Chapter 822 - Gawain's Secret Weapon
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Zhan Long Chapter 822 - Gawain's Secret Weapon

Chapter 822 - Gawain's Secret Weapon

After I logged off, I ate a simple dinner and took a quick shower. Everything took less than half an hour to complete. I logged back on as soon as I could to get back into battle. It was only half an hour after I logged on that Wan Er and Dong Cheng finally came back. The two girls were slower than usual. When they logged back on I couldn’t help but comment, “Did you girls take forty minutes to shower?” 


Dong Cheng raised her Deer Cry Staff and wryly smiled, “We came after fixing our makeup, duh…” 


“Makeup?” I was speechless, “Does makeup increase your stats?” 




Wan Er smiled, “Well, our opponents are Luo Lin and Gawain. We can lose soldiers but we can’t lose our footing. That’s why we put on makeup before battle!” 


I was completely defeated by the two brats. On the other hand, the other [Zhan Long] players died on the spot. They had seen these two beauties in person before, but seeing them play coy and being mischievous like that was the finishing blow for them. 



The battle situation was not very optimistic. When we activated the Dragon Crystal Cannons around seven hundred feet away from the city, we realized that the cannon balls couldn’t penetrate the city walls. The only remaining strategy that was left was to attack the city head-on. However, the problem was that Gawain and Luo Lin were both guarding the city walls. Attacking it was no easy task. 


Below the city walls, there was a chaotic fray of humans and demons alike. Healing light rays flashed across the battlefield, resting on the players. Theodore had his Marshall’s Sword in hand and he stood on the stage of the central tent, his face content. It was as though losing 80,000 of his 150,000 men was enough of a sacrifice for him to deserve victory. But, based on what I observed, there were actually not many Hybrid Demons left in the city. It was for that reason that Gawain and Luo Lin’s expressions were steadily growing uglier. They must have never imagined that Tian Ling City’s determination would be so great, and our might so strong. 


I carefully studied the system interface. Of the millions of players that came, only hundreds of thousands were left remaining. As for the achievement rankings, I remained firmly in first place. The boost my [Frost Wing]s gave me was just too strong. Even a crazy monster like Fan Ge Que couldn’t beat me. If everything went smoothly, then I’d be number one on the rankings again——

  1. Li Xiao YaoAchievement: 771

  2. Fang Ge QueAchievement: 698

  3. SimpleAchievement: 664

  4. Cang Yue Achievement: 659

  5. Mu Xuan Achievement: 622

  6. Cang TongAchievement: 591

  7. Ye LaiAchievement: 585

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  8. Drunken SpearAchievement: 570

  9. Q-SwordAchievement: 554



Fang Ge Que was in second place, while Simple and Dong Cheng Yue were close behind. The gaps between them all were very narrow. Mu Xuan and Wan Er were in fifth and sixth place respectively. Seventh place went to Enchanted Painting. That little girl didn’t have many area of effect attacks, and she usually couldn’t even get into the top ten. But now that she had a country weapon, she easily made it into the top seven. Closely following her were Ye Lai, Drunken Spear, and Q-Sword. Unfortunately, Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior didn’t even make the top ten. There were numerous high-level players in Tian Ling City, and the competition was fierce. They were barely in the top twenty…. 


Last time we received rewards, we didn’t have much experience with the format and we didn’t know what to do. But this time, if all goes well, everyone would get to choose to exchange their achievement points for Military Achievements. Fang Ge Que and Drunken Spear both got the sweet end of the deal. I, on the other hand, was an example among the players. Everyone knew how I assumed this position as the Commander of the Royal Army. All of the youths in the game dreamt of becoming the commander of their own armies. After all, there was no end to a grand dream. 


In the blink of an eye, another half hour passed and there was finally a break in between the Hybrid Demon attacks. Luo Lin shouted the orders, “Close the gates!” 


A few bulky giants began to turn the handle, closing the great gates. The moment the great gates were slammed shut, we all realized that they were completely fire-resistant and they wouldn’t fall to an explosion. The steel doors were an entire meter thick. Normal slashes were like an itch. Rather than ramming the doors down, we might as well just scale the wall. 


Seeing the flow of monsters stop, the increase in achievement points also slowed to a stop. At that point, quite a few started to panic. Soaring Dragon raised his staff and walked up to the gates and shouted, “Why don’t the NPCs just lay siege on the city? What are they getting paid for?” 


Drunken Spear calmly reminded him, “Do not worry.” 


Fierce Tiger raised his battle axe and smiled, “Boss, how about I take three thousand brothers and test out the city? Look, the NPCs have already brought over the ladders. If we just take them, we’ll go straight to Luo Lin and Gawain.” 


Drunken Spear chuckled.


Fierce Tiger glared, “Little flower, what the f*ck are you laughing at?” 


Drunken Spear turned his horse around and pointed at the Flame Dragon Army, “Tiger Bro, look, the Flame Dragon Army’s cannons are still red. A drop of sweat will evaporate right off it. By the time you take your men to attack the city walls, the all mighty Crown Prince Theodore will release another round of cannons at the wall. Let’s see how bitterly you die then.” 


Sweat formed on Fierce Tiger’s forehead, “D*mm*t, alright then, I’ll just wait for the NPCs to start first.” 


