Chapter 953- Hotel Queen
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Zhan Long Chapter 953- Hotel Queen

I took the elevator and stopped at b7.

  Around me were a bunch of white dressed scientists. They were probably the power we were going to use to deal with the Artificials? However, it felt like they were much weaker. If not, they would not be so helpless against them.

  I passed the corridor. Wang Xin appeared in a room with many instruments. At the side, there were many people in intense discussions. I heard a few sentences regarding success rate.


  "Captain Wang!" I called out from afar.

  Wang Xin's face was not that nice to look at. It was obvious that he had faced a problem and said, "Let's go. Follow me to the office."

  After turning a corner, it was Wang Xin's office. Shen Bing and I walked in and then closed the door. The door automatically locked. The soundproofing of the room was exceptional. One could not hear any noise from the outside. Wang Xin sat down and raised his hands to start. "Sit."

  I said, "Say the mission; what is the sitting about? Speak, what happened?"

  Wang Xin frowned and said, "Recently, 327 cases have occurred. You also know about that, don't you?"

  "I heard about it," I raised my brows and said. "The subway malfunction. Forty-seven injured, three dead. Is that it?"

  Wang Xin said, "Actually, seven died. Four of them were Guardian Base Protectors in plain clothes."

  "What?!" I was shocked. "What happened?"

  Wang Xin answered coldly, "Those four people were all sliced in the neck. Moreover, they weren't killed by basic weapons but by animal claws."

  "C Grade Artificials?"

  "They should be B and above as these four people's weapons were broken!"

  "What, even the blade was broken?" I took a deep breath. "The weapons the Guardian Protectors use are all made of alloy metal, two to three times stronger and sharper than normal blades. Even they could be broken?"

  "Yes, they're directly broken." Wang Xin was helpless and sighed. "After Wei Fan got captured, I thought that the Artificials would stop. Who knew that they would be even more rampant? Moreover, their technologies are also improving. The Grade B and C Artificials were getting stronger and stronger, such that normal Guardians couldn't defend against them anymore."

  "Can nano-bullets pierce their skin?"

  "Temporarily yes."

  "That's good," I frowned and said. "What about Wei Fan?"

  Shen Bing was at the side. "His identity is too special and has done too many bad things. We'll sue him and he probably won't be able to get out for the rest of his life."

  I sat at a corner of Wang Xin's office and asked, "What is their goal?"

  Wang Xin replied, "Assassination, threat."

  "Assassination? Assassinate who and threaten whom?" I was shocked. "Didn't Wei Fan's Blood Scythe focus on drug trafficking or stealing technology?"

  Wang Xin smiled. "That was before. Now, it is more high class. They used assassinations and threats to obtain more resources. This is why the stock markets have been falling for the past few months. Their methods have been really skilled, too, using those secret details and information to threaten others or use one's safety to blackmail, leaving no tracks at all."

  I took a deep breath. "What do they want to do?"

  "Control the economy of the Changjiang States, causing an economic ripple in China. As for their next step, I do not know."


  I kept silent for a moment and asked, "Do we have any clue?"

  "A little."

  Wang Xin said, "Our technology department has been tracking the abnormal movement of funds. We noticed that a total of seven companies had funds that had soared. This should be where they're gathered. Coincidentally, the one who owns all seven is the same person called Peiying. This is his information."

  Wang Xin waved his hand, and on the screen appeared Peiying's details. He was born in 1982 and was thirty-six years old. He was an American with Chinese descent and had lived overseas for a long time. Three years ago, he returned to China and started managing many companies. As for his previous offices, they were all empty.

  "There really is no place to start..." I said as I looked at the screen.

  Wang Xin said, "Shen Bing has already sent people to monitor his phone and other communication devices."

  "What if he is innocent?"

  "Impossible!" Shen Bing scoffed. "When I tracked his phone, his phone source was actually encrypted. Would a normal person have the ability to do that? At that time, his few companies were struggling and their overall funds didn't even exceed thirty million, so why did he have to encrypt his phone?"

  "Have we tried checking his past phone records?"

  "No, they were all deleted and we aren't able to track anything."

  "This really is problematic."

  "En," Wang Xin nodded his head and said, "but there are still some traces. Feiying bought the shares of Blue Water Street a week ago. Recently, close to 70% of the shares of the commerce and entertainment on Blue Water Street have been acquired by him. This means that he owns all the night stores on the street. Before this, this place belonged to Wei Fan."

