Chapter 913 - Final reward
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Zhan Long Chapter 913 - Final reward

Chapter 913 - Final reward

After the battle, Tian Ling City which was supposed to be really quiet and calm had decorations everywhere. Today was the coronation ceremony for the new ruler and it was the final day of the country war.

  After going online, I walked on the grand path which was covered in flowers and beautiful banners. Many players also came online, reverting back to the original Tian Ling City which was brimming with life. At the end of it all, a bunch of troops liked in wait, blocking a bunch of commoners who wanted to view the ceremony outside. From afar, Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the rest walked over in joy, their armor giving off a noble glow under the sun.


  Xiao Lie shouted and then smiled apologetically, "Now I should call you Duke Suiding, my apologies..."

  I held up my hand and said, "There is no need, just stick to the usual!"

  Han Yuan held his blade and smiled, "General, you are the youngest Duke in the Empire, from today on, you are already a legend!"

  I didn't say much, looking at the troops surrounding outside the palace and said, "Why are they stopping the people from viewing the ceremony?"

  A Major from the imperial guards cupped his fist and said, "General Li, it is an order from our Imperial Guard General Situ Xin, the Empire has had such a rule since it was built. How can we let normal people view the rites of the Emperor? !"

  I frowned and said, "There are some things that have to be removed. As an Emperor, one should understand the pain and suffering of the people. Call General Situ Xin over."

  "Yes, General!"

  Not long later, a young general walked over. Situ Xin was one of the top students from the Tian Ling Empire Battle Academy. After I brought the Royal Army out of Tian Ling City, Owen built this Imperial Guard to guard the Imperial City. Situ Xin climbed up with a blade bit by bit. Strictly speaking, he was one of the most knowledgable and capable generals. He was also really young, and the combat intent in his eyes also impressed me.

  Situ Xin walked over and cupped his fists, "Commander in Chief, hello!"

  I nodded. Although I was given the title of Duke Suiding, we used our ranks in the army between lieutenant generals. Moreover, my Commander in Chief rank was really high. Tian Ling Empire only had three: one was me, one was Fire Axe Army Louis, and the other was Violent Thunder Army Les. As for Qin Ye, Long Zhong, and the others, they were Primary Rank 2 Country Protecting Generals and were much less powerful.

  "General Situ Xin."

  I reached out and pointed at the many civilians outside, "These are all children of the Empire, let them enter. They should have the rights to see what the future ruler looks like."

  Situ Xin was stunned, "But Commander in Chief, what if... what if there are assassins within? I am just a small general so I can't take up this responsibility! Commander in Chief, please forgive me for not being able to do so."

  I smiled, "It is okay. How many people do you have?"

  "Forty thousand."

  "Send them to defend the outer area of the coronation and separate the commoners and the platform by five hundred meters. It'll be fine. I will send the Royal Army to help you out."

  Situ Xin nodded his head and smiled, "Since Commander in Chief has ordered it, I will do so!"



  After entering the Imperial City, Han Yuan and Xiao Lie's weapons were taken. As the Duke Suiding, I had the rights to bring weapons in and out. I walked over. The city was really prosperous -- it was well decorated with majestic flags placed everywhere.

A gold-armored imperial guard soldier held their sword and guarded the platform where a bunch of generals and civil servants were all lined up.


  System Notification: People with Primary Rank 4 and above will be able to enter the coronation hall. They will obtain 0.1% experience per minute!

  Looking at this notification, I couldn't help but smile. It seemed like my Royal Army General's time of killing mobs to level up was over. As long as I focused on quests, my experience would grow even larger. Moreover...a game or life, it was really enjoyable.

  "General, your spot is there!" A young eunuch led me over. Actually, there weren't that many officials. Even Pearl herself suggested to remove the system, but Rob and Owen didn't agree. It was twisting human nature, especially how it was said that eunuchs were incomplete men.

  "Greetings, Duke Suiding!" Baili Ning laughed out loud as he cupped his fists towards me.

  I replied right away. Not long later, the higher-ranked players all received notifications to join in. Fang Ge Que, Drunken Spear, Q-Sword, Lin Wan Er, Enchanted Painting, and the otherswere all brought to their spots. Q-Sword and Enchanted Painting were lower-ranked and were at the twentieth row. Lin Wan Er was the Flaming Cloud Infanta and stood along with Baili Ning, Long Zhong, and Qin Ye. As for me, I was in front of Louis and Les, probably because I was Duke Suiding, right?

  I counted the number of people; there were around ten thousand.

