Chapter 22- King of the Gnoll!
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Zhan Yue Chapter 22- King of the Gnoll!

Peng peng peng!

Blade light scattered as I launched three consecutive strikes. The first strike wiped out the Warrior leader with low Health, while the second and third killed one person each. In the next moment, I charged into the group and barked like crazy. I slashed with the daggers and continued killing people. In less than half a minute, the thirty peoplein Ten Mile Slope were all cleared out.

My contribution points reached 112!

Felt good. As players got higher and higher, the contribution points and experience I got from each Wind Cloud Platform Trial was like a feast!

Continue. I stretched and rested on an old tree. I crouched , and though I did not know how dogs could climb, I still managed to do it.


Not long after, a few more parties entered the forest.I cleared them out sans an exception. In these two hours, Ten Mile Slope was my territory and no one could think of heading in!

"Ah Li!"

At that moment, Ah Fei said, "I might come in a little later."

"What happened?"

"My party was killed."

"W-Whois so arrogant?" I was stunned.

"Hidden Dragon Mountain."

"Oh, Man of Steel, Wang Yaozu..."

"Yi, do you recognize them?"

"I fought them a few times; how did you offend them?" I asked.

"Haiz..." he sighed and replied, "my party's Archer is a little annoying.When he saw them, he said that he hadn't expected so many middle-aged men to play Illusionary Moon. That Man of Steel got furious and started attacking us. Fortunately, I ran fast. If not, I would've been killed."

"Those people are actually so arrogant..." I frowned. "That's okay; I will take revenge for you later."



Not long after, another group entered Ten Mile Slope. Moreover, it was the Hidden Dragon Mountain that had destroyed Ah Fei's group. It was obvious that they had much higher levels this time!

Man of Steel held a blade and shield and walked at the front. His beard seemed uneven in the morning sun, and his eyes were filled with determination. His equipment seemed new, too. He was level 19, just a step away from level 20.

"The provided coordin

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