Chapter 23- Legend of the Dog God
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Zhan Yue Chapter 23- Legend of the Dog God

Empty land in the forest.

I bent down and a pale mysterious light enveloped me as I entered Stealth. These players definitely could not see me, so I just slowly crept up to Breaking Dawn's core players. I confirmed their levels and jobs. Breaking Dawn Ash was right; they had close to five level 20 Warriors, who had all learned Charge and Swiftness which they were a huge threat to me.

Therefore, I could only sneak attack them and deal with the Warriors first. If not, whenthey tangled up with me, things would be really dangerous.

I sucked in a deep breath and arrived not far from Breaking Dawn Ash's side. The other high-level Warriors and Paladins were all spread out for at least twenty yards away. They were afraid of my Hunter's Edge and knew that they had to avoid the dangerous distance. As long as they were far away enough, Hunter's Edge could only hit one person and it would not be an AOE skill anymore.

That was okay.Once I appeared, they would focus on me, so the outcome would be the same.



Breaking Dawn Ash frowned and listened to the footsteps. His wariness was just so terrifying. "Not good; he is here!"


Before Breaking Dawn Destruction reacted, I had already attacked. I used a basic attack plus Backstab to greet him. My daggers shone brightly, and instantly his Health hit the bottom, but there was still a sliver left.


Breaking Dawn Ash hollered and sword energy flowed around his body. He activated Swiftness, then his movement speed and attack speed increased. He lunged and locked onto meusing his Charge. Wind buffed him as he headed for me like lightning!

It was here, Charge!

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It was as if I could hear my own heartbeat. I slid forward, using the agility of an Assassin to do so. I then bent my body and dodged Breaking Dawn Ash's Charge. My dagger also rotated, slicing his shoulder and taking away his last bit of Health!

People dashed over. Among them were many level 20 Warriors using Charge. They were here!

I took action right away and the white cloak behind me flashed. I disappeared in the wind and retreated. My previous location was instantly smacked by many level 20 Warriors. A dense amount of ‘Missed' appeared, and it was a brilliant sight.

I pointed my dagger forward, and the ancient power in my body awakened. Apprehension scattered at where the heavy-armored Breaking Dawn players gathered. This was also White Cloak's first attack, so it had 200% true damage. They cried out, five level 20 Warriors and two level 20 Paladins, as well as a bunch of below level 20 players, fell. They could not handle such an attack, and even Breaking Dawn Dust was insta-killed!

In my personal interface, my contribution points started to swell and my experience bar increased, too. This felt fantastic!


In the distance, a Breaking Dawn Warrior's face turned green. "He wiped out our elite team in an instant?"

At the same time, a cold wind blew behind me as an Assassin sneak-attacked!

As an old Assassin player, my reflexes made me spin around. My back became my front and his Backstab ability missed. The person who attacked was Breaking Dawn Dust, one of the four pillars of Breaking Dawn andhis guild's top Assassin.

The moment Backstab missed, Breaking Dawn Dust reacted quickly and used Gouge.

My reactions were quick, too, and I also used Gouge. My body leaned backward, and just like that, I had the range buff from being a Boss.

My Gouge stunned Breaking Dawn and his Gouge missed because he could not reach the target.


Under the stunned state, his eyes were filled with anxiety.

At that moment, it was too late to say anything. My daggers danced and I used Hunter's Edge onto Breaking Dawn Dust. Three cold glows bloomed in the sky. The first one easily killed him, the second killed a level 19 Paladin, and the third insta-killed a level 19 Warrior.

"Range attackers, push forward!"

At the back of the crowd, Breaking Dawn Fate held her staff with an ashen white face. They were really aggressive this time but did not expect such a thing to happen. It was worse this time and they lost Breaking Dawn Dust, Breaking Dawn Destruction, and Breaking Dawn Ash right away. This lady was the only one left of the four pillars, and she happened to be a Priest only.

Moreover, my attacks were pretty much one-shot kill, and she had no chance of healing those I targeted. That was the biggest humiliation.

In front, Breaking Dawn's ranged players started to attack!

