Chapter 824 - A Sham Ending
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Zhan Long Chapter 824 - A Sham Ending

Chapter 824 - A Sham Ending


That was the moment Luo Lin felt his first sliver of fear. Most of his strength had originated from Despair. Now that it was destroyed, his original feeling of invincibility was now replaced with terror. He trembled slightly and suddenly opened his palm. Streams of flames unfurled from his palm. 


Surprise flashed across Frost’s beautiful face, but she didn’t make a move. Luo Lin’s attack was easily parried by the armor that surrounded her body, not leaving a single mark. Once the smoke dissipated, Luo Lin had disappeared. He must have escaped to the depths of the Revered One’s City. 


“Now, we can kill Gawain!” 


While Frost’s words were very cool, it was like a death sentence the second the words flew out of her mouth. Queen Zi Shu leaped onto the city walls and raised her long sword, challenging Gawain to a fight. While Gawain was a strong BOSS, he wasn’t much stronger than Queen Zi Shu, much less when Frost joined the opposition. Clearly, Gawain had no choice but to die. With the fourteen Dragon Knights hovering over the sky, Gawain didn’t even have a chance to escape. 



I raised my long sword and continued the charge against the mobs of monsters. This battle must be the last opportunity we have to gain achievement points, right? There was no way I was going to let this slip away…. As for Gawain, I’ll join in when he’s at the end of his health bar. Right now, Gawain still had the strength to kill us. 


Qing Qian sat on the side of the wall with monster corpses all around her. It looked almost as though she was getting a little tired. After wiping away some of the sweat on her forehead, she smiled at me, “Brother Xiao Yao, I just received some news that the Eighth Hybrid Demon King, “Demon Frost Emperor” is leading a mob of Ice Ram Corps in an invasion on the Western Shores of the Sea of No Return. Looks like they’re planning on crossing the sea to attack the American Server’s main city——Iron Skull City!” 


I replied, “Demon Frost Emperor? I didn’t see it in our research before. That must be another server’s BOSS, right?” 


“Something like that….” Qing Qian giggled, “This Demon Frost Emperor even brought a country weapon from the American Server. Killing him leaves a 100% chance of dropping it. All that’s left is to see if there’s someone in the American Server who has the ability to kill this Demon Frost Emperor.” 


I was stunned, “With the combined forces of an entire country, killing a single BOSS should be an easy task. Just what kind of country weapon does that Demon Frost Emperor have?” 


Dong Cheng Yue chimed in, “It’s a weapon all us mage players dream of owning. It’s a country weapon tier staff called, ‘Staff of the Ice Queen - Aisha’s Staff.’ Without a doubt, this staff will eventually become a pain for our Chinese Server!” 


“Aisha’s Staff?” 


I smiled, “No worries, if we get the opportunity, we can poach the weapon from them. Aisha’s Staff, it will one day belong to our Dong Cheng!” 


Dong Cheng giggled, “Well well, my dearest Brother Xiao Yao has finally resorted to using country weapons to pick up girls? Alright, if you give me Aisha’s Staff, then I’ll agree to live with you for a month.” 


I broke into a grin, “Alright alright, focus on killing monsters and stop joking around.” 


Dong Cheng left with a smile on her lips. 



Everything was proceeding smoothly. Even after Gawain cast several tornado skills, an entire section of the city wall had collapsed. His right arm had taken serious damage, and he could barely lift the Purple Wind Sword. This once aloof Hybrid Demon King was now forced into an almost pitiable state of retreat. 




As her dragon roared, Qing Luo charged ahead. Her Dragon Sword was filled with energy as she cut deep into Gawain’s body. Gawain let out a howl and was thrown into the rubble with 35% of his health left. 


“Can we go fight Gawain now?” Li Mu asked. 


I nodded, “Let’s go. After that, we’ll enter the city!” 


A crowd of [Zhan Long] players all charged up onto the city wall and began entering the inner city. In the distance, I could see a group of the Revered One’s warriors charging out to meet them. They must’ve been the inner city guards, similar to the palace troops. Most of them weren’t even Level 157, and they were all Tier 7 Hybrid Demons. Luo Lin stood behind the group of men with a new sword in hand as he roared, “Kill. Go and help Gawain! Messenger, call for the Sword Spirit Knights. Have those lazy bugs get the f*ck out here. If the Revered One’s City falls, they won’t have the chance to happily live out their lives anyways. Don’t forget, the last king of Tian Ling City died in their hands, do they really think that King Rob will show mercy?!” 




In the city, a group of players and knights had prepared their formations and were ready to meet the enemy. The Steel Blade Horsemen, the Azure Ox Corps, and the Ice Ram Cavalry were all gathered together. They immediately launched the final attack on the Revered One’s Troops. I was among them and activated my [Frost Wing]s as support. With my swords in hand, I cut into the mob. One after another, I dealt deathly blows, steadily increasing my achievement points. 

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Under the protection of Enchanted Painting, Fang Ge Gue led an attack to flank the enemy. This was perhaps the greatest weakness of mages. They couldn’t fight on the frontlines and needed to be protected by other players in order to launch their spells. As such, even though Fang Ge Que’s damage far exceeded my own, he was no match for the number of monsters that I already killed. 





