Chapter 916 - Butterfly
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Zhan Long Chapter 916 - Butterfly

Chapter 916 - Butterfly

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We sat in the hall behind the workshop, eating and chatting at the same time. Palace Decree was 29 and was someone who was really calm and a person of few words. His sister, Palace Spirit, was much younger at only 19 years of age; she was really open and active. When she saw game experts like Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and I, she was as happy as a little girl.

  "Guild Leader!"

  She directly called me Guild Leader and then held a drawing board beside me. She smiled, "There are a total of 41 different sword shapes, 7 of which are designed by me. Which one does Guild Leader like?"

  I looked at the shapes on the board; they were either too fancy or I didn’t really like them. I shook my head. Only when we reached the last few types did I finally see one that was satisfactory. I smiled, "How about this?"

  Palace Spirit burst into a laugh, "Guild Leader is really knowledgeable, this is the design that I am most proud of. It is simple but not ordinary. The sword handle uses a hook ring design and it is really sharp when used. There are two blood cells on the sword which utilize a pipe design that lets the blood out of the bad guys. It can also help increase the toughness and strength of the sword itself. So you want this one. It also has a really nice name; to date, I have never crafted such a sword before."


  I laughed, "Ling'er, what is it called?"

  "Butterfly!" Palace Spirit smiled in delight.

  "Butterfly... Butterfly..." I muttered it twice, "F***, doesn't that sound a little girlish?"

  Palace Decree smiled at the side, "Xiao Yao, if you use this sword to complete missions, you will definitely harm someone. With a weapon to harm others, I feel that such a gentle name helps combat the vengeful energy. What do you think?"

  I clapped, "Alright, okay, we will call it Butterfly then!"

  Palace Spirit smiled, "Okay, I will use the rarest materials to help Brother Guild Leader craft this Butterfly, no... I will heat forge it and that will take some time. Can Brother wait?"

  "Sure, no problem. Roughly how long will it take?"

  "A week..."

  "Ah? That's quite long..."

  "It is okay..." Palace Spirit smiled sweetly, "You don't know. The butterfly blade design uses the combination of many famous blades. The blade is split into soft and tough layers, thus forming a shape similar to that of a saw. By doing so it can maintain its sharpness such that there is no need to grind it. There was a past example of this..."

  "Oh, what example?" I was interested.

  Palace Spirit was truly an expert, "Brother and I did experiments before to use our steel longsword to test it with this combined blade. We used each one to slice two hundred woodblocks. At the start, both could slice through the blocks easily, but after two hundred, the steel was a little slow in the end. The combined sword similar to the Butterfly was still as sharp. In other words, I will use even better materials to craft it and put in more effort. I believe that the sharpness of the Butterfly will be among the best in the entire world."

  I gave out an impressed sigh and nodded, "Who knew that such people who place so much effort in crafting would exist in this era?"

  Palace Decree smiled, "Guild Leader, don't underestimate us. Our seniors and ancestors all used these methods to survive. Our desires in chasing the attainments of the past have never gone down which is why we are one of the families that passed down the most intact legacies."

  I nodded, "Thank you all. Oh right, the materials should be expensive. Along with your fees, how much would it cost?"

  Palace Decree shook his head, "Let's not talk about money — we don't lack money."

  Lin Wan Er smiled, "You have to estimate it for us. In case Brother Xiao Yao becomes poor and has to sell it..."

  Palace Spirit couldn't help but burst out into laughter, "Okay, I will spend all my heart and energy to craft it. If you take it to the cold weapon auction in Hong Kong, it would be at least above two million. So Guild Leader, don't be so poor that you have to sell it..."

  I smiled, "How about this? I won't pay you for the working fee but I’ll pay you material fees. How much is it all?"

  Palace Decree said, "Around a hundred thousand."

  I nodded, "When I go online I will transfer it to Ling'er... As for the time being, I will compensate her in the future. Don't worry, I will treat Butterfly well and use it to bring peace to the world."

  Palace Spirit nodded and said seriously, "Brother Xiao Yao I might only make one Butterfly in my life for you so you must cherish it..."

  "I know!"

  After eating, we spent the afternoon around the workshop. Palace Spirit started to choose materials and starting forging. Her skills were a perfect combination of ancient and modern techniques. Palace Decree looked at his sister from the side, crossing his arms as he said to me, "Each weapon has its own spirit and the more hard work and focus one puts in it, the spirit will be stronger. This is a really mystical saying. However, every generation believes in it deeply. Only by being sincere can we craft the sharpest weapon."

