Chapter 823 - Destruction of a Holy Weapon
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Zhan Long Chapter 823 - Destruction of a Holy Weapon

Chapter 823 - Destruction of a Holy Weapon

The moment those Ghoul Cannons appeared, Tian Ling City’s great troops made a split second decision. Those Ghoul Cannons fired one after another at the numerous human troops. Furthermore, Ghoul Cannons could instantaneously produce high temperatures of over 3000 degrees. Almost everything in its vicinity would get incinerated. Just a few of those cannonballs were enough to kill several hundred men. I couldn’t help but feel my gut wrench at the sight before me. The only way to bring my army back to a five thousand man count would be to find and recruit some new barbarians from the Barbarian Lands. 




One of the Ghoul Cannonballs fell at the center of the Flame Dragon Cavalry. This time, Theodore personally led the charge with a golden shield tied to his arm and his Marshall’s Sword in hand. He roared, “Victory rests on this last attack. Charge! As long as we get close to the walls, their cannons will be useless. Scale the walls and destroy those Ghoul Cannons!” 


Cannon fire continuously burst from the walls. Despite that, masses of brave Tian Ling Soldiers continued surging ahead. Many of the cavalrymen who reached the city abandoned their horses to climb the stepladders. Unfortunately, the archers standing on top of the wall weren’t there for decoration. They released a volley of arrows that fell upon the Flame Dragon Army and the players like rain. The attack power was terrifying! 


Hooves trampled across the earth as ten thousand Steel Blade Horsemen charged at the walls. I urged my Flying Scythe Horse ahead of the crowd, leading the army forward. Running alongside [Zhan Long] were [Judgement]’s Ice Ram Knights and [Legend]’s Azure Ox Horsemen. Numerous groups of players were running straight at the cannonfire. Meng Yao, Matcha, and Yao Yan were among the front lines of players. They had raised their shields early on, blocking the arrows and decreasing the damage to the players nearby. 




I swept out my blade and leaped from my horse. Frosty feathers fluttered around me as a pair of [Frost Wing]s burst from my back. “PA!” I stepped into the air and launched myself upward. With a sweep, I threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] right into the crowd of archers. I lurched forward and stabbed my Dragon Reservoir Sword in front of me, throwing a golden hexagram combo into the crowd of monsters. When a group of Magic Sword Masters came rushing at me, I stepped onto one of the stone bricks on the wall and “peng!”, released an ice aura in all directions, freezing them in their places. This granted valuable time for the horsemen and the Royal Army to crawl up the wall. 


“D*mn*d b*st*rd…” 


Not far from me, Gawain casted a disgusted glare in my direction. The Purple Wind Sword in his hand began to glow and he dashed at me, roaring, “Frost’s student? Accept your demise!” 


The Purple Wind Sword came at me too quickly and I had no choice to parry the attack. “Keng!” I felt my entire left arm go numb. I nearly let go of my Zhen Yue Blade. Gawain moved even faster and knocked away my Zhen Yue Blade, throwing another slash at my chest. In that one attack, he managed to split right through the defense of my Hidden Dragon Armor——



My [Wall of Dou Qi] was nearly shattered by the single blow. I immediately cast a [Cleansing Rain] while I was in the air and gulped down a health potion, refilling half of my health bar. Without waiting for me to catch my breath, Luo Lin came at me from the other side. He held his sword, Despair, with both hands and snickered, “Die!” 





This time, my [Wall of Dou Qi] broke apart and I shot towards the ground like a bullet. Wind rushed past my ears before I fell into a pit at the bottom of the wall, covered in blood. I looked up at the wall only to see Luo Lin’s foot on top of one of the Ghoul Cannons that was aimed right at me. “Peng!” A red cannonball flew right at me. 


I clenched my teeth and struggled to get up, spreading my [Frost Wing]s out. I got on my feet and leaped into the air, flying straight forward in a Z-shape. “Peng, peng, peng.” Explosions burst behind me. Thankfully, the Ghoul Cannons didn’t fire particularly quickly, or else I would’ve died instantly. 


On the wall, Han Yuan was leading a group of Royal Army soldiers in a charge right into the group of Hybrid Demons. He roared, “Kill them all, avenge the commander!” 


It seems that too much dust and smoke had obscured the scene. Han Yuan thought that I had been killed by Gawain and Luo Lin. 

Right then, Li Mu and Wan Er had directed their Steel Blade Horsemen to the top of the wall. [Legend] and [Judgement] had also taken heavy damages but they also made it to the top. The Tian Ling Army camp was taking this city no matter what. No matter how strong Luo Lin and Gawain were, they were just two mortals in the end. There was no way they could stand against tens of thousands of men and horses. Not to mention the fact that two high tier NPCs like Frost and Zi Shu were still on the battlefield. For Luo Lin and Gawain, this was akin to living a nightmare. 