Among them one level 20 Mage's attacks were far sharper. An ice domain covered within five yards of me, and a layer of frost instantly appeared on my armor. Even my movement speed became much slower. Shortly after, a Rock Wall appeared beneath my feet, taking away 300+ of my Health and pushing me back.

High-level Mages were tough to deal with!

While I constantly attacked the melee players, their ranged players started to attack and launch spells and arrows at me. My healthbar started to drop. If this continued, I might be unable to last for even a minute.

Thus, I shouted toward the forest, "Kids, aren't you going to attack?!"

What came out of my mouth was actually: "Wang wang wang!"

"What is it saying, sister Fate?" A beautiful Mage asked.

Breaking Dawn Fate smiled. "I don't know; it's probably hurting from being hit. Tsk, that's dumb..."

I could not help but laugh; these two dumb chicks were going to make me cry from laughter.


In the next second, a series of barks came from the forest. Many fierce Gnolls charged out. There was a dense pack of them, much like a flood.

Ten thousand dogs charged.

That was a majestic sight. It was as if I had used a summoning technique and summoned a thousand Gnolls to serve me. All of a sudden, they headed for theranged group and bit them. Either that or they shot them using crossbows. The flood broke Breaking Dawn's formation apart.


Breaking Dawn Fate's face turned ashen white. "Quick!Heavy-armor members, block. Why are these mobs charging at us?This is weird! Paladins, Warriors, push forward.We must block them, or elsethe ranged and support units will all die."

At that moment, everyone who attacked me changed directions. The Gnoll army helped get me out of my dire situation as they launched a flurry of attacks at Breaking Dawn. I used Hunter's Edge and Apprehension, and like a meat-grinder, I killed all of them. In just five minutes, only Breaking Dawn Fate and another dozen people managed to get out. The others were all dead!

Ten Mile Slope, empty space in the forest, everywhere was covered in shining equipment, coins, and potions. Breaking Dawn left large numbers of spoils, but unfortunately I was unable to pick any up. These items would be left here for thirty minutes, and if no one picked them up, they would despawn.


I was really agile and charged onto a tree, waiting for my next batch of prey. My Gnoll army was also ordered by me to return to the forest.

Not long after, someone faded into sight. It was a newbie Assassin. He looked at the equipment and potions and his face flushed red. "D*mn... I've finally done it. Breaking Dawn was wiped out.So much equipment! Then... Are these pieces of Strong-grade armor? D*mn, there are also... Excellent-grade bracers, and all are level 20.Maybe Breaking Dawn Ash dropped these... I'm rich; I'm really rich..."

However, right when he moved to pick them up, I landed from above. I appeared behind him like a demon, then my dagger slashed up. A simple Backstab landed on him, and he was killed directly!

Scoff.How would there be a free meal in the world!

I looked at his corpse and smiled. Huge fortunes often went hand in hand with dangers. How could youths these days not understand such simple knowledge? I had no choice but to teach them that myself.


Eventually, news spread. The entire Autumn Moon Village’s forums were ablaze with gossip about Breaking Dawn being decimated and the screenshots of that Assassin I killed. This became the Dog God's treasure, and only people with lady luck on their side could obtain this legacy and get everything.

Of course, those posts were all cursed at by people from Breaking Dawn, but it was useless. Breaking Dawn had ended up becoming a negative example and were hung on the pillars of history to be humiliated.


"Ah Li."

At the side, Ah Fei smiled. "Players in Autumn Moon Village have stopped calling you the Golden Gnoll Demon anymore; they're now calling you the Ten Mile Slope's Dog God.Isn't that nickname cool?"

I said, "Ten Mile Slope's Dog God? That isn't any better; let them do whatever they want."

"Right," he concurred. "I saw Breaking Dawn people in the village and heard that Breaking Dawn Ash is bringing people towardLinchen Province; it seems like they have given up and are planning to leave the beginner village to head to Linchen County."

"En, I know.

"Ah Fei, where are you at?"

"South of Ten Mile Slope. I don't dare to enter because maybe this Ten Mile Slope’s Dog God will end up killing me, too..."


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