Chapter 954- Please call me carry
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Zhan Long Chapter 954- Please call me carry

Feiying sat less than ten meters away from us with two other guys and three girls. They seemed really close, as if they had played together many times before.
I did not look at him purposely. I held the wine glass and started playing games with Shen Bing.
At around twelve, Shen Bing's face flushed red. She suddenly rested on my shoulder and said to me, "Help me create a chance and let me get to know him. At least, I want a way to contact him."
I frowned. "How?"
Shen Bing smiled and patted my shoulder. "Forget it. I will do it myself. You just stay here and don't let me get snatched..."
I nodded. "Okay, I will look at you from afar..."
Shen Bing stood up, held the glass cup, and walked over. She stumbled. Her thin waist and hips were really alluring. When she passed Feiying's table, she was knocked by the security guard. She retreated a few steps and the wine scattered onto her arms.
Feiying was holding a handful of dice, placing it on the legs of the beauty beside him. Being suddenly poured wine on, he looked up at Shen Bing in rage. However, when he saw her looks, he instantly lost his temper. He smiled and said something, but due to how large the music was, I could not discern it.
Shen Bing smiled with an apologetic expression. She bowed and spoke something, too, and instantly, his smile became much thicker. He patted the seat beside him and uttered something; Shen Bing then sat down. She pulled out her phone and whispered something into his ear. It appeared that she was asking for his number.
After exchanging numbers, Shen Bing drank with Feiying a little. Her face was filled with an apologetic expression and she moved to get up and leave. However, the large male beside Feiying grabbed her arm, his face filled with an evil smile as if he wanted her to play with him. Shen Bing was, after all, among the top beauties of Hangzhou Guardian Base protectors; her looks were far better than the few beauties Feiying had brought over, too.
A pained expression appeared on Shen Bing's face. She turned and looked at me. I stood up and walked over. I was her little lover. My hair was standing up and my face was covered in thick makeup. My unorthodox look made me seem like a gangster, so how could I show that my partner had been snatched from me?
I walked up and grabbed his arm, hollering, "Let go!"
"Oh, brother. This is your..." He looked suspiciously at me.
I slightly used strength and he felt so much pain that he let go of Shen Bing. She turned and hugged my arm as she said toward Feiying, "Andy, this is the friend I brought to play along with me; he is called Carry. He is a friend of many years, which is why I can't play together with you. Let's play another day!"
Feiying raised his head and looked up at me, his eyes filled with mockery. "Beauty Shen Bing's partner is really... really... hehe, not bad..."
My thought: "..."
I swore that I could immediately head back to the car and take out Butterfly to slash this person, but to complete the mission, I could not do that. Before we came in, she had already told me that our mission was not to kill Feiying but to understand everything about him. We were going to use his relationship to find out who was behind the Artificials. Then we would uproot the powers from China and save all the innocent lives.
I laughed.

