Chapter 957- Period of Drunken Sword Style arrives
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Zhan Long Chapter 957- Period of Drunken Sword Style arrives

"It was too cruel!"

  [Zhan Long]’s Guild Supervisor channel was boiling. Li Mu said furiously, "They still lost even after inviting Ye Lai, Enchanted Painting, Simple, and so many experts. How skilled is Cang Cheng to have succeeded in inviting the second ABN Battlenet player of Iron Skull City!"

  Wang Jian said, "In terms of international strength, Wang Ze Cheng is indeed stronger than Q-Sword. [Hero Mound] lost in terms of people this time."

  One Second Hero said, "Will [Hero Mound] fall to the abyss from this?"

  I could not help but break into a laugh. "That may not be the case. Q-Sword isn't a person who is willing to admit defeat. As long as [Hero Mound] has a division, Q-Sword will be able to return from the dead. [Hero Mound] won’t fall in the China region."

  Lin Wan Er said, "Wang Ze Cheng is really despicable, actually inviting help from Waterfront City and Nine Heavens City!"

  Dong Cheng Yue chimed in. "That's true. [Hero Mound]'s main guild was destroyed just like that..."

  At the start, before Tian Ling City was opened, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue served [Hero Mound]. One could say that the establishment of the two guilds had a tight relationship with these two girls. They went all out and had given up a lot for [Hero Mound]. Today, seeing it disappear, the feeling was really hard to accept.

  Old K grinned. "[Hero Mound] kneeling down shouldn't have anything to do with us, right? I believe that Wang Ze Cheng, that b*st*rd, won't act against [Zhan Long]. Even if [Rising Sun Like Blood] dares, [Zhan Long] won't lose just like [Hero Mound]!"

  I was stunned. If we had really helped [Hero Mound] fight this battle, could we have won? In terms of experts, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Dancing Forest, and the rest were already top-class. However, if we had to face the reinforcements of [Rising Sun Like Blood], we would not have more than a 40% chance of winning. If Mocha were here, maybe we could be on the same level?

  All of a sudden, we were a little speechless. Toward a guild, a war-goddess-level player like Xiao Yao was just too important. It was also probably the reason why Fang Ge Que felt so sad about her loss.



  A message came from Yue Qing Qian: "Brother Xiao Yao, do you know? Today, after 2pm, there will be a new class known as Wine Brewer. Finally, Destiny is going to release the wine system."

  "Wine?" I was shocked. "Is it wine that can increase fury?"

  "En, yes. The Drunken Sword Style is about to sweep the world."

  "Haha..." I smiled. "Pay close attention; take a look at what is going on with this Wine Brewer. [Zhan Long] mustn't fall behind others. Things that can increase fury are definitely good. I’ll be able to use my skills consecutively."

  "En, en! We will definitely pay attention to it."


  I went to the forums and searched all the details about Wine Brewers. At this point, I had gotten some ideas. Some people gave the recipe needed for the level 1 skill of the Wine Brewer as well as the stats of the wine...

  Level 1 Rice Wine: +20 Rage, cooldown of sixty seconds. After use, shorten cooldown of special times by 10%. Recipe: Rice x20, malt powder x3, fermenting vase x1.


  A level 1 wine could only increase fury by 20, but it was better than nothing. The more intense part would be the shortening of cooldown by 10%. It seemed like level 10 Rice Wine could shorten cooldown by 50%. This meant that the cooldown of [Zhen Yue Battlesong] would refresh in three hours and [Trampling Thunder] would refresh every fifteen seconds.

         It would be pretty much overpowered in a group battle.

  I looked at it for a moment. Wine Brewers did not occupy the support class and was one that any player could learn. En, I had to learn it.

  I accompanied Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to have a meal at lunchtime before I went online, waiting for the class to open up at 2pm.

  Nearing 2pm, I teleported over to Tian Ling City and rode God Dragon Horse. I was prepared to deal with anything. In the end, when it was 2, a bell reverberated throughout the skies of Tian Ling City. The Wine Brewer class was officially opened...


  System notification: Players, please pay attention. A new class, Wine Brewer, has been opened. Players can find Wine Brewer Masters in seven areas near Tian Ling City; spend 100 gold to learn wine brewing from them and become a true Wine Brewer! The seven coordinates are: (17238, 4882), (74366, 12484), (2772, 109944), (24311, 24428), (12984, 41121), (42211, 9876), and (13472, 12444). Each hour, the master will only teach it one hundred times!


  I was stunned. I did not expect that this class could only allow seven hundred people to learn an hour. The coordinates were also a little too much; the nearest one was at the north square, while the furthest was at Ziwu Mountain, the desolate region of the War God River. It was just too far!