  Oh no, there was one person in front of me. It was Luo Xun who was given the title of South Protecting King! Looking out at the Empire, Luo Xun was the only King. As for people with different surnames, my Duke Suiding position was already the highest rank.

  I looked closely around to confirm safety. It seemed like no one would be sent to assassinate Lochlan. Moreover, there was no one in the country who had a motive to kill Lochlan. Not me, nor Luo Xun. The officials also didn't have a direct conflict of interest, so there was no need to take the risk.

  "His Majesty has arrived!"

  The eunuch hollered and in the next moment, Lochlan entered under the guidance of a bunch of servants. He wore the dragon robe with the emperor belt and crown. His youthful face had a bit of the aura of a king. However, the corner revealed from the sleeves of his robe made me laugh. This kid actually put on some soft armor underneath his robe. Emperors who were generals really were different.

  A civil servant walked up. His hands held the decree as he read it out loud slowly to the officials. Lochlan just stood there quietly.

  Luo Xun glanced towards me and smiled. He said softly, "General Li holds great power now -- half of Tian Ling Empire's troops are in your hands. With your intelligence, you will be able to show your skills and give rise to another glorious era for Tian Ling Empire, right?"

  I smiled too, "South Protecting King is joking, I am just a general that listens to orders. Regarding such issues, it will depend on what His Majesty says."

  Luo Xun's lips curled as he smiled, "As General says, we are all subjects. If we have disloyal thoughts, our families will be wiped out!"

  I looked toward him and laughed, suppressing my voice as I said softly, "Luo Xun, listen up. I didn't want to be the Emperor so I made Lochlan the Emperor. If I wanted to, who else would be able to stop me from becoming the Emperor?! Don't provoke me and play any power games. If you anger me, the Royal Army will wipe your South Protecting King Manor in blood at any moment!"

  Luo Xun's face turned cold and he didn't reply.


  After the decree was read, Lochlan started to receive the nine bestowments. He held the newly-crafted emperor sword, and his hand slightly trembled. One could tell how excited and nervous he was. This sword represented the highest power in Tian Ling City.

  Lochlan then personally held the decree and read it word for word, "I am now Emperor. I will pardon everyone -- no more taxes for three years. Troop rations will increase by twenty percent and the families of the dead will be compensated. Duke Suiding Li Xiao Yao will defend Tian Ling City, Flaming Cloud Infanta will defend Flaming Cloud City, my father will head to Waterfront City, and Queen Angela will defend Ba Huang City. I hope all of you can train up your troops to open up another prosperous era for the Empire!"

  I frowned. He actually decided to send Luo Xun to Waterfront City. It seemed like Luo Xun demanded it for himself, so Waterfront City was now under his control. However, he thought about it too ideally. Waterfront City was entrusted to others only India Region Players occupied the city. Clear Black Eyes, Drunk Maple, and the others wouldn't treat this South Protecting King too well.

  Time passed bit by bit and the entire morning was filled with just this complicated ceremony. Lochlan started to take the power back and each general swore allegiance. All the troops were in the hands of this young emperor. After it ended, he stopped me to learn sword techniques. Thus, I spent ten minutes teaching him before I left him to comprehend it himself.


  I continued to wait until around 11 pm when the end of the country war was getting closer and closer. I looked at the rankings and I was still at the top. I got more and more excited. The first Destiny Country War and the China Region had obtained a huge victory. What kind of rewards would I get as the MVP?

  Finally, the system started the countdown...





  A crisp bell reverberated in the air. The people in the city cheered as the country war ended. The time for rewards to be given out finally came...


  System Notification: Congratulations China Region Players, occupied cities in this Country War include: Flaming Cloud City, Fire Elephant City, and Waterfront City (Entrusted). The China Region has obtained a complete victory. Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai obtained the MVP title with 192,830 achievement points, obtaining the following rewards: level +7, charm +100, gold +2,000,000, +equipment God Slaying Armor [Epic]. Player Fang Ge Que is second with 183,203 points: level +5, charm +75, gold +1,000,000, +equipment Lingxu Fan [Superior Deity Tier]. Player Cang Yue is third with 152,001 points: level +5, charm +50, gold +500,000, +equipment Spiritual Magic Robe [Deity Tier]. The fourth to tenth place players are: Enchanted Painting, Cang Tong, Mu Xuan, Simple, Drunken Spear, Q-Sword, and Ye Lai who will each get their individual rewards. All players who participated and obtained points will obtain 50% of the experience they lost in the war!

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