Chapter 13- Breaking Dawn
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Zhan Yue Chapter 13- Breaking Dawn


The massacre in Zombie Valley continued. In less than an hour, I had already wiped out over ten parties with the help of the bunch of zombies. My contribution points had reached 405. This exceeded what I got previously. I meant, not only were my stats higher, I had Hunter's Edge, which was a group attack skill, so it would be weird if I had fewer than before.


Deep into the night, I opened Illusionary Moon's forum and noticed that it was exploding. There were many posts regarding the Zombie Valley’s Boss.

Hot: Unreasonable Boss settings.Is the Spirit World Patroller a mistake by the game? -Paladin Dog Li

Content: Everyone should’ve noticed that, out of so many beginner villages in the server, only Autumn Moon Village's first Boss kill has not been settled. Similarly, the two Bosses that spawned in Autumn Moon Village are both Assassins and really intelligent. They ran after killing. Their set of Assassin skills were well-trained. The second Boss, Spirit World Patroller, was even worse. Apart from basic skills, he has a group ability called Hunter's Edge which can attack thrice. Many top players have already been killed.

I’d like to ask;when Destiny Corporation made such a Boss, did they think about our feelings? Did you think about our game experience?Did you design this game just to torture new players?

This post was red, with thousands of replies and thousands of thumbs-ups—

<Reply> (2473 likes) (Player Man of Steel): Spirit World Patroller instantly killed Paladin with a full set of Strong-grade equipment; what is going on? Did the game design this Boss so that players can't defeat it? I’m going to file a complaint.

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<Reply> (2282 Likes) (Player Yi Fei Yang): My team also failed. We prepared well, even buying so many low-level potions, but we stood no chance at all. The Boss configuration doesn't make sense; I’ve already reported it.

<Reply> (2019 Likes) (Player Little Mule): Destiny Corporation has to give us an explanation. A Boss that can just disappear with Stealth; how will players even fight him? All of us report it.Are the Autumn Moon Village’s players the only ones not allowed to get a ‘first kill’ reward?


Everyone went to the forums to curseand scold, and all of it was due to the Spirit World Patroller's settings.

However, one player replied, which many netizens bumped up—

<Hot> Half an hour from now, Team Breaking Dawn will head to Zombie Valley and challenge the Spirit World Patroller. Friends with no confidence, please move aside and allow Breaking Dawn to move up! -Breaking Dawn Ash

Content: As the title says.

<Reply> (992 likes) (Player Shuiyu Zhenfeng): Haha!The godly party is finally making a move! We’re definitely saved this time!

<Reply> (781 likes) (Player August End): D*mn! Team Breaking Dawn, this... They’re really going all out...

<Reply> (699 Likes) (Player Camel's Back): Hahahaha! Team Breaking Dawn specialises in helping the weak; I really wanna see how long this Spirit World Patroller can live for~

<Reply> (662 Likes) (Player Doghead Chains): If Team Breaking Dawn Party really wipes out the Spirit World Patroller, Autumn Moon Village's people will be much more relaxed. Good luck.Get rid of that evil Spirit World Patroller and give us peace.Hahaha~


Totally confused now, I could not help but ask, "Ah Fei, you replied to Team Breaking Dawn's post?"

"Ah, did you see it?"He laughed. "It was bumped up. Hahaha~"

"What is the background of that Team Breaking Dawn?" I asked.

"You don't really know as much about the game as I do." He spoke seriously. "Team Breaking Dawn is an organization within the game;

I am unsure about their numbers, but they’re in many huge games, and now they’ve finally entered Illusionary Moon. Their specialties are strength and speed. They swept the early days in many games. Breaking Dawn Ash is their founder and their leader till today."

"Are they really strong?" I asked.

"Not bad.They are second grade, maybe slightly above a guild. Of course, they can't compare to Zhan Long, Legend, and other top guilds, but they can battle with some first-rate guilds. Overall, their organization is strong, but their backing isn't.Otherwise, they would definitely be considered a first-rate guild."

I sucked in a deep breath. "If that’s the case..."


He smiled and added, "This time, with Breaking Dawn Ash personally entering Illusionary Moon, it seems that Breaking Dawn Squad is finally planning to goall in. If I’m right, the four pillars of Breaking Dawn should also be playing Illusionary Moon."

"Four pillars?" I was even more confused.