Several Greedy Wolf Raiders burst out of a nearby blacksmith shop. Call Me Master raised her spear and leaped out of the group. She wiped away some blood from the corner of her mouth, “D*mn, Gawain’s got a lot of strength….” 

Soon after, another few Greedy Wolf Raiders flew through the air and crashed through the windows. “Peng!” The blacksmith store nearly split in two. Gawain roared in fury, “Did you ants think you could kill me? Dream on!” 


Right as he said that, “Pa!” an arrow buried itself in his forehead. Dancing Forest had her longbow in hand and gasped, “Did I just make a big mistake?” 


“What do you think?” 


I was utterly speechless, “Steel Blade Horsemen, prepare your formations and charge!” 


As I expected, we had completely provoked Gawain’s fury. Wind surrounded Gawain’s Purple Wind Sword. He swept his blade out and threw a dozen of the Steel Blade Horsemen into the air. One of them was even instantly killed. The rest were left in critical condition. I immediately flew forward and shouted, “Heal me!” 

My Zhen Yue Blade met the Purple Wind Sword head on. The force of the impact made me retreat a few steps. Under my control, my Dragon Reservoir Sword flew into the air with a [Blade Spin], dealing several blows to Gawain. He returned the favor, but each time he threw a slash, he couldn’t kill me. All the healers in the area were supporting me after all. This Demon King Tier BOSS soon came to the realization that he couldn’t kill me. Rather, all of the [Zhan Long] players were currently whittling away his health. He had no choice but to turn tail and run. His health was now under 10%. 


I followed close behind and smiled, “Like this, Gawain will be [Zhan Long]’s!” 


Unfortunately, there were just too many unpredictable variables in a battle. Two other groups suddenly joined the fray. One was [Vanguard]’s cavalry, personally lead by Jian Feng Han, while the other was the [Legend]’s Azure Ox Corps, lead by Xuan Yuan Feng. The three troops surrounded the plaza. Looks like this is Gawain’s final resting place. 


Another chaotic battle. My heart sunk; there was a chance that Gawain wouldn’t fall to [Zhan Long]. 


There were just too many ways this battle could end. 



“You d*mn*d ants, don’t you even dare to think of killing me. That will never happen, not even in a million years!” 

Gawain charged out of the crowd of people, his armor covered in blood. There were some from the players, and some of his own. Little by little, his health was falling, and in the blink of an eye, it was already down to 5%. However, with three great player guilds attacking all at once, even when we kill him, we wouldn’t be able to tell which guild killed the boss. This situation was just too nerve-racking. 


Li Mu roared, “Xiao Yao, I’ll take the Valiant Bravery Camp to force the Azure Ox Corps away, how does that sound? Enchanted Painting isn’t here, and Xuan Yuan isn’t nearly up to par to hold us off.” 

I looked into the distance and shook my head, “No, let’s not initiate any attacks on [Legend]. It doesn't’ look as though they plan on moving against us. Let’s not open that box.” 




Right then, Gawain let out a howl and flew into the sky. Powerful winds surrounded his body. This b*st*rd is planning on activating a final resort! He roared, “If I’m destined to die, then why don’t we all die together? Adventurers of Tian Ling City, the Royal Army, Theodore and his d*mn*d Flame Dragon Army, I’m taking all of you down with me, then my life will have been worth it!” 


The air around us seemed to suddenly grow heavy. “Hong!” The blacksmith store was completely crushed by the wind. An enormous black cyclone grew out of the rubble. Swords and battle-axes were wrapped into the storm, turning to sharp projectiles. I was stupefied, and I felt my heart grow cold. What terrifying destructive power. He really is the son of the storm! 


In the city, numerous cyclones sprung up. Not far from us, one of the cyclones appeared in the middle of the Flame Dragon troops. It instantly killed over a thousand men and immediately turned them into mush. There wasn’t even time for the men to cry out. Gawain’s attack was just too OP. He was planning on sacrificing this Revered One’s City to deal this one critical blow! 

Luo Lin gripped his palms and roared, “Gawain, have you gone insane? You’re actually activating this curse in my city? You d*mn b*st*ard!” 



Gawain paid no heed to Luo Lin’s words. As before, he continued calling the storms into the city. Just in the area that was surrounding him, there were several tornadoes with blade-like winds. A group of Steel Blade Horsemen and Azure Ox cavalrymen who participated in the charge were instantly killed. This must be a Hybrid Demon tier BOSS’ real power, right? It completely dominated the players’ levels and defenses. 

Right then, a shadow flashed across the sky. I could barely track the movement because it was so fast. It even surpassed the speed of the tornado! 


In that moment, the air seemed to freeze. “Ka Cha!” Gawain’s howl was cut short and the tornados around him dissipated. 


“Pa pa…” 


Fresh blood dripped on the ground and Gawain’s head was cut off. The one carrying the sword was none other than a young woman dressed in all black. Her figure did not lose to Wan Er’s at all. When she removed the mask, she revealed a beautiful face. With the Purple Wind Sword in hand, she smiled, “He he, the Purple Wind Sword is finally mine!” 


I was startled, my eyes widening, “Odelia….” 


Odelia looked over at me and said, “Well well, if it isn’t you. It’s been a while, do you miss me yet?” 



All of the players were speechless. 

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