sword. Although I did not care about the guy's strength, to the other undead, this cultivator was quite strong. As for Xia Buhui, he had his eyes closed from start to finish and did noteven care to watch the bouts happening onstage.

Before long, only a handful of combatants could be seen around the Wind Cloud Platform. Long Yilan held his sword and spoke calmly. "Those from the outer five locations have such puny abilities?"

"Huff!This Long Yilan!"

Not far away, Little Scum carried his sharp sword and jumped up. He then hollered, "Long Yilan, don't be too arrogant!"

"He is too rash..." I shook my head.

The Purgatory Lion also crossed his arms and shook his head.

A few seconds later, after Little Scum wiped out 70% of Long Yilan's health, he was sent flying off the stage. He roared unwillingly as the wind sent him away. That fellow fought valiantly and was indeed really courageous.

"My turn!"

The Purgatory Lion jumped up and the wildness of his aura surged out. He then turned into a streak of light that charged at Long Yilan. Alas, he was no match for Long Yilan, too. When the halfbreedhad about 15% health, the lion was defeated and swept away. Though he was indeed stronger than Little Scum, he was not far from him in terms of strength. In the end, it depended on me!

"It's your turn, July Wildfire!"

Onstage, Long Yilan smiled coldly. "This time, I will wash away my past humiliation. My senior brother doesn't need to even do anything!"

"Is that so?"

I walked up lazily, and the moment I got onstage, a pillar of light shone down on me. Thick energy entered my body and all my stats had a tenfold increase—

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 18

Attack: 640-900

Defense: 1030

Health: 24100

Critical Strike: 0.96%

Comprehension: 94

Charm: 0

Soul Star: 0

Contribution point: 125

Combat strength: 1690


To an Assassin, that 900 Attackwas enough. Assassins were really agile and their defense-breaking ability was also high. That 900 Attack was enough to stab through people with 900 Defense. This was the hidden stat of jobs, and the officials would not explain anything about it, which was the case why it had become an unwritten rule.

In addition, with my accumulation of equipment, my Defense had reached 103 points, which turned into a terrifying 1030 when I walked up the platform. Normal people would be unable to break my defense anymore. This was what gave me the most confidence!

"Bring it on you, jerk!"

Long Yilan hollered in rage and sent his long sword forward. He still used Great Dragon Sword Technique's Stab once more, but he was just too slow. As a Warrior, hehad a higher Agility than others, but compared to me who was a Shura Assassin, he was far slower. I sidestepped and his sword stabbed nothing.


Gouge landed from above and stunned him to the ground!


A huge number flew up. I passed him to appearbehind. Water Pattern Dagger sent a cold storm as I used a basic attack plus Backstab to deal shocking damage numbers!



Long Yilan panicked, butbefore he could turnaround, I had already used my remaining energy on a killing move!

Hunter's Edge!




Hunter's Edge was just so strong. I sent Long Yilan's health down to 20% at once. Not having much health to begin with, he had now gone mad. He hollered and charged at me with his sword, but I did not fear any of his attack and faced him head on with my basic attacks, dealing 1000+ damage while his sword dealt 700+. He was inferior even in terms of Defense!

"Go down; you are too weak."

Water Pattern Dagger flashed and sliced his throat. He cried out and turned into a streak of stars, which flew toward the Land of Reincarnation.

"It's your turn."

I pointed downwardand smiled. "Xia Buhui, we're the only ones left."

"Snort!"Xia Buhui smiled. "Prepare to die you arrogant fellow!"


He waved his staff and went up the Wind Cloud Platform with speed which far exceeded other Mages.

I retreated and entered Stealth. Since an Assassin was fighting a Mage, I naturally would use Stealth to get close. If not, I would waste my health!

Right when I entered Stealth, he looked coldly forwardand shook his staff. He hollered, "Dead Soul Guidance!"

Instantly, souls started to fly out from the black jem at the top of his staff. They charged at me as if they had a mind of their own.

He could do that?

I was shocked while accelerating forward, but I was hit halfway which caused my Stealth to be interrupted!

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