After recovering all of my health, I raised my blade and charged back to the wall. Without a doubt, [Frost Wing] was an incredibly helpful skill. I didn’t even have the altitude limit that other Wind Elves had. I could fly as high as I wanted to. If I were really bored, I could probably spend several hours flying upward. However, I wasn’t particularly interested in exploring. After all, my current goal was to seize this city and minimize [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army’s losses. 


On the city wall, I heard the several dragon shrieks. Qing Luo had finally guided her fifteen Dragon City Dragon Knights in the attack. Fifteen enormous dragons hovered above the wall. One after another, dragon spears and dragon swords that were filled with energy cut down the Ghoul Cannons. This was a critical hit for the Revered One’s City. 




Luo Lin roared and leaped off the wall. With Despair in one hand, he charged at one of the Silver Dragon Knights. The knight’s name was Yu Ping. Seeing the boss charge right at him, he panicked and raised his spear to parry the blow. He did not know just how sharp Despair was. “Ka Cha!” The spear broke apart in his hands. “Bug, crawl on the ground where you belong!” 




A godly power gathered in Luo Lin’s fist and in the next second, the Dou Qi from his Holy Domain rushed forward. Yu Ping, the Silver Dragon Knight, wailed and fell to the ground. A long cut opened up on the dragon’s left wing. Silver blood spurted forward and the dragon screeched as it tried to crawl out of the ditch. As it gingerly protected the knight on its back, I could see it wince in pain. 


Qing Luo’s eyes burned red with tears. She raised her long sword and directed her dragon right at Luo Lin. 


Right then, Frost stopped her and calmly said, “Qing Luo, back off. Leave Luo Lin to me.” 


Qing Luo nodded, “Yes, my lady!” 


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Luo Lin gripped Despair in his hands. He coldly smiled at Frost and said, “What, now that you’re in a new body, you think you can win against my Despair? Frost, do you still remember how we used to duel each other in Dragon City? Have you ever beaten me?!” 


Frost’s eyes were cold and emotionless, “Do not bring up the past with me. You will never return to being the Luo Lin of the past, and I will never return to being the Frost of that time. If you really think that you are undefeatable, then let’s exchange three blows first!” 


“Come at me!” 


Luo Lin’s arm shuddered and golden runes began to materialize. They began revolving around his body, and this was a skill that boosted his defense. 


A smile appeared on Frost’s lips. She slightly raised her left hand and “Peng!”, lightly swatted away one of the Ghoul Cannons that was aimed at her. Like a mountain, she didn’t make much movement, but the power behind her blow was incredibly awesome. Her Severing Beauty Sword was completely wrapped in gold light. It was the power of a Superior Goddess. The light almost looked like a lotus flower. With her right hand, she threw a slash with her Severing Beauty Sword! 


All of Luo Lin’s holy power was concentrated in his Despair. The energy of the sword created a golden light that protected his body. 




Frost’s sword came down upon him and threw him back a dozen meters. “Peng!” Luo Lin’s armor had completely shattered. In a frenzy, he had completely forgotten the previous deal to take three of her hits, and he launched Despair straight at Frost’s chest. 

Frost clenched her teeth and formed an ice shield around her chest. Luo Lin’s Despair pierced through the shield, but it couldn’t scratch through her armor. Instead, he was thrown back by the force. Wind rose up around her slim and elegant body as Frost danced in the air before she opened her left hand to strike Luo Lin’s back with a lotus-shaped ice power! 




Luo Lin screeched and released the sword in his hand. The ice began to spread out from his back, making him shudder. His trembling right hand gripped his left arm as he shot a stunned look at Frost. 


Frost elegantly reached out for Despair’s hilt and lightly pulled it out of its place with her shield. The ice shield released its hold on the weapon. Looking at Despair, Frost bit her bottom lip, “This is the demonic sword that takes away the humanity of men, making men fall to the Demon tier?” 




A golden light rose from Frost’s palm and began to envelop Despair. Luo Lin’s expression turned to one of horror. He roared, “You, what are you doing?” 


Without another word, Frost maintained her control over the weapon. With both hands, she channeled energy into Despair. After a few seconds, this undefeatable, godly weapon began to burn red. Soon after, it became so hot that it melted into liquid. Frost, was she planning on melting Despair?!


With one hand casting the energy over the crimson sword, Frost’s hatred was apparent in her expression, “This turned the leader I had sworn fealty to into a man who must die. I hate Despair!” 

As she said that, she raised her hand and threw the melted sword into the air. “Peng!” It dispersed in the air and rushed to a distant mountain like bullets. A powerful breeze passed by us. Luo Lin was dumbfounded. He could barely make out the words, “This… how could this be…” 

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