Chapter 769 - Steel Bones
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Zhan Long Chapter 769 - Steel Bones

Chapter 769 - Steel Bones

Unifying the kingdoms and defeating each and every one of the main cities of the seven servers? 


At first, the idea of it sounded crazy. Despite that, my heart began to leap at the prospect of it. Lin Tian Nan’s words did not sound demanding, but rather, a suggestion for a new goal. Additionally, it was a goal that I had hidden deep in my heart, despite how much I had thirsted for it. Can a man in the martial world truly live carefreely, and never interfere with the world? 


If he can’t, then he can only fight his way to the top and defeat the world! 



My eyes bright, I looked towards Lin Tian Nan and smiled, “I understand…” 

Lin Tian Nan smiled back and raised his cup, “Let’s drink another cup. Today is New Year’s Eve, it’s rare for you to find the time to stay with Wan Er on a holiday like this.” 


“Yup, thank you.” 


I wasn’t sure why I had said thank you. All I could think about was the excitement rushing through my veins. Because I knew, while it seemed like Lin Tian Nan was giving me a test, it also meant that he had accepted me as his daughter’s boyfriend. I’ve always been perplexed about whether or not I was truly suited to stay at Wan Er’s side for the rest of our lives. But now, I knew which way I was going. As long as I took [Zhan Long] and our brothers to each of the seven great cities, wouldn’t that mean that Lin Tian Nan would willingly allow me to have the apple of his eye? Even if I wasn’t able to complete the task, my situation wouldn’t be any worse than before. At the very least, he had now silently agreed to our relationship. 


Once I realized that, I couldn’t help but dash to the sofa and give Wan Er a big hug and to tell her everything that had happened. But, as I glanced over at her, I noticed that Wan Er was smiling at me. It looked like she had already realized everything that happened. Oh, that’s right. That brat has the ability to read minds. Even if she hadn’t read my mind, she could at least read her father’s. She must’ve found out what he was thinking? As my training continued to advance, my spiritual strength continued to grow stronger. Once Wan Er tries to read my mind, I immediately notice. Furthermore, I could protect against it. That’s why last time, when Wan Er was trying to find out why I was so happy, she had to mutter to me that she couldn’t read my mind. 


I raised the cup and gulped it down. I continued to drink with Lin Tian Nan and his butler. As we conversed, I found out that the butler was like an old friend. His wife had already passed away and his son was studying abroad. Thus, he was on his own, and decided to celebrate the New Year with Lin Tian Nan. 


As I listened on the conversation between the two old friends, I began to think of the game. The seven kingdoms of “Destiny” aren’t particularly weak countries. Defeating them one by one was not going to be an easy task. Besides that, we cannot underestimate the strength of the players. While the Chinese Servers are strong, the American, Indian, and Russian servers were equally as fierce. Defeating them one by one was not going to be an easy task. 


If [Zhan Long] were alone, I’m afraid it would be an extremely difficult task to unify the kingdoms. We needed to rely on our allies such as [Judgement] and [Enemies at the Gate]. And, if necessary, even [Legend], [Vanguard], [Hero’s Mound], and [Prague] could become our allies as well. On top of that, the NPC armies of the main cities were not to be disregarded. I had twenty thousand troops in my hands from the Royal Army that needed to be trained. As long as the army developed a superb battle power, then it would definitely become able to overcome any obstacle that comes at it. With them, we’d be able to execute any attack we want. 


When I realized that, I could hear my heartbeat pounding against my eardrums. I was beginning to realize that I was on the verge of becoming crazy. I considered all of the possible methods that we could use to defeat the other countries in the Destiny World, to the point where I was obsessed. And the source of it all was the beautiful girl behind me. Wan Er must know what I was thinking about, right? 



Around ten at night, Lin Tian Nan and Uncle Shang were getting tired. The two of them returned to their bedrooms for the night. Wan Er took me to my room, which had a very elegant design. Wan Er said that whenever Qin Wen came, she would sleep here. Normally, people outside of the family didn’t have the privilege of staying in this room. Looks like even Lin Tian Nan’s choice of rooms was a sign of his acceptance. 


After she showed me my room, Wan Er pulled me over to her room. The room itself was filled with comfort and warmth. I saw a row of stuffed animals resting at her pillows, acting as miniature guards for the little princess. There was a soft fire glowing in her fireplace, warming up the entire suite. I walked over to the window and pulled open the curtains. I could see the flicker of city lights in the distance, past the delicate snowflakes that were falling from the sky. The scene outside only made the room seem even more inviting and welcoming. 


I turned around and held Wan Er’s hand as I looked into her eyes. I  could feel my heart sigh, “From the first time we met, I couldn’t ever imagine that I would be able to be with you like this.” 




