Chapter 915 - Nangong Jue
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Zhan Long Chapter 915 - Nangong Jue

Chapter 915 - Nangong Jue

"Long time no see..."

  I smiled and said, "After the country war, [Epic] will be reshuffling. I think it is time for our initial promise to come true? Ling'er, it is time for you and your brother to come to [Zhan Long]. Our [Zhan Long] doesn't lack anything but two top weapon blacksmiths!"

  Palace Spirit burst into laughter and said, "I knew you would say that. Don't worry, I have already persuaded my brother. Ten minutes after it ended, we left [Epic]. Once the maintenance period ends you can just add the two of us to [Zhan Long]."

  "Alright, no problem!"

  I smiled and then said, "Oh right I have something else that I need your help with."

  "Sure sure, go ahead!"

  "Help me forge a sword. I need one that can take high temperatures. Its toughness and strength must be top grade too. Can you do it? As for the material, doesn’t matter how expensive it is."

  "Ah?" Palace Spirit was stunned, "Are you saying you need a sword in real life? Normally speaking, the swords that Brother and I make are collector items. What type do you need?"

  I licked my lips and said, "I am just going to say this: it must be very strong and tough enough... My sword isn't going to be for admiration, don't worry. It isn't a controlled tool and I have the rights to own such a weapon. I even have the rights to hold guns so don't worry about that either."

  "Alright, what about the specifics?"

  "Specifics... I will head over to your place today. Tell me your exact address and we will speak face to face."

  "Yeah, okay, send me a message later."



  After hanging up and agreeing on everything, I drove the A4 out. I brought Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue out of Hangzhou towards Longquan City. Our speed wasn't that slow and it would only take us about four hours to reach their residence. Lin Wan Er listened to music leisurely at the side and enjoyed the surrounding scenery. Next to the highways were many large and small villas. The wealth in Hangzhou was more than most of the top cities in the country.

  "Xiao Yao."

  Dong Cheng Yue patted my seat and said, "If it was just to forge a sword, you can send blueprints via mail and demand a certain toughness to the sword. There isn't a need to head so far, is there?"

  I couldn't help but laugh, "Actually, it isn't that I wanted to take this trip. Palace Decree and Palace Spirit are after all top blacksmiths that every guild wants and if I don't personally head over, it’ll be a little inappropriate. After all, there is a layer between us on the net and who knows what the other one is like on the other side. It is best if we meet them in person."

  Lin Wan Er nodded her head and said, "Yeah, that's right, we haven't gone out in a long time anyways. We can treat this trip to Longquan City as a holiday..."

  I smiled, "It has been rough on you all these past few days. The country war lasted seven days at once, and we didn't have good sleep or food. For the next few days, the main goal is to rest well. Look at you two, your panda eyes are growing out."

  Lin Wan Er pulled the makeup mirror in the car and took a look. She pouted, "There really is. Uwu, it seems like we can't burn the midnight oil anymore..."

  I laughed, "Haha. Wan'er, your next quest is the army quest at Flaming Cloud City right? You are now the Flaming Cloud Infanta and in terms of power, you are one of the strongest."

  Lin Wan Er blinked her eyes and smiled sweetly, "Piggy, I know how to manage a city, but... I don't know about troops, say... How should I govern this Flaming Cloud City?"

  I took in a deep breath, "The game military system and modern army systems are totally different. I think... when the servers open up and you head back to Flaming Cloud City, don't do anything. Gather all the general NPCs and then use your intellect to see who can be trusted and who is loyal. Then you raise these generals and give them power to recruit their own troops. You reward the meritorious ones and then you can slowly gather power in your hands."

  Lin Wan Er licked her lips and said worringly, "If I can't control the situation, then what? The original NPC generals of Flaming Cloud City are mostly originally from there, but... Piggy, why not lend me a few generals like Han Yuan, Xia Ye, Xiao Lie, and Long Xing..."

  I was speechless, "F***, I am on thin ice in Tian Ling City. Generals Qin Ye, Long Zhong, and Xiahou Ren have all been bribed by Luo Xun. They even want to kill me in their dreams. Fortunately, I am a player. If not, who knows how long I will be able to live for... Therefore, I really can’t lend General Han Yuan or General Xiao Lie to you. I still need to rely on them to help me manage the situation in Tian Ling City… How about this? When the system opens up, follow me to the Royal Army camp and I will choose some lieutenants for you. You can treat them as majors and you can make the good ones generals."

  Lin Wan Er smiled, "Okay, that is a promise. I want to select 20 lieutenants!"

