Chapter 956- Power of Aisha's Staff
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Zhan Long Chapter 956- Power of Aisha's Staff

I rode the horse to a piece of stone at the peak of Flaming God Mountain Range; the Ancient God Tiger was right beside me to protect my safety. In front of me was a huge screen, which allowed me to watch the battle live.

  It was a patch of green mountains and rivers on the screen; that was the map of the battle. However, it felt much larger than when [Valiant Bravery] fought against [Flying Dragon]. After all, at that time, there were two hundred people, while the battlefield now had two thousand people.

  Shua shua shua...

  Many people appeared at the spawn location of [Rising Sun Like Blood]. Wang Ze Cheng was dressed in golden armor and held a shield. He was expressionless as he said something softly to Call Me Master, Su Yan, and Free Time. We would be unable to listen to it clearly. Moreover, [Rising Sun Like Blood] had many outside help from Moon City, Waterfront City, Swirling Abyss City, Iron Skull City, et cetera. However, most of them were from Nine Heavens City.

  Nine Heavens City was a really complicated place. Many among its players were Germans. Players from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Holland, and other countries were there, too. Nine Heavens City’s population exceeded that of any main city, but due to the complicated structure, they were having internal battles. During the country war period, no one dared to offend Nine Heavens City. Once it got angry and over hundred million players attacked, they would be able to crush any city. This was why Tian Ling City was able to conquer Flaming Cloud City and Waterfront City. If not, we would not have had such a chance.

  Wang Ze Cheng's ability was in all this; he was able to invite all the Nine Heavens City experts over; as such, one could see how skilled he was.


  Looking at the other side, Q-Sword was not a fool. [Hero Mound] also headed to borrow troops just in case. Ye Lai, Enchanted Painting, Lu Chunyang, Bai Li Ruofeng, Quick Thunder Swift Wind, and other China region experts all appeared in the main guild of [Hero Mound]. Q-Sword really went all out to invite people to wipe out Wang Ze Cheng. However, not even a single one from [Zhan Long] was borrowed by him. It seemed like he was still thinking about Lin Wan Er and me and could not get past that hurdle. He was unwilling to lower his head to [Zhan Long]. The truth was that, if he was willing to ask, I would be willing to bring men over to help. After all, I hated people like Wang Ze Cheng.

  Not long after, the system started a countdown. Their strategies were really similar, fighting for high ground to have an absolute advantage. One could attack and defend, and when that happened, they would not have a chance of being defeated.

  The one-thousand-man makeup of [Hero Mound] was a little complicated. There were Frost Rams and Earth Bane Ox Cavalry rushing at the front and also the Fire Crystal Cavalry. There were around five hundred Cavalrymen, led by Q-Sword, Ye Lai, and Enchanted Painting. Lu Chunyang, Quick Thunder Swift Wind, and Tang Gu were the second layer. The third layer comprised Do Not Be Foolish and Goodbye Tears. However, to me, the three heads were most probably cannon fodders in such a battle; it depended on long-ranged members like Simple whom Q-Sword borrowed from [Vanguard].

  Q-Sword's horse was quick and he arrived on high ground right away, clashing with a bunch of Ice Spirit Cavalry. He lasted for several seconds, and then Ye Lai and Enchanted Painting arrived. Ye Lai's battle axe had huge defense-breaking ability, so with a series of skills, he instantly killed Su Yan. Call Me Master retreated. Lu Chunyang and Quick Thunder Swift Wind charged but were blown to low health by the few outside helpers of [Rising Sun Like Blood]. An Archer from Nine Heavens City shot twice at a distance, and Lu Chunyang and Quick Thunder Swift Wind, these two top 20 CBN experts, fell on the ground.

  More and more people surged onto the mountains and the battle got more and more intense. After Q-Sword killed ten people, he dropped to low health, too. He had to retreat. Fortunately, there was Simple on the backline.

Slowly, they suppressed the attacks of [Rising Sun Like Blood]. After another run of attacks by Ye Lai and Enchanted Painting, they managed to force back Wang Ze Cheng and Free Time.

  The high ground was covered in a dense number of corpses. Close to twenty minutes of skirmishes caused close to a thousand bodies to be thrown all about.


  Wang Ze Cheng held his spear and hollered, "Retreat! We’ll give up the high ground!"

  Call Me Master was stunned. "If we give it up, then won't we have lost?"

  Wang Ze Cheng did not say anything and continued to bring men to retreat.

  Both sides were at a standstill. [Hero Mound] players were unwilling to get off the high ground, while [Rising Sun Like Blood] players also did not attack from afar. Ye Lai, Enchanted Painting, and Q-Sword formed a sharp trident. Even the Nine Heavens City and Swirling Abyss City’s Cavalry experts were no opponents of these three people. The truth was like that; the three of them were the top players currently, and even I would be terrified. Unless Lin Wan Er and I attacked together—no... along with one more Xiao Yao, we would be unable to win easily. However, Mocha, who felt guilty, had already disappeared. I did not know what she thought in her heart and I also did not bother to guess.

