Chapter 825 - Dragon Calamity
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Zhan Long Chapter 825 - Dragon Calamity

Chapter 825 - Dragon Calamity

“Pa ta….” 

I was utterly shaken up. So much that my Zhen Yue Blade clattered to the ground. What the f*ck happened? Odelia killed Gawain in the end. He didn’t even drop a single hair. In the end, Odelia snatched away the Purple Wind Sword. It was as if all of our schemes and plans to get ahead of the other players were all for naught! However, in retrospect, once Gawain activated his curse, if Odelia hadn’t killed him, then the entire player camp might have been decimated. It seems like it wasn’t wrong for Odelia to have killed him. We underestimated the strength of this Seventh Hybrid Demon King too much. 

I quickly bent over to pick up my Zhen Yue Blade and looked over at Odelia, “I haven’t seen you back in Dragon City for months now, so why is it that you decided to appear here?” 

Odelia pointed to the Purple Wind Sword and caressed the engravings on the blade with a smile, “I’ve been getting experience all over the place. What else would I be doing? Hm... these past few months, I went to the Sea of No Return, then I went to the Wild Giant Tribe Plains and the Dark Elf Territory. There were a few times where I wasn’t sure if I’d make it back or not. Afterwards, I went and made a bargain with the emperor of the Swamps and sold an iron spear that’s supposedly a god-tier weapon. All the money I got from that, I put into my gold bank!” 

“Gold bank?” 

I was startled, “What’s a gold bank?” 

Odelia giggled and threw the Purple Wind Sword into the sheath on her back. She crossed her arms over her chest, pushing up her full upper body, and smiled, “A gold bank is an organization that is founded on gold. Its main purpose is to travel the world and help the poor. Well, has my position in your heart just grown bigger?” 

I pursed my lips, “Alright already, you think gold is more important than life. How does someone like you freely give that out to help people that are suffering? Try that on someone else.” 

Odelia grinned, “Alright alright, looks like I can’t pull this one over you. It’s actually a fraud. Our actual goal is to get rid of cavities and diarrhea…” 

I couldn’t keep up with this conversation. I sprinted forward to examine Gawain’s body. Besides the Purple Wind Sword, he didn’t drop anything else. I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. I turned around to face the group of [Zhan Long] and Royal Army people and said, “Alright, time to advance into the city and kill Luo Lin. Once we take the city, our mission will be over!” 

Li Mu nodded and turned around to lead a group of Steel Blade Horsemen ahead. 

Han Yuan and Xiao Lie all made a headcount of the Royal Army numbers before ordering the injured soldiers to go back to camp to recover. The supply wagons and reinforcements had just reached the Revered One’s City. Numerous military doctors had come along with the troop. Like this, we could save the lives of the injured soldiers, which was one of the matters that was plaguing my mind. For this expedition into Luo Lin’s territory, while it did end in victory, my main objective was to minimize my losses. Otherwise, our army would end up like Theodore’s Flame Dragon Army. 

Thankfully, from the start of this expedition, the Royal Army’s losses did not exceed ten thousand. On the other hand, due to Theodore’s cruel tactics, while 150,000 came, only 90,000 were left in the Flame Dragon Army. Even though this last expedition ended in victory, the Flame Dragon Army probably lost its reputation as the number one army in Tian Ling City. Yet they won this bitter victory. King Rob will probably bestow a great award to the army. He might even incorporate another army into the Flame Dragon Army. Anything was possible. My only wish is that it won’t be the Royal Army. If it really happens, I definitely wouldn’t accept the order. Worse comes to worst, I’ll just rebel against the empire. This army was brought up entirely by me — I would never allow them to become some other person’s sacrificial offering. 


Small skirmishes were rising up all over the city. Frost and Qing Luo led a group of Dragon City soldiers into the city and were now clashing against Luo Lin’s Imperial Guard. At first glance, it was difficult to differentiate the two sides. 

I summoned my Flying Scythe Horse and galloped to the front lines of the Royal Army. While [Frost Wing]s provided me with the best support, it was too conspicuous. I would rather keep a low profile. 

Han Yuan’s long blade was filled with knicks and dents. Who knows how many Hybrid Demons he’s killed in this last battle. His face was covered in black blood. Without a care, he just wiped it off with his sleeve and continued fighting. When he saw me, he smiled, “General, looks like we’ve won! The empire’s cannons are truly powerful. It’s just like you predicted, Luo Lin and Gawain’s armies took enormous damage under the might of those machines!” 

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I nodded, “Don’t get arrogant. Let’s focus on quick attacks so this battle won’t drag on. Any one of the Demon Kings like Lanais, Xi Fu, Da Lun, or Ignaus could appear at any moment. Once they do, our remaining forces will not be able to stand against them.” 

“Yes sir!” 

Han Yuan swung his blade and roared, “Advance! We’ll break through the city gates in the next ten minutes. Once we break into the city, search every alley, every house and building for Luo Lin. Our mission is to bring this traitor of humanity’s head back to Tian Ling City! Everyone, don’t worry, as long as we kill Luo Lin, then our army should get promoted to the next tier and we’ll get double the pay!” 