He laughed out loud. "Breaking Dawn Ash, Breaking Dawn Destruction, Breaking Dawn Dust, and Breaking Dawn Fate—the four experts of Breaking Dawn. Their organization skills are relatively stronger, and they’re the top executives of the team."

As he said that, he smiled excitedly. "I thought that Autumn Moon Village didn't have any strong organization, but it seemed like I underestimated it. I didn't think that Team Breaking Dawn had actually chosen to descend in this beginner village. This time, that Spirit World Patroller will only end up dead!"

"Tsk, that might not be the case!"I smiled. "Wait and see. Right, are you in Zombie Valley?"

"I’m at the entrance, but I can't enter. Since Team Breaking Dawn has decided to attack the Boss, our party leader told us to wait. If we enter and then Breaking Dawn wipesus out, that will be a huge loss."

"En, good choice, then you should just wait and see."

"You, what is your position? I’ll go find you."

"No need.This place is too dangerous.If you come, then Breaking Dawn may wipe you out..."

"D*mn, no... Then I won't go!"


Zombie Valley.

After wiping out a few more parties, I stood quietly on a blood red piece of stone. I looked at the situation in the valley. As more and more players entered, the entrance had been lost. The Zombies were cleared out right after they spawned and they could notexert any more pressure. Team Breaking Dawn was about to enter and it would cause a new storm.

In the distance, a party made of ten players suddenly stopped.

The leader was a level 13 Warrior.He frowned. "Breaking Dawn is here. Let's let them. We shall hit the mobs, then let's see if they have the skill to take down the Spirit World Patroller."


An Archer, who was carrying a gray bow, said, "Breaking Dawn Ash announced it. If he fails to kill the Spirit World Patroller, then his team will be a joke. Let's see where they will put their face!"

"Don't worry!"said the Warrior calmly. "With Breaking Dawn Ash leading the group personally, there won't be a Boss who can survive their assault. Let's wait and see as it’s gonna be a good show. Let's see whether or not that Spirit World Patroller will dare to accept the challenge."


Right at that moment, a bunch of players came in the distance. They were all high-levelplayers and their equipment was a patch of green. Pretty much each person had three or more pieces of Strong-grade equipment. The one at the front was a Warrior with a dark green sword; it was the legendary team founder of Breaking Dawn—

Breaking Dawn Ash (Trainee Warrior)

Level: 16

Party: Breaking Dawn


They were finally here!

Breaking Dawn Ash had a cold gaze as he walked at the front. "Last time, the Spirit World Patrollerwas nearby. He’s always been changing spots after every fight, but he won't be far away. All of you, be prepared to fight. Heavy armor, follow me and group up. Once group one dies, then the second will take over. Don't hesitate.Don't give the Boss any breathing room and a chance to heal himself up!"

"Yes, founder!" This bunch of people nodded.

Next to Breaking Dawn Ash was a calm Paladin with a body full of green armor. His shield was expectedly a piece of Excellent-grade equipment. He frowned and looked around. "Long-ranged team, take turns; Priests, split into four. Don't stand too close. The Boss can be in Stealth, so we can't underestimate him."

He was Breaking Dawn Dust, another higher up of Team Breaking Dawn. Not far behind him, a person detached himself from the darkness. It was a high-level Assassin who held a dark green dagger. He smiled. "I shall scout the battlefield."

After saying that, he disappeared once more.

Breaking Dawn Destruction, the team’s top Assassin, looked like a strong character.

At the back of the party was a roughly twenty-year-old, beautiful girl holding a green staff, the PriestBreaking Dawn Fate. It was great.The four pillars of Team Breaking Dawn were here!


From the sides, players just looked on. They did not try to hide the respect and envy in their eyes. Breaking Dawn was many people’s dream, and one must pay a heavy price to enter. On one hand, they requested strong skills and, on another, there was absolute obedience. This was something many people could not do.

However, once one entered Breaking Dawn, in terms of equipment, skills, and level resources, they would be at an advantage. Even when one entered a training ground, they would be protected. As long as one had their emblem, others would give them face and would even let them have mobs. This was something solo players did not dare to think about.

Power ingame had always been like that. The true nature of games was just the law of the jungle.

"This time, it’ll be tough for the Spirit World Patroller to escape..."

"Right. Team Breaking Dawn sent at least a hundred, and each of them has such great equipment, with a lot being Strong grade. Such quality, even ten Spirit World Patrollers may not be enough."

"It’s over.The first kill will certainly belongto Breaking Dawn, and we’ve got nothing to do with it at all."


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