Chapter 14- White Cloak shocks the world
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Zhan Yue Chapter 14- White Cloak shocks the world

I looked down at the valley, which was now teeming with Breaking Dawn’s members, but I still did not do anything.

Under Breaking Dawn Fate's leadership, the squad's ranged players split into four and they maintained a uniform distance from one another. This meant that, even if I could sneakattack one of them, the other three would be able to retaliate. Such a sizable group did have skills in terms of player-killing. With people like Breaking Dawn Ash, I was in quite a bad situation.

However, in truth, I could stay in a corner of Zombie Valley in Stealth for half an hour. When that happened, I would directly be teleported back to Wind Cloud Platform and still earn significant contribution points.

How could I accept it, though?

Team Breaking Dawn was strong and they were already bullying me right in my face, but if I could take it today, then in the future, I would not need to play this Boss mode anymore.

No, I had to fight them!


I took a deep breath and jumped down from above silently. Under Stealth, I got close to where Breaking Dawn Ash was. My first target was naturally this Warrior. By insta-killing him, I could reduce Breaking Dawn's morale and also get rid of a strong enemy. I must do that!

Sha sha...

Several totally negligible noisessounded as I stepped foot. Sound was a huge problem for Stealth, especially when facing strong opponents. My footsteps would be the first factor that could betray me.

However, as the wind in the valley was gusty, it covered my softfootfalls.


Breaking Dawn Ash stood in front of them and held his sharp sword. He looked ahead coldly as if he had noticed something. I was stunned, and only after confirming that he did not sense anything did I continue.

"Maybe he's already here."

Breaking Dawn Ash frowned. "If I get insta-killed, don't panic. Vanguard, get close to the Boss;rearguard, spread out the damage. The early game Bosses shouldn't have large AOE damage. He can only kill us one by one, but we have the numbers advantage."

"Yes, leader!"

The bunch of them nodded their heads.

At that point, I was already five meters behind Breaking Dawn Ash. This person was really smart and seemed to have guessed it, but he was still unable to block this sneak attack. After all, they were unable to notice it.


Breaking Dawn Ash's Health definitely exceeded players like Man of Steel. Moreover, his level was high and I definitely was not able to kill him with Hunter's Edge, so I should just add in an additional Backstab!

I gritted my teeth and attacked!


My Water Pattern Dagger turned into a cold light as damage from Backstab exploded on his back!


As expected he was not instantly killed and was left with close to 40% of Health, but in the next moment, power surged into my body and I used my only S-tier skill. A low and furious roar pervaded the air—Hunter's Edge! At the same time, golden words spread around me!


Breaking Dawn Ash reacted very quickly. The moment he ate that Backstab, he shifted his body right. At the same time, a golden-colored, six-star glow appeared on his sword. He was prepared to use Double Hit!

Alas, due to my Agility, I was quicker. Right before he prepared to use Double Hit, I had already closed in on him. Hunter's Edge's first strike stabbed into his throat and blood splattered instantly. I did 1300+ damage, sohe choked and fell to the ground at once. He was dead!

Shortly after, Hunter's Edge's second and third strikes landed on a Warrior and an Assassin, and they were both insta-killed!

"He’s here!"

Breaking Dawn Dust hollered in rage and dashed over with his sword. He shouted, "First squad, follow me and surround the Boss! The remaining squads, wait for orders and be quick!"

Instantly, ten heavy-armored players surrounded me from all sides.

I did not hesitate and charged forward. I was really quick and used Gouge to kill a Mage. Shortly after, I turned around and stabbed. My Water Pattern Dagger was like a venomous snake as I buried it into the chest of a level 13 Priest. A basic attack directly killed her!


Breaking Dawn Fate, who was carrying her green staff, gritted her teeth and gave out orders.

All of a sudden, ranged attacks—Fireballs, sharp Wind Blades, and arrows—flew at me from all directions. It was as if I had fallen into a sea of flames. Many 50 to 200 damage numbers appeared on my head. I was losing healthfast!

"This can't do!"

I knew that this was not good. I waved my dagger, and after killing more Breaking Dawn members, I turned around and targeted Breaking Dawn Dust and the few heavy-armored players around him. After calculating my energy, I used the skill, Blood Drawing Blade, to obtain a few seconds via 30% lifesteal!

At the same time, Hunter's Edge's twelve-second cooldown was over. I charged at Breaking Dawn Dust, and right when he raised his shield to block, Water Pattern Dagger stabbed. A kengrang out as sparks flew on his chestplate. At the same time, it felt as if he was totally defenseless. Only then did the S-tier skill appear; that low roar could be heard in the sky.

