Chapter 914 - God-Slaying Armor
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Zhan Long Chapter 914 - God-Slaying Armor

Chapter 914- God-Slaying Armor

"Shua shua shua..."

  Streaks of golden light rained down on me and I directly leveled up to 165 which was a huge jump. At the same time, I opened my bag and saw majestic armor laying in a corner. It looked really noble and beautiful and many hard-to-read runes were carved on it. Streaks of light radiated out from it and I knew that it was overpowered with just one look. I reached out and the stats of the armor were displayed in front of my eyes. As expected, it was really terrifying...

  God Slaying Armor [Epic]

  Type: Heavy Armor

  Defense: 5200

  Strength: +525

  Stamina: +514

  Agility: +510

  Magic Attack: +505

  Bonus: Add 100% of user's current magical resistance and defense

  Bonus: Raise user's attack power by 70%

  Bonus: Raise user's health by 50000

  Special ability: God-Slaying, killing strength raised by 100% against NPC and mobs

  Special ability: Unbreakable, 30% chance of nullifying all damage taken

  Introduction: [God-Slaying Armor] during the ancient era, demons rose up. To go up against the God Race, the Demon Race started to add Godly Strength into their weapons and armor. The Demon God Emperor smelted an axe and armor. The axe was the God-Slaying Axe — it broke when it was used to slay Michael. The armor was the God-Slaying Armor — after the battle, it was melted and then after which the God Race forged it once more, adding in more Godly Strength making it unbreakable.

  Required Level: 165

  Required Charm: 800


  I was extremely excited to hold the God-Slaying Armor. The stats it had was totally above my Hidden Dragon Armor. I immediately swapped it and felt refreshed. A thick wave of power wrapped around my body and I really felt invincible. My stats also rose by a huge amount...

  Xiao Yao Zi Zai (Country Protecting Dragon Rider)

  Level: 165

  Attack: 20,012-24,245

  Defense: 17,575

  Health: 185,715

  Magic attack: 24,690

  Charm: 1,063

  CBN Battlenet rankings: 6

  Title: Suiding Duke


  At a time when cavalry players didn't even reach a hundred thousand health, I was actually close to two hundred thousand. If one had a say, that was way too overpowered. My defense was also really strong. With just these stats alone I would be invincible in Tian Ling City, right? Forget it. As long mages don’t focus me, I won't be able to die. It would be efficient even if I went to fight BOSSes with these stats.

  The system mentioned how it was going to go under maintenance in thirty minutes and would only be available again after 24 hours. After this maintenance patch, the NPCs and resources would refresh. However, what I was worried about was still Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han's ten thousand Dragon’s Den army. Since Dragon’s Den was taken by [Legend] and we couldn’t take it back, then where should Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han go? If the system removes them, I am going to cry.

  It was late at night and I went offline.

  I noticed a message on my phone from Shen Bing, "Come to the base tomorrow!"

  I replied and then walked out of the room to go grab some food with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue before heading to bed.


 I woke up early, sitting at the edge of my bed in a daze for a moment before I made a phone call. Matcha!

  "Sorry, user’s phone is turned off!"

  The robotic voice rang in my ears. Matcha really disappeared. I looked outside the window and it was raining, reflecting my mood. Matcha was Xiao Yao — we all knew that — even if we didn't want to accept it. Apart from Dragon’s Den, Matcha did nothing that was harmful to [Zhan Long]. During these few days, Old K, Song Han, and the others were searching for her everywhere. However, it seemed like she really disappeared as no one could find her. Even Xue Jing couldn't.

  I drove to the guardian base.

  Shen Bing was already waiting for me in the main hall, however, she wasn’t wearing her uniform today. She wore a simple blue top, causing her to look even better. She giggled when she looked at me and said, "You are finally here. Captain Wang is waiting for us already!"

  I nodded and followed her into the elevator. It headed down and only stopped when it was seven floors down. When I stepped out, I smelled a thick blood stench and I frowned, "What happened... Someone died again?"

  "Someone did die, but not from our side. Follow me!"

  After turning a corner, we entered a brightly-lit room. There were computers all around which shone brightly. In the middle was a specially-created bed, and on it, a person was tied down. Maybe it wasn't a person, but rather a monster with sharp teeth. His mouth was slightly open, revealing vicious and sharp teeth.

  "This is?"

  I reached out with my hand to wipe the corpse, "Is it dead? What is going on?"

  Wang Xin lit up a cigarette and said while frowning, "This was sent to us last night. The JX Region had an armored car robbery and eleven policemen were found dead. The Hangzhou Guardian strikeforce went to help, and we used the latest JX-7 nanobullets to kill this robber. We shot him 27 times and he only died when we finally shot his brain."

