Chapter 955- Showing skills once more
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Zhan Long Chapter 955- Showing skills once more

When I carried Butterfly and returned home in exhaustion, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were already asleep. After I took a bath, I fell asleep, too.

 When I woke up from my sleep, sunlight was already falling onto the balcony, and through the curtain gaps, it shone on my face, making me feel really warm.


 Before I even got up, I received a message on my phone, which came from Yue Qing Qian: "Brother Xiao Yao, a huge matter occured! Last night, for some reason, Free Time from [Rising Sun Like Blood] brought close to ten thousand Ice Spirit Cavalry to fight against the [Hero Mound] players near the Forest of Monuments. The four thousand plus people that Tang Gu led were all wiped out. Q-Sword was furious and declared war. However, the reaction it caused was also really intense. Cang Cheng somehow found a Guild Prestige Tablet and declared war against [Hero Mound]; they are going to fight at 11am."

 "Guild Prestige Battle?" I was shocked. I had never seen these words for a long time. Although there were many guild wars and animosity within Tian Ling City, there were very few who would directly use Guild Prestige Tablets to crush the enemy. Also, the drop rate of such tablets was really low; there were not many of them around.

 I jumped off the bed, and after bathing, I headed out of the room.

 Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were already making breakfast. Today, they personally cooked. When I walked in, I saw that Lin Wan Er was frying an egg, hot oil splattering all around. Her eyes were opened wide, afraid of being hit by hot oil and of the egg becoming burned. I could not help but laugh when I saw this scene. I hugged her waist from behind and said, "Honey!"

 Lin Wan Er swept her eyes at me and said unhappily, "Say the truth, what time did you come back? Did you spend the night outside?"

 "No, I guarantee with the life of my old man!"

 "Your old man sold you for a bottle of mineral water, so what kind of morals does he have..."

 "That makes sense... Aiyo, your egg is getting burned..."

 "Annoying! I made it personally for you... You have to eat it all!"

 "Will I die from poison?"

 "Poison you to death. I will cry for you, so don't worry."

 "Okay, then..."


 During breakfast, Tang Qi sat beside the table and smiled. "Have you all heard? Cang Cheng has declared war on [Hero Mound]. Interesting! Do his brains have problems?"

 I glanced at him while eating the egg that Lin Wan Er had made for me and said, "Tang Qi, why would you think so? Do you really think that [Hero Mound] will definitely be able to beat [Rising Sun Like Blood]?"

 Tang Qi replied, "One thousand versus one thousand. I believe that [Hero Mound] will win. Our top one thousand have an average two to three levels above that of [Rising Sun Like Blood]; our equipment is way better than them, too. Even though Wang Ze Cheng has the Ice Spirit Cavalry, we won’t lose against this bunch of random people."

 I said, "The moment before the battle was declared, did you check their member leaving and joining records?"

 Tang Qi was stunned. "No, how so?"

 My lips rose up. "Based on what I understand, Wang Ze Cheng is never someone who fights wars that he doesn't have confidence in winning. If he’s not prepared, then he definitely wouldn't declare war. Moreover, this battle isn't an independent one but one for revenge. How could he not prepare for it fully?"

 Lin Wan Er said from the side, "Wait. Qing Qian is online; I will let her investigate."

 I nodded. "En."

 A few minutes later, a message from Yue Qing Qian jumped up on Lin Wan Er's phone; on it were the recent member records of [Rising Sun Like Blood]. Very shocking...

 Level 161 Cavalry Fight or Die (Argentina server, Nine Heavens City) entered the guild.

 Level 160 Archer Xue Yuan (India server, Waterfront City) entered the guild.

 Level 163 Mage Minus One Degree (Germany server, Nine Heavens City) entered the guild.

 Level 162 Mage Starlight (France server, Moon City) entered the guild.

 Level 162 Archer Guan Qingsi (China server, Tian Ling City) entered the guild.


 A long list of guild joiners appeared. Yue Qing Qian sent one more news: "Within sixty minutes, over six hundred Tian Ling City and outside players entered [Rising Sun Like Blood]. After the country war and Rage of the North maps opened, players can join other country guilds. Sister Cang Tong, [Hero Mound] is in a bad situation this time."

 I looked at Tang Qi and said, "Go remind Q-Sword; don't be too careless. With this bunch of level 160+ overseas players joining in, the level difference between [Hero Mound] and [Rising Sun Like Blood] isn't that big anymore."

 Tang Qi was shocked and said, "[Hero Mound] doesn't have high-ranking spies in [Rising Sun Like Blood]; this is a huge problem!"