Hunter's Edge!





A basic attack, along with Hunter's Edge's two strikes, barely killed Breaking Dawn Dust. This level 15 Paladin looked like he had over 3000 Health, which was just too terrifying!

At the same time, Hunter's Edge's third strike and one basic attack killed one Warrior. After I insta-killed them, spells and arrows headed my way once more!

White Cloak!

A white cloak flashed behind me, and in the next moment I had disappeared into the cold wind. I quickly went right and dodged all the damage. Behind me splattered all the spells and arrows, and there were a whole bunch of ‘Missed' words!

"What? !"

A Breaking Dawn’ssquad leader opened his eyes so wide they were about to pop out. "How’s that possible? He went invisible in battle? D*mn... What kind of Boss is this?He could do that?"

"Don't hesitate!"

Breaking Dawn Fate dashed forwardwith her staff. "All Mages, use your spells randomly to find his position, so what if he is invisible?Can he avoid all damage? Aim there and there!"

The air was instantly filled with Fireballs and Wind Blades, which flew randomly. All of a sudden, many fatal streaks of attacks appeared around me; there were even a few that flew past my nose.

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A familiar flame, which came from an Assassin in Stealth, exploded in front of me. It was Breaking Dawn Destruction. Right where there was a gap in the firepower, he used Gouge. Although he missed, it left me breaking out in cold sweat. Team Breaking Dawn was just too strong. Their control of space and positioning was too good!

On the other side, Breaking Dawn Fate gritted her teeth,her eyes filled with rage. "There!Use your skills!"

She pointed right where I was at!

I retreated but it was too late. An Explosive Shot from an Archer burst right at my nose!



Although the damage was not high,it interrupted my stealth.

"Kill him!"

A high Health Paladin took the initiative to charge at me.

I frowned. He was really asking for it. The first strike after White Cloak was activated did 200% true damage; did he want to die?

Sparks flew and I spun on my heels to avoid his Judgement skill. Water Pattern Dagger turned into a cold light that slashed at where his neck was. Blood splattered and covered the sky!


Under such a situation, basic attacks were enough to kill someone!

After completing the kill, I did not stop at all. I charged to the few Breaking Dawn players that fell off. Where my dagger slashed, they turned into corpses. I suffered a round of ranged attacks and even my cape started to burn from theirFireballs. I was only left with 55% Health and the situation was not looking good.

"Head forward.Surround and kill him!"

Breaking Dawn Destruction held his dagger and stopped getting close. He focused on leading, instead. His choice was wise. If he was killed, too, three of the four pillars would be gone, and their team’s morale would definitely suffer a big blow.

I was surrounded by people from Breaking Dawn!

In just five seconds, I was left with less than 25% Health. This was even after I used Blood Drawing Blade's lifesteal; if not, I would have fallen long ago!

"He can't survive anymore!"

Behind me, Breaking Dawn Destruction's body was like a shadow as he commanded his fellow players to attack me. All I could do was dash around Zombie Valley. At the same time, other factions began attacking me. Apart from Breaking Dawn, many other groups had shown up.

"Flame Slayers Guild is here; Breaking Dawn, we are here to help you!" On the mountain, a bunch of people appeared.

"All of us have responsibility in killing the Spirit World Patroller; Winter Thunder Guild will help!" Another bunch entered the valley.

"Charge, brothers of the Dragon Alliance; follow me and eliminate the Boss to get the first kill!"


Instantly, many parties wanted to snatch the first kill for the Boss. The places I passed were all covered in dense spells and arrows. Even White Cloak became useless as my health started to drop.

Only ten minutes left until the end of Wind Cloud Platform's trial; I was probably unable to complete the mission this time perfectly.

I gritted my teeth and shouted outside, "Ah Fei, where are you! Have you entered the valley yet?"

"Yes, but I can't get close to the Spirit World Patroller. D*mn, those jerks from the Dragon Alliance aren't letting us move forward. They’re such bullies!"

"Send me your coordinates!"

"En? What for?"

"I asked for your location, so just give it!"

"Zombie Valley (2782, 8731), we’re not moving from here. Our party was killed, so only an Archer and I are left."

"Do you have a City Return Scroll?"

"What a coincidence. I bought one by accident the previous time. What do you wanna do?"

"Prepare for a huge harvest."

I laughed out loud. As for Ah Fei, he was confused and did not know what was about to happen.

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