  I frowned, "But his body doesn't have any bullet holes. What is going on?"

  "That is the problem."

  Wang Xin took in a deep breath and said, "We have used our technology to slice open and study its cells. They have self-regeneration abilities. This person's genome has been altered and rewritten. Moreover, if my guesses are correct, there are still Artificials being created... This Artificial’s rating is B, its self-regeneration ability is really strong."

  I reached out and grabbed a surgical knife, drawing out a thin cut. What appeared made me tongue-tied. Before the blood even flowed out, the flesh was already healing at a visible speed.

  "He is dead and he can still heal?" I was shocked.

  Shen Bing said, "The brain is dead but the cells can still live for 24 to 48 more hours. So during this period of time, his self-regeneration ability is still there. Our analysts are still considering using these technologies to study regeneration medical techniques."

  I broke into laughter, "Humans are humans. If one's self-healing is so strong, then one isn't a pure human anymore... Even if such research succeeds, the medical costs will be expensive too. How can normal people enjoy it? I am not interested so just get to the main point..."

  Wang Xin smiled, "You kids are just too traditional. That is not good, you will get hurt easily."

  I smiled, "It is okay. I can even block bullets now, wanna try me?"


  "You really aren't true to your name!"

  "You brat! Stop disturbing me, how annoying!" Wang Xin smiled and said, "Let's get down to business. We originally thought that once Blood Scythe fell, everything was settled. However, the truth was far more than we expected. Artificials are still present and within a week, fourteen incidents occurred. Headquarters is furious and ordered us to wipe them out. The Hangzhou Guardian Base is our strongest base since we have the Tian Jin Corporation weapon system and you, a Yang Yan expert. Prepare, we will strike at any moment. We are going to find out the main mastermind behind the Artificials!"

  I reached out, "Is no one willing to take responsibility for this? See Captain Wang, my Xiao Hei has already been melted and I don't even have a good weapon now."

  Shen Bing said apologetically, "This... Your Xiao Hei is an ancient god weapon, so... so we can't afford to pay you for it."

  I was stunned, "There is no need. Just give me ten thousand dollars."

  "Ten thousand?" Shen Bing was stunned, "The legendary sword is only worth ten thousand dollars?"

  I couldn't help but laugh and took out my phone to get on Taobao. On one of the pages, I sighed, "I didn't expect them to still be doing this type of business after all these years!"

  Shen Bing snatched the phone and saw a clear line of words, "Well-forged sword, purely handmade, steel covered blade, precious weapon, just 2,999 yuan!"

  Instantly, her face had a complicated expression on it. After shouting "F***!" she said, "I thought it was some ancient god weapon, but who knew it was just a useless thing worth less than 3,000!"

  I laughed out loud, "Xiao Hei wasn't a god weapon but I used energy to slash out with it. However, when fighting Ouyang Chuan the temperature was too high and it directly melted it, ugh..."

  I sighed and looked towards Wang Xin, "Please transfer the money to me and help me forge a new weapon."

  Wang Xin looked at me expressionlessly, "You brat. Your old man gave you hundreds of millions — why do you still want to con us?"

  "That is what I am using to get a wife. How could I randomly use it? We need to keep work and private matters separate. I nearly lost my life for you all, so why don't you all just help me craft a weapon? Rather than giving taxpayers' money to idiots who go overseas, why not make a weapon for me..."

  Wang Xin couldn't help but laugh, "Okay, you are really shameless. I will send ten thousand to you, but do you have a suitable smith? I can recommend a few old friends to you."

  I shook my head, "No need. I have a friend from a forging family, just don't ask about it."

  "Sure. How long will you need?"

  "Very quick."



  When I returned, it was already 9 am. Lin Wan Er was wearing a beautiful dress as she smiled and asked, "What happened? Why did you come back so fast from the guardian base?"

  "Alright!" I clapped my hands and said, "Prepare, we are heading out!"


  "Longquan City, to find Palace Decree and Palace Spirit!"

  "Good good, I want to go too!" Dong Cheng Yue walked out of the kitchen holding a small cake.

  I nodded, "Then let's go together. Oh right, what is the situation with [Epic] in game?"

  Lin Wan Er blinked and said, "Thousand Mile Ambition expressed that before the country war ended, he would give the position to an elder. Now they don't have any reason to stay, so it is time to get them to come to [Zhan Long]."

  "Okay, understood!"

  I took out my phone and called Palace Spirit. After a few beeps, it connected...

  "Hi Guild Leader Xiao Yao, long time no see!"

  Palace Spirit's voice was really sweet, similar to that of Yue Qing Qian.

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