  As he said that, Palace Decree touched his nose and smiled, "Xiao Yao, you are her idol and she has always worshipped you. I am unable to understand that feeling. Maybe it can't be considered loving, but just purely liking, but that is worth cherishing. Since young, I have never seen her forge a blade with so much focus. When this Butterfly appears, maybe it will surpass all the blades I have ever made?"

  I was shocked, not knowing what to say, "Okay..."

  At around 5, we headed back to Hangzhou.

  We arrived at 9 and everyone was tired. We washed up and prepared to welcome the re-opening of the servers. The first country war had ended, so who knew when the next one would come? However, in the upcoming period, every main city would be strengthening their troops to prepare, right?


  It was already nine when I woke up. I washed up and then headed out to buy some breakfast. I woke up Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, these two lazy bugs, to eat, and then we went online!


  I appeared in Tian Ling City. The God-Slaying Armor gave out a seven-colored glow, which was unique to [Epic] armor. This [Epic] piece was probably the top equipment and it was really beautiful.

  I found Palace Spirit's account and transferred 100 thousand over. Then I sent the [Zhan Long] invitation to the two. Palace Decree accepted it and was welcomed by everyone. His sister, Palace Spirit, was making a sword for me and had stayed up till 8 am. He had to take over from her so he went offline.

  I smiled. Palace Decree and Palace Spirit were really the god-tier blacksmiths that Heaven gave to [Zhan Long]. They had extreme patience and sincerity. It seems like once Butterfly is formed, its sharpness would be far above Xiao Hei which cost 2,999 RMB. I wasn't a person who hated old things and liked new ones, but I really liked Butterfly. Xiao Hei would be glad that I would use it to help protect the people I loved.


  Lin Wan Er sent a party invitation and after I entered she demanded people right away. I rode my God Dragon Horse and headed to the northern city gates. After pulling her up, we headed to the Royal Army camp. After ten minutes, we arrived outside. A bunch of Royal Army cavalry knelt on the ground on a single knee, "Commander!"

  I nodded my head in satisfaction, "Go!"

  This bunch of Royal Army troops still called me Commander as this was the rule in the military. Even if I was already the Duke, I was still the Royal Army General in front of them. This way, the heart of the military would be stable.

  I headed to the commander tent where Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the other two welcomed me. They cupped their fists, "Greetings General, greetings Flaming Cloud Infanta!"

  I hugged Lin Wan Er and jumped off the horse, "I have a huge issue this time."

  "Oh, what's the matter?" Xiao Lie asked.

  I patted her shoulder and said, "Come, Wan'er say it yourself..."

  Lin Wan Er's face turned red as she said, "I will be heading over to Flaming Cloud City so I want 20 medium officials to serve me to bring them over. They will have to at least be lieutenants."

  Xiao Lie laughed, "This is a good thing. Who does Infanta want to choose?"

  "Call all the Royal Army Lieutenants over!"


  Not long later, close to one hundred lieutenants appeared. It made me notice something which was that after the maintenance, the Royal Army expanded to one hundred thousand. This hundred thousand was what I was going to use to sweep the world.

  Lin Wan Er started to make her picks. She didn't give me face at all, choosing the highest level and grade ones away. Fortunately, she left majors like Xiao Lie and Han Yuan for me. If not, the Royal Army would have no one to lead anymore.

  "Thank you, Piggy!"

  Lin Wan Er smiled as she came by my side and kissed me as a token of thanks.

  Instantly, Long Xing, Xia Ye all smiled. Han Yuan said, "General is so fortunate. Who knew that such a beauty like Flaming Cloud Infanta has fallen for General!"

  I touched my nose, "No more talking, continue to train the troops.”

  "Yes, sir!"

  I sent Lin Wan Er and the twenty elite generals away. I stood in the commander tent in glee.

  Xiao Lie held his spear and walked over, "Sir, Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han's ten thousand troops are still in the Royal Army camp. Should we let them join us or...?"

  I said, "Xiao Lie, do you have a better idea?"

  Xiao Lie nodded, "Why don’t we search for a new base to also act as a foundation to strengthen the Royal Army in the future?"

  "How so?"

  "General, look. Southwest of Tian Ling City, around Flaming God Mountain Range, a place of ruins is waiting for a new master. As long as one throws in enough money and resources, it could become a steel castle, right?"

  I trembled, "Fan Shu City?"


  Xiao Lie's lone eye shone brightly, "Sir, why not ask His Majesty to get the rights to rebuild it and make it your Duke Suiding's land?"

  Xiao Lie's words were the start of a story. I was delighted. We lost Dragon’s Den, but we could get Fan Shu City as a base. Even the Heavens were helping me!

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