Han Yuan wasn’t wrong. Tian Ling City is typically very generous with their rewards for military achievements. If we really did kill Luo Lin, then everyone in the Royal Army would get a reward! 

After Han Yuan’s words, all the men were pumped up. Filled with energy, they charged at the gates, clashing with Luo Lin’s Imperial Guard. There were casualties on both sides, and for every death from the Royal Army, there were two deaths in the Imperial Guard. After Gawain died, the morale of Luo Lin’s army was greatly fractured. If a Demon King could even be killed, how could these little soldiers stand up against us? 


Right as everyone was brimming with confidence, I heard the sound of dragon screeches. I couldn’t help but stop in the middle of battle. I leapt off my Flying Scythe Horse and climbed up one of the archer towers. Looking into the dark clouds, all I could see were dark shadows. I felt my heart tighten, “Not good…” 

Wan Er flew over to my side and asked, “What is it?” 

“Their reinforcements are here!” 

I looked into the distance and said, “Wan Er, tell the Dragon Steel Horsemen to create a defense formation and stop our advance on the city. The reinforcements are in the north, and if I’m not mistaken, they’ve come from the Wild Dragon Tribe Territory!” 


Wan Er lightly landed on the ground and concisely relayed her orders. All ten thousand of [Zhan Long]’s men retreated out of the city and created a defense formation in the streets. I then warned the Royal Army and the rest of the Tian Ling City players. Only [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Heros Mound] retreated. The rest continued their attack on the city. Frost had noticed as well, and she took her Dragon City Knights to the border with the cannons. She lined up a few of the Dragon Crystal Cannons there. 

After a few minutes, the thick clouds above us dissipated and dragon screeches resounded in the air. One of the flame dragons peaked out of the clouds and fiercely looked at the ground. It had an air of royalty. After slithering in the air, it suddenly opened its mouth and roared, “Lowly humans, you actually dare to commit such offense. Dragons, the time for our vengeance is here. Attack!” 

As it said that, the enormous flame dragon dove at the ground and threw a [Dragon Breath] at the armies. In just seconds, an entire crowd of Flame Dragon soldiers was burned to ashes. Another ice dragon flew out of the clouds, followed by a black dragon, and then another. Numerous dragons were appearing in the sky. There were at least a thousand in the sky! 

Han Yuan raised his blade and looked into the sky. He gulped, “So…. so many dragons. We’re done for, done for….” 

The Wild Dragon Tribe must have all come out. Ignaus had been hiding in the clouds! 

My heart skipped a beat and I retreated backwards, “It’s not like we can’t kill the dragons. Archers, when the dragons dive down, that’s when they’re most vulnerable. Reach as high as you can. Use [Scatter Shot] to stun them. If the dragons fall to the ground, knights, that’s when you take your chance to attack. Don’t be afraid. It’s already too late for us to run. At worst, we die!” 

Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K all nodded. Dancing Forest, General Lian Po, and Run Like Flames all created separate teams. They climbed into the city wall, went up the towers, and leapt onto the highest point. All the towers had roofs, hiding the archers from sight. After a few seconds, one of the black dragons rushed at the Steel Blade Horsemen’s formation and opened its enormous mouth. It stretched its long neck and began using [Dragon Breath]. 


A sharp arrow flew out. It came from Dancing Forest. “Peng!” [Scatter Shot] was incredibly accurate and landed right in the flying black dragon’s eye. Right then, the dragon choked and fell towards the ground. When it fell, it crushed a few Steel Blade Horsemen to death. Li Mu and Wang Jian immediately led their troops forward and surrounded the dragon. It was a Demon Harvest Tier BOSS, Level 156. We could still kill it. 

In the other direction, Run Like Flames attracted another Flame Dragon over. General Lian Po dealt a meticulous shot, dropping the dragon near Matcha and Meng Yao’s team. After surrounding it, [Zhan Long] killed another one. 

Despite these victories, there were still countless massive dragons hovering over the city and killing our team members like bugs. In this turn of events, the tables were turned and the Demons were crushing the Royal and the Flame Dragon armies. 


“Crossbow Carts!” 

Long Xing raised his spear and roared orders. The Royal Army’s crossbow carts turned directions and were pointed at the sky. “Pa pa pa!” Iron arrows flew out of the carts. While the accuracy was low, the crossbow carts released masses of arrows, dropping the dragons to the ground one after another. A group of knights would then charge ahead and bring them down. 


A blue force suddenly cut across the field. Frost was no longer in her original position. She flew into the air and dealt several sword slashes. Three dragons howled and fell to the ground. Frost was a superior god, and killing dragons was like cutting vegetables. 

On the city wall, the Queen Zi Shu sat on a ledge with her legs crossed. She finally had to act. Scales began to appear on her face and she shouted, “You b*st*rds, you actually dare to act so wild! Grrr!” 

She roared and her armor split apart, revealing the scaly skin underneath. Her body was growing incredibly fast and she revealed her original form. Red Dragon Queen Zi Shu suddenly charged into the clouds and killed off the dragons one after another. Each hit was incredibly heavy. Looks like Zi Shu also knew that this was a life or death moment. 

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