  "Feiying is going to take over from Wei Fan and continue to be the underground king of Hangzhou?" I asked.

  "That might not be the case." Wang Xin shook his head. "Based on the intel we got, Feiying does things really cleanly and he isn't as dumb as Wei Fan. Temporarily, there is nothing linking him to the Artificials; there are no clues at all. We are just suspecting him."

  "So what should we do?"

  "So I called you over. I need someone to head over and investigate again."

  "Feiying is on Blue Water Street?" I was shocked.

  Wang Xin smiled. "En, Feiying is really careful and doesn't have many friends. His only weakness is probably that he is… too lascivious? He is really weird, too; he's gone to various KTV joints and bars. Every day, he will hunt for people and bring them back to his home."

  I sighed helplessly and said, "This means that Shen Bing and I need to act as a couple again?"

  "So smart."

  Wang Xin smiled. "The people we sent to track him have been wiped out. We can only rely on you to trace this. You have the ability to protect Shen Bing and me, so only then will I be at ease."

  I asked, "Then are we going to set off now? What is the mission?"



  "En, get familiar with the various bars on Blue Water Street, the KTV environment. The base will open a bar." Wang Xin took a deep breath. "I understand now that we have to be in it to control everything in that region. We have already requested five million funds to craft a bar that belongs to us."

  "How to recruit? What if Feiying sees through our plan?" I asked.

  Wang Xin smiled. "Then we can relax. Shen Bing can personally be the lady boss and the other workers are recruited. I have encrypted her identity further and only the highest permission level can allow one to check her identity, which is why it is really safe."

  I nodded my head. "That's good. What is the specific mission?"

  "Head to the bar where Feiying is at and have fun; show your face. However, Li Xiao Yao, your looks when you killed Ouyang Chuan have been exposed, so we need to do your makeup."

  "Ah? Makeup?" I shivered.

  Shen Bing gave a little devil-like smile as she held onto my arm. "Little lover, don't worry. My makeup skills are top-notch!"

  I shivered once more; it did not feel good.


  Half an hour later, I faced the mirror. I was pretty much unable to recognize that it was me. I played with my eyebrows and said, "Sister Shen Bing, you drew my brows like Jiao Enjun; what is going on? Also, my eyes… Why does it look so weird? If Wan'er sees me like this, she's going to kill me!"

  Shen Bing smiled. "Don't worry. How will Cang Tong bear to kill you? Let's set off. Drive the base's sports car! Place your sword in the car; if not, you will be revealed."

  "Okay..." Although the mission was dangerous, I was at ease. After all, Butterfly would not taste blood this time. I was not a person drunk in killing. Completing the mission without killing was the best-case scenario.


  Twenty minutes later we drove the red sports car and arrived at Blue Water Street. Shen Bing hugged me as we entered a bar. Based on the intel, Feiying was inside this bar. 

  At around ten, heavy metal music slowly numbed my eardrums. Shen Bing pulled my hand inside, and we sat down and drank a little. After which, we got drunk in the atmosphere.

  Shen Bing wore a grey body hugging skirt, which revealed her arms. Half of her chest was shown. Along with her aura and appearance, she looked just like the owner of a bar, causing many people to come over and say 'hi.' They even asked for her number but she rejected them all.

  It was not until it was eleven that a few people came in from outside. Shen Bing acted as if she were drunk and rested in my arms, the hot air from her mouth blowing into my ears as she said, "The person in blue is Feiying; don't focus on him too much."

  I did not say anything, focusing my eyes in the dark to see the target surreptitiously. Feiying's hair looked worse than mine; his face was red and his eyes were filled with confidence. Tsk. A typically rich man. However, when his eyes fell onto a beauty who was playing drinking games, it started to waver. Just like what Wang Xin had said, his only weakness was beautiful women.

  Shen Bing giggled. "Kid, actually if I am willing to show off, this Feiying will fall for me. Do you want to bet 100 dollars?"

  My lips rose up. "Forget it. You aren't a special agent, so there is no need to do that. Things that can be settled by my fists don't need you to use your chest."

  Shen Bing smiled even sweeter as she hugged me. She kissed my ear, a wet and soft feeling.

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