  I activated [Icy Wings]. I did not bother to go to the city one as others there would definitely fill the one hundred spots quickly. I chose one which was neither near nor far, locking onto the (24311, 24428) coordinates. It was the Moon Blade Forest on the east shore of War God River, where the Royal Army's old base was at.

  After I activated it, my flying speed went really fast. I flashed across the sky like a meteor toward the given coordinates. When I charged down, I saw a dozen Cavalry players rushing over, too. Beneath a huge tree, an old man with a white mustache was resting. In his bamboo basket were several plants and grains used to brew wine. Although he was really old, his face was red and nourished. He plucked the wine flask by his waist and drank it, giving out a comfortable smile. "Lanling Wine, so delicious!"

  With a pa, I landed in front of those Cavalry players and came beside the old man. I smiled. "Sir, I want to learn Wine Brewing from you!"

  He opened his lazy eyes and smiled. "Kid, then let me ask you a question. If you get it correct, then I will impart with you my life's work."

  I nodded and smiled. "Please speak!"

  The old man asked, "What wine is made with purple sandalwood, dangui, and bamboo leaf?"

  I did not bother to think. "Zhu Yeqing."

  Although I did not drink wine, I had such basic knowledge.

  The old man opened his eyes and looked at me. "So we are both from the same Dao. Come, have a drink of my Lanling Flower Wine; I will teach you my wine brewing technique!"

  I received the flask and drank. Instantly, I was refreshed and a line of words popped out on the battle interface...

  Battle notification: You have drunk the wine item, level 9 Lanling Flower! A total of 100 Rage is recovered, cooldown reduced by 50%!


  Looking at this line of words, I could not help but find it a waste. How good would it have been if I drank this during the country war? A level 9 wine, what a waste!

  Thus, I took out 100 gold coins and passed everything to the old man, instantly obtaining a new skill, [Wine Brewing Lv-1]. It was an ability that came with a recipe: 20 glutinous rice, 3 malt powder, and 1 fermentation vase. I had seen these items before. They were sold in small alleys and were really cheap. A few copper coins could be exchanged for them.

  Apart from that, the wine brewing technique had a [Locate Five Valley] mark. As long as I activated the mark, I would be able to locate the wine brewing materials within five hundred yards. This saved a lot of effort. I had actually searched the forums. Glutinous rice, malt powder, et cetera were not recorded on the map, and players could only seek them personally. Before the class was released, no one paid attention to where there was glutinous rice, grain valley, et cetera.

  As more and more players gathered, they quickly swarmed the area, proving that Tian Ling City was overcrowded. The Wine Brewing Master was drowned out; at least a thousand people were in the area. If everything went on like this, a fight might break out to get the learning chance.

  Within the guild channel, Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian, Dancing Forest, and the other players were able to learn the wine brewing technique first. The rest were not so lucky. Even Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue failed to learn it right away and had to wait for the next hour.

  "They’re about to fight, so how?" Wang Jian laughed in the Guild Supervisor channel. "[Flying Dragon]'s Soaring Dragon sent at least five hundred people over to surround the Wine Brewer at the edge of the desert. I’m trapped in the middle. What should I do? We’re about to fight..."

  Li Mu said, "There’s no need to worry. I’ll bring one thousand Fire Dragon Cavalry to help you!"

  Old K smiled and asked, "Little Yao, if we fight against [Flying Dragon], you won't blame us, right?"

  I thought about it and said, "Select the Fire Dragon Cavalry who focuses all on strength and use the strength differential to force them aside. Don't attack. Don't let others ruin our name."

  Li Mu said, "Understood, understand. Xiao Yao, you have [Icy Wings], so you should have learned it, right?"

  "En, I did."

  Li Mu: "Hah! Then go raise the technique level. I’ll charge later; there’s no rush."



  At this time, I had already flown across the Tian Ling City sky and landed. After filling up with enough fermentation vases, I headed to the east. When I passed the Forest of Monuments, the wine brewing technique started to shine. Many dense spots appeared on the map. This was what I needed, a patch of glutinous rice!

  With a peng, I slid on the ground and then stopped. I swept the area with the back of my Butterfly and then I knelt there to collect rice grains. No other player noticed me and the rice here was really dense. For five minutes, I swept about until my bag was filled with many sets of glutinous rice.

  I continued to sweep the area; a wild valley appeared. I headed over to collect malt powder. After collecting some, I placed the fermenting vase at the side and added in twenty sets of glutinous rice and three sets of malt powder. At the next moment, I heard a ding and a set of rice wine appeared in my bag. Unfortunately, I was not the first to brew it; it seemed like someone was quicker than me.

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