  Just as I was thinking that way, Q-Sword, Ye Lai, and the others led their men down the mountain. They chose to attack. After all, they had the number advantage, and in terms of overall strength, they were stronger, too. They were unable to block the attacks of Ye Lai and Q-Sword.

  When Q-Sword brought men down the mountain, my heart suddenly jumped. Wang Ze Cheng would not admit defeat so easily and there had to be something awaiting Ye Lai and Q-Sword. However, there was no other way. If it were me, I could only choose to strike, right? After all, the difference in number was very small so the system might not judge that [Hero Mound] had won. Q-Sword could not afford to lose, and if they did, the guild would have to disband. In just a few days, they would rise to level 6. It was something Q-Sword was unwilling to give up.

  [Rising Sun Like Blood] guarded the canyon and waited for the enemy. When close to five hundred [Hero Mound] players charged in, Wang Ze Cheng jumped on his horse and welcomed the enemy. However, there was a limited number of Ice Spirit Cavalry. They were unable to defend for more than ten minutes and retreated. Ye Lai activated his axe crowd control ability. Q-Sword started to instant-kill people; his two abilities could kill one Cavalry. Call Me Master stuttered, "W-We can't win... Q-Sword is too strong!"

  Everyone knew that Q-Sword focused fully on strength. His equipment was top-notch and he had three [Deity Tier] equipment on his body, so his attacks were naturally really strong.

  "Charge over!"

  Q-Sword rode his horse over and killed dozens of people as if there were no one in front of him. Enchanted Painting broke the sword dance ability of a Nine Heavens City player and stabbed him off the horse. A bunch of [Hero Mound] players charged forward. Simple held her staff and supported them from afar. Worry appeared on her face. "Q-Sword, don't get too deep; they won't be so easily crushed!"

  Q-Sword was not a stubborn person and he treated Simple really well. He pulled the reins of the war horse and said, "Arrange the formation. Wait for the long range’s help and then we charge together!"

  Everyone stopped. However, it felt like a storm was about to strike the forest.

  "What is going on?" Ye Lai held his axe and looked around. "Why do I have a bad feeling?"

  Q-Sword nodded his head. "I think so, too!"

  Enchanted Painting held her halberd and said, "Retreat. We are superior in number to them!"

  "En! Retreat!"

  While Q-Sword hollered, a wind swept the canyon. Everyone saw a person by the ridge; he was from Iron Skull City. His head had a huge line of ID, Rhythm of the Rain. This name was familiar... Oh, right! He was the guild leader of [Feather God]. Wang Ze Cheng had actually managed to invite this person!

  Hua hua hua...

  Ice energy wrapped around the staff in Rhythm of the Rain's hands. Instantly, my heart jumped and I sweated for Q-Sword. D*mn it! That staff was the country weapon of America, the legendary staff of the Ice Queen, Aisha's Staff!


  The entire area looked frozen as the green of the valley frosted over. Q-Sword, Enchanted Painting, Ye Lai, et cetera were stunned. Q-Sword hollered, "Leave quickly!"

  The instant that they started to ride, a buzzing sound spread about Q-Sword's armor. He turned to look but was unable to lift his head. He was frozen and his body quickly entered an ice brick. Not just Q-Sword; Enchanted Painting, Lu Chunyang, Simple, and the others were frozen. Only Ye Lai, who was immune from magic effects, remained safe. He held his axe and stood there in shock. "What ability is that? It’s too overpowered!"

  A small part of the entire map was frozen. A storm landed without any signs and froze [Hero Mound] players in the canyon.


  Not far away, Wang Ze Cheng held his spear and charged out. This time, they faced [Hero Mound] players who were frozen. A bunch of [Rising Sun Like Blood] players counter-attacked, slashing through the ice layer. The health of the [Hero Mound] players dropped really quickly. Q-Sword, Enchanted Painting, and the other players were the first batch to be killed. The special effect of Aisha's Staff lasted for a full one hundred twenty seconds. After those seconds, two hundred plus frontline players were killed. Even Simple was killed by an Archer. Ye Lai was unable to tank it all, and after killing a dozen people, he was killed by Mages.

  This valley became where [Hero Mound] was buried.

  Defeat. They had no way to fight back!


  In a short five minutes, [Hero Mound] players were all killed, announcing the end of this battle. In truth, all this was because of a single staff. Aisha's Staff was just too strong, and the frozen players were unable to use their invincibility skills. This was also why people like Q-Sword could be killed.

  The battle outcome appeared on the screen: 347:0!

  [Hero Mound] was now a part of history; moreover, it did not even have a first division. Q-Sword would only be able to head to the second division, right?


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