  I nearly spat out blood, "Your appetite is a little huge, isn't it? If 20 lieutenants leave together, the medium officials of Royal Army will instantly collapse!"

  "Hmph hmph!" She pulled her safety belt and raised up those full twin peaks and smiled, "You think I don't know how to count? The Royal Army has 70 to 90 thousand people and thus there’s at least 80 lieutenants. Lending me 20 won't be a problem at all. You really are stingy, to think that you are my boyfriend..."

  Dong Cheng Yue also smiled, "That's right, so stingy!"

  I was speechless and said, "Okay okay, I will lend them to you. but please cherish them... These lieutenants followed me through life and death and they are really high leveled. Many of them are [Divine Tier] and [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSSes. It will be a waste if they die."

  Lin Wan Er turned around and gave me a flying kiss, "I know, I will cherish them. Don't worry. They are safer in my hands than yours."

  "That makes sense..." Thinking about it, the Royal Army all charged alongside with me, going to wherever the danger was. The Empire was plotted against many times like a boat in the ocean. However, it was better now. With Lochlan as the emperor, he treated me like an elder brother. With Luo Xun over at Waterfront City, I pretty much made all the decisions in Tian Ling City. Lochlan always listens to what I say anyway.


  It was a smooth journey as we made it to where Palace Decree and Palace Spirit’s residence. It was a workshop which produced all sorts of Longquan Swords and modern tools. When the A4 slowly drove in, Palace Decree welcomed us. After the car stopped, I went out and shook his hand. This fellow was well-built and had a beard — he looked like a fierce general. It was a waste that he solely forged weapons. 

  "Guild Leader Xiao Yao, you are finally here!" Palace Decree laughed out loud.

  I also smiled, "You should say that I finally waited for you two to leave [Epic]. From today on, you two are members of [Zhan Long]. Whoever dares bully you, fifty thousand brothers will seek revenge for you all. No one can bully you, not even [Legend]."

  Palace Decree laughed out loud, "Understood, come in and have a look. You can also take a look at our work in the workshop. Have you all eaten yet? I told Ling'er to get some takeaway and prepare some dishes for you. Let's go and eat together."

  I didn't reject him and nodded my head, "Great."

  I followed Palace Decree into the workshop. There were actually many people in here who were polishing, crafting, grinding, etc. The scale of the workshop was really huge too, not only was there a cold forging type formed from modern technology, but there were ancient blacksmithing facilities for continuous hitting and melting. I looked and praised, "What is the difference between weapons forged by heat and cold forging?"

  Palace Decree smiled, "Hot forging uses crystallization technology. We use the ancient techniques here to beat it to raise the merger of the metal. Through our special techniques, the blades forged by us aren’t weak. We can also add in some rare metals to satisfy your requests for high heat tolerance."

  I asked, "Tools like the things on spaceships won't melt even in high temperatures, right?" 

  "Yeah, more or less. However, they are much tougher!"

  As he said that, Palace Decree looked deeply at me and smiled, "Guild Leader, you are an expert in real life too, right?"

  I smiled without giving an answer, "I am just okay!"

  Palace Decree took out a cold forged blade and said, "How about you try it out?"

  I raised my hand and caught the blade; Yang Yan energy surged within. Instantly, the blade turned red from the heat. I slashed down on the sword-testing stone at the side. With a "kacha" it was split into two, but the blade was also bent.

  Lin Wan Er was stunned, "Piggy, you bent his blade..."

  I nodded, "Ah... I don't have to pay for this, do I?"

  Palace Decree's expression was really complicated: 70% shock, 30% confusion as he said, "This... This knife is not because of it slashing the stone, but because of... Guild Leader's own strength, am I wrong?"

  I looked towards him in shock and didn't expect him to see the mysteries within. However, with my analysis of his qi, he was above the Body Training Level. He wouldn't know my strength level, would he?

  Palace Decree looked at me suspiciously, lowering his voice and asking, "Yang Yan?"

  He was one of us and there was no need to hide it from him. I also didn't need to hide my cultivation from anyone as there weren't many people in the world who could threaten me. I nodded and smiled, "Yeah.”

  The respect in Palace Decree's expression grew by 200%. He smiled, "Understood, the Xiao Yao Zi Zai of the legends truly isn't a normal person!"

  I said, "You also know Yang Yan?"

  "I have only heard about it. I was never so fortunate to see one."

  "Okay, when will the food arrive..."

  "Yang Yan will also be hungry?"

  "The larger the strength, the more one eats, you should understand..."

  "Okay, I get it..."


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