Soaring Dragon cautiously looked at the Royal Army’s formation and said, “Compared to the Flame Dragon Army, the Royal Army doesn’t lack that many fewer cannons. Do you suppose Li Xiao Yao is using this expedition as a way to take revenge… he wouldn’t point those cannons at enemy guilds would he… Our [Flying Dragon] wouldn’t be spared from his hit list... “ 


Drunken Spear chuckled again, “Boss, don’t worry about that. Li Xiao Yao isn’t that kind of man. If he really were that petty, I’m afraid that he would’ve long decimated our [Flying Dragon], or the [Wrath of Heroes], or the [Knights Templar]. Think about it. [Zhan Long] and Li Xiao Yao definitely have the power, they just decide to not use it.” 

Soaring Dragon nodded, “I hope it is as you say it is. D*mn, why haven’t those NPC soldiers started attacking yet? Are they waiting to hold another meeting?” 

“Don’t worry, if you want to kill the Hybrid Demons, there will be plenty of chances. All you have to do is patiently wait!” 





All of the players were restless and they shuffled around, but nobody made any direct attacks. After all, around seven to eight hundred thousand players had come, and now less than 10% were left. If this were a medieval battle, we would’ve admitted defeat before we even hit 20%. After all, at that point, the medieval soldiers would’ve already long lost faith. An army made up of villagers would probably end up shaking in their boots the second the enemy appeared anyway. Ultimately, it looks like a player army is the true army that is full of courage! 


Unfortunately, this determination is built on the fundamental understanding that the players can revive after dying. If dying meant the end of life, I think most of the players and guilds here would just leave by pulling out their City Return Scrolls. Who would sacrifice their lives for a bullsh*t empire like ours? 


Luo Lin stood at the top of the city wall with his weapon, Despair, in hand. He coldly looked down at the masses of the Tian Ling City soldiers and maliciously laughed, “D*mn, these bugs have actually managed to force their way to our gates. This humiliation is too great!” 

Gawain grimly replied, “Almost all my men are dead. They are the last of the Blizzard empire’s warriors after all. Luo Lin, how do you plan on compensating me?” 


Luo Lin smiled back, “Brother Gawain, don’t worry. After today, The mines in the Eastern Mountain Range are all yours. I will recruit some smiths among the humans to help you rebuild your weapons. Besides, as long as you still have the King’s Power, then after this battle, we can revive all the dead warriors. When that time comes, we’ll let these Tian Ling City ants fight their own soldiers!” 


Gawain roared, “Alright, Luo Lin, this cruelty is exactly what I love about your personality!” 


“Not at all, you’re flattering me. But what do we do now?” Luo Lin seemed a bit anxious. “How should we deal with their next attack on the city? You witnessed it yourself. Tian Ling has brought quite a few stepladders with them on this expedition!” 


Luo Lin simply replied, “We’ll just order all your horseback archers to dismount and come to support the battle from the city walls. Naturally, I’ll activate my secret weapon. We can’t let those humans think that they’re the only ones in this city battle with firepower!” 


“Oh, so that’s how it is…. Haha…” Luo Lin roared in laughter. It was so loud that even we could hear it. The taunting tone of his laugh was hard to miss. 


Theodore picked up his Marshall’s Sword, his face green, “Men, attack the city!” 


Right then, heavy carts rolled on ahead, crunching over the ground below and bringing forward the battle machines. The step ladders in particular were pushed towards the city walls and were further protected by heavy shields and guards. 



Han Yuan walked up to me and asked, “Commander, are we attacking with them?” 


If we let the Flame Dragon Army attack the walls on their own, it would make the Royal Army look as though we were cowards. I nodded, “Have the Blade and Shield troops protect the stepladders first. Maintain the position of the cavalry. This isn’t their battlefield.” 


“Yes sir, I will personally lead our men!” 


“Good.” All of a sudden, I felt a little apprehensive and shouted, “Han Yuan, wait!” 


Han Yuan turned around, “What is it sir?” 


I added a warning, “Don’t take Luo Lin and Gawain head-on. You can’t fight them. I want you to come back alive!” 


Han Yuan smiled, “General, don’t worry. From the day I joined the military, I have already looked past the matters of life and death. But, it is as General said, I will do my best to come back alive!” 


I laughed, “Alright then, go on!” 


I looked over at Li Mu, Wan Er, and the rest in the distance. I typed in the guild chat: “[Zhan Long] should attack the walls too. We can’t just let the NPCs fight by themselves. They won’t be able to hold their positions. I have a feeling that Luo Lin and Gawain are still hiding cards up their sleeves.” 

Wan Er piped up, “Agreed!” 



[Zhan Long]’s army pushed forward alongside the NPCs. Everyone understood that we were interdependent on the NPCs. [Judgement] and [Hero’s Mound] followed suit because of this. One after another, the step ladders fell against the great walls. We were but a step away from the city. Right then, droves of archers suddenly appeared at the top. They were armed with long bows and a powerful volley of arrows rained down on the NPCs and players. 


At the foot of the walls, the guildmaster of [Thousand Mound] Not Ordinary commanded, “Greedy Wolf Troops, advance!” 


You Yi and Minimalist led their Greedy Wolf Corps and rushed at the city. There was a whole legion of them. Looks like [Thousand Mound] managed to maintain their numbers fairly well. Those cowards… 


Right then, a rumble sounded and numerous black cannons appeared at the top. There was a blood red magical aura emanating off the mouths of the cannons and I could even hear faint cries coming from them. 


Gawain smugly said, “Ghoul Cannons, advance!” 




The cannons shuddered and a crimson ball fell from the city walls. “Hong!” It exploded among the Greedy Wolf Raiders and the humans. One after another, damages of over 50,000 flew up. Close to a hundred Greedy Wolf Raiders were instantly killed. Those who managed to survive were left with critical health. One player’s face went pale, “Motherf*cker, what kind of cannon is that…” 

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