I said, "Andy, I’ll head back to play with her; you all have fun."
Feiying nodded and smiled. "Okay, have fun!"
As he said that, he waved the phone in his hand toward Shen Bing. "Beauty, let's contact one another in the future!"
Shen Bing gave a sweet smile. "Okay, Andy!"
We returned to our seats, and I pretended to play around with Shen Bing. Feiying kept glancing at us. He even came over to drink with us twice. Shen Bing really looked like the queen of the night, able to make Feiying who often headed to bars fall for her. Maybe Feiying loved girls whom he liked but was unable to get.
A while later, at around 12:40, I left with Shen Bing. Feiying, who was playing with another girl, probably did not notice that we left.
We returned to the car and I adjusted my hair. I used some wet tissue to wipe away all of the makeup. I looked in the mirror with an annoyed expression. Shen Bing laughed beside me. "Eh, this is what Captain Li should look like. Go wash your hair; your hairstyle is so bad."
I stared at her and asked, "You also know that? Weren't you the one who made this hairstyle for me?"
Shen Bing's mouth curled up, saying innocently, "Blame me then..."
After a short moment, Shen Bing's phone lit up. She took it and smiled. "The fish took the bait!"
She unlocked it and looked at the message before saying, "He asked whether we had gone home or not. I replied that we had returned and were about to get onto the bed."
A few seconds later, the phone shone and she giggled. "Guess what he said."
I was speechless. "...What?"
"He asked if I were staying with that little punch known as Carry..."
I clenched my fists. "Don't let him fall into my hands. If not, I’ll beat him so badly his mother wouldn't be able to recognize him!"
Shen Bing giggled and said, "I said ‘no’. He started to ask me out and if I am free now; what should I say?"
I thought about it and said, "Go all out. Say that, in a few days, your joint will open on Blue Water Street and ask him to bring his friends over to play... Let the Guardian Base send some experts to protect you; otherwise, it wouldn't be safe for you. En, let Xiao Lie send experts to head over with you. I’ll tell Captain Wang about it, too."
Shen Bing nodded his head. "En, understood. Don't worry. At most, I would lose my chastity. As long as my identity isn't revealed, my life won't be at risk."
I stared at her. "Aiyo, at most lose your chastity? Sister Shen Bing really sees the matter lightly..."
Shen Bing giggled and held my hand as she said, "You care about me now? Too late! Scoff! The Guardian Base doesn't have any other female cops suited for the mission. As long as I am here, Captain Wang, that black hearted soul, won't care so much!"
I scoffed. "You are openly insulting a superior; I am going to report you!"
Shen Bing was stunned, and then her face became filled with a devilish smile. "Captain Li, don't do that; at most, I will make you feel good. Don't complain about me. I need to buy clothes and cosmetics, pay my rent and bills, etc. each month; I really need the money..."
I looked at her and noticed that the shirt that Shen Bing wore had slipped down her chest after being dragged on my body for too long; her circular prides stuck out just like that. Instantly, my nose nearly bled out. I looked forward and said, "Forget it. I am not so blessed. Where are you all prepared to open the bar?"
Shen Bing's face turned serious and pointed. "The place that is under renovation is ours and the construction is a few days away from being completed. We’ve dealt with all the licenses and permits; the people above won't be a problem, too. When the time comes, we will select some top members. As for bouncers, etc., we’ll recruit such that it won't raise suspicion."
I nodded my head. "That's good. Tell those secret guards to have nano-bullets and don't let the Artificials mess around in the bar."
I looked at the gate and could not help but laugh. "PaPa Bar?"
"That's right!" Shen Bing lifted her chest and smiled proudly."PaPa Bar. I made the decision regarding that; Captain Wang was so angry about it that his mustache nearly flew out."
"He doesn't have a mustache..."
"Haha! That's what I said."
"Return and turn in the mission; the scouting mission today is a success, right?"
"Of course!" Shen Bing waved her phone and smiled. "I have gotten Feiying's contact number and that idiot is actually still teasing me through messages. Hehe! I’m going to make him die from craving too much!"
I started the engine and said, "Don't get burned. He isn’t as simple as you think."
Shen Bing smiled. "If I burn myself, you will save me, right?"
"Of course!"
"That's good. With you protecting me, there’s nothing I have to be worried about."
"Which idiot gave that codename?"
"Captain Wang did. Kid, I’m also going to complain about you. Unless you make me feel good, then you are finished!"
I drove the car forward and smiled. "Deal with it yourself. I am going to head back to sleep; it is so late—"
"You have no conscience!"
When the car was about to reach the base, I suppressed the speed and said, "Oh, right. Sister Shen Bing, I have one more matter to ask from you. Only you can help me."
Her lips rose up. "Help you search for Xue Rou, right?"
I was stunned. "En..."
Shen Bing said, "Okay, understood."
I said, "Mocha changed her looks in game when she played Conquest and she had never played any offline games. When she entered Destiny, she also modified her looks, which was why no one recognized her. Help me investigate her identity. She has a cousin called Xue Jing. Check her purchase, living, and transport records. It shouldn't be tough to find out where she lives, right?"
Shen Bing clenched her fists and said confidently, "Don't worry. In less than a week, I will dig her out for you. Speaking of which, what are you planning to do with her?"
I took a deep breath and replied, "She gave Dragon’s Den to Fang Ge Que and also killed Wang Jian and Li Mu. As I am the guild leader, I should bear the responsibility for the mistakes of my members, but she has to make up for her mistakes, too. I will bring her back first so she can apologize to us, and then she will serve [Zhan Long]. Although it is really simple... that’s the only thing I can think about."
Shen Bing smiled. "Okay, then. This is really a little immature, but... [Zhan Long]'s Li Mu, Wang Jian, etc. are all hot-blooded and simple-minded. For such a guild to be so strong, it really is unexpected.”

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