 As he said that, Tang Qi threw away the dough stick in his hand and rushed online. Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and I continued eating. This matter really did not have much of a relationship with us.

 Dong Cheng Yue sat under the sunlight by the window; light scattered around and dyed her black hair gold. She smiled. "Q-Sword is in a mess this time. Wang Ze Cheng really has many friends to actually know so many overseas experts. I think that he wouldn't be able to do that relying solely on RMB?"

 Lin Wan Er said, "Buster Company, which Wang Ze Cheng is in, is an international company and has many branches overseas, so it’s normal for him to know many people."

 I smiled. "Actually, I really wanted to enter [Hero Mound] and help Q-Sword take revenge, but there’s no more chance. Within a few hours of the battle, they’ll prohibit entry and exit of members."

 Lin Wan Er clapped. "Let's head online later to see what the outcome of the battle will be. If [Hero Mound] wins, then its ranking on the China server’s leaderboard will be kept. If [Hero Mound] loses, then [Rising Sun Like Blood] will rise up."



 At around 9am, I went online!


I appeared in Fan Shu City. In the blacksmith shop not far away, Palace Decree and Palace Spirit were crafting hellfire. We had at least thirty thousand Cavalry after the guild expanded to fifty thousand members. There was quite a high demand on melee weapons. Palace Decree and Palace Spirit had been busy these few days crafting Hellfire to raise the battlefield control of [Zhan Long] people in combat.

"Ling'er, Ah Jue, morning!" I greeted. "Work hard. Thank you for your hard work!"

The two of them giggled, and after they greeted me in return, I headed to the Royal Army base.

I did the usual military matters; the Saint Hall Cavalry that came back from the Bright God Hall all got promoted to Lieutenants and Captains. It greatly increased the overall power of the Royal Army. A lot of the quasi-Saint Hall Cavalry was teaching the normal soldiers Saint Hall Cavalry techniques, allowing the overall strength of the army to rise even further.

I rode on the God Dragon Horse and circled around Fan Shu City, using more resources to recruit Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers. On the south square, I noticed that Li Mu and Wang Jian were organising the troops. Roughly two thousand plus [Zhan Long] players, who were preparing for battle, were about to head to Flaming God Mountain Range to level. Fan Shu City was our base, so the players treated Flaming God Mountain Range as our main leveling map. Although there were many players from other guilds who came over to train, it was okay. The resources and teleportation facilities they used provided Fan Shu City with income. Most of these belonged to me, with the money-making speed being seven to eight times faster than that of Dragon’s Den.

After greeting the people I was familiar with, I held my sword and went around Flaming God Mountain Range. I did not have much to do, so I came over to grind some levels and while away!


Flaming God Mountain was, as its name suggested, had fire all around. However, as the God Dragon Horse was a fire element horse, it did not fear this. I came to the top and all around were level 172 Flame Bulls. Their offense and defense were really overbearing, Grade 6 Hybrid Demons. It was tough for players lower than one hundred sixty to fight them as they would be at risk of dying. Li Mu and his group had not come up yet. At level 170, I could gain a little experience from killing the surrounding monsters, so I headed over with my sword.


When a Flame Bull at the corner noticed me, it roared out and charged over. I threw a high-grade combo over and then slashed with [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and [Wind Blade]; two huge numbers exploded out. The Dragon Reservoir Sword was now a five-star [God Tier] Butterfly; its attack had greatly increased...




Along with the God Slaying Effect of the [Epic] God Slaying Armor, my damage to NPCs and monsters doubled. One attack was six digits. When the Butterfly's four times damage exploded out, it dealt 600,000 to 700,000 damage. One sword dealing 50% health was something normal. The Flame Bull was forced back several steps and it cried in dismay. This was the effect of the Champion Broken Blade. My strength was above it and there was a 50% chance of knockback, such that, before it could fight back, it would already be killed by my sword.

I used all kinds of skills on the mountains, raising my familiarity with them. Army missions had experience, but it did not raise skill familiarity. This was also why I came to the mountains to train. After the Heaven-grade skills opened up, each skill could break through the level 10 restriction. It was such that the [Wind Blade] which I always used was already level 16. If I trained quick enough, these skills could all be level 18 now.


I trained until 11am before a bell finally rang out in the sky. [Hero Mound] and [Rising Sun Like Blood] finally started their battle. A large-scale war of one thousand against one thousand!

The loser guild would disband, and in a short time, one would be unable to set up a guild with the same name.

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