Wan Er couldn’t help but smile. She reached over to my waist and looked at me, “At first, I thought you were just a peeping b*st*rd, but… as the days passed, I realized that it was harder and harder for me to leave your side. Every minute without you seems like an eternity. To the point where, I don’t even know why I had fallen for you…” 


I smiled, “Now, if you put it that way, you’re truly breaking my heart…” 


Wan Er smiled back, “What, then give me a moment to think about why I like you…” 


“Yup, think quickly.” 


“Wu….” She leaned into my chest. She thought for a long moment, and then suddenly looked up with a smile, “Thinking is too hard. How about I think about it tomorrow…” 


“What, that’s too irresponsible…” 


She immediately gave me a pouty face, “You’re actually bullying me. You must not love me. What was it you said, you’d hold onto me forever, til death do we part…?” 


I exclaimed, “Did I say that?” 


“I dreamt it. You said it.” 


“Alright alright, you win!” 



And like that, I held Wan Er as we looked out into the snow. I dipped my head and gave her a soft kiss. Wan Er’s face was a deep red. She was clearly very bashful. But, she then turned around and got on her tiptoes to give me a kiss. I could feel the heat from her body. As I kissed her, my left hand moved up to her chest, as though possessed by a demon. Even through her clothes, the mound felt soft and springy in my hands. The feeling gave me an incredibly satisfied and wonderful feeling in my heart. I could barely keep myself controlled. 


“Ah…” When I let go, Wan Er let out a soft moan. It was as though she had been relieved. Her face was crimson now and she trembled. She looked down and didn’t dare to look into my face. 


I could feel my breath getting heavier. I gave her another hug and then helped her button up the shirt in front of her chest. She looked down at what I was doing and then grinned, “I’m just about to go to sleep, what are you doing, helping me put on my clothes?” 


I was struck by this unabashed joke, and then scratched my head, “What should I do then, should I help you take them off?” 


Wan Er’s blush deepened. She then bravely said, “Yup, today you are going to help me take off my clothes and put me to sleep. How does that sound?” 


I felt a warm feeling rush through my body, as though I was about to explode. Of course, it was a feeling of happiness exploding. How could I not feel happy with such a beautiful and cute girlfriend? 


Yup, it was time for me to step up and be a man! 


I reached out to hold Wan Er’s waist. The princess then leaned into my chest. We walked over to the bedside. “Pa!” We were tripped by the desk lamp’s wire. Thankfully, I reacted quickly and hoisted Wan Er onto the bed. “Peng!” I fell against the bed and hit my head. Even though a blanket had covered it, I felt my head sting. I quickly got up. Everything was good! 


Wan Er crawled up from the bed and looked at me, and asked, “Did you get hurt?” 


I rubbed my head and smiled, “No problem. Hey, I’m someone who has practiced martial arts. My bones are as hard as steel. What is this little bump going to do to me?” 


“But, I can already see the tears…” Wan Er reached out and rubbed the corner of my eye. She then licked it and smiled, “Salty…” 


I was completely stunned. I then gave her a hug and smiled, “Good Wan Er, hurry up and go to sleep. I’ll help you change…” 

“Ok, alright then…” 


I reached out and helped her take off her jacket. I then hung it on the hanger. Afterwards, I took off her white sweater. When I took it off, I noticed that she was wearing a thin shirt underneath. I could feel my heart beating, as though I couldn’t make it past this obstacle. I felt my hand tremble a little as I helped her take off the silk shirt. Now, my girlfriend, dressed only in her underwear, was laying in my embrace. Wan Er’s face was red as she trembled, “Alright, that’s enough….” 


I shamelessly smiled, “But there’s more, you’re not completely changed yet…” 


“Idiot, what are you trying to do to me!” Wan Er smiled at me with an embarrassed look. I knew, as long as I wanted it, she would never say no. If a girl likes you, you could tell just from her eyes, and right now Wan Er’s eyes had the warmth of springs. I could see the deep love that she had for me. If I couldn’t, then I was an idiot. 


However, I was in Wan Er’s house today. Lin Tian Nan and his crowd of bodyguards were still around. If I had done anything out of the ordinary… nevermind, there was still a lot of time! 


I tucked Wan Er into her blankets. But, I still felt a little unsatisfied. And so, I leaned over to Wan Er and reached under the covers. With a forceful tug, I opened her robe and placed my cold hands on her mesmerizing body. I felt my heart stop. After a few seconds, time resumed and I gave her a soft kiss and smiled, “I’m going to sleep. When do we head back tomorrow?” 


Wan Er smiled back, “Let’s go after lunch. I want to eat another meal with my dad. After lunch, we can head back. I know, you must be itching to go back and finish the daily quests, is that right?” 


I gave an awkward smile, “Yup, your dad wants me to unify the seven kingdoms of the world. That’s not an easy task. I have to make sure I completely utilize the full potential of the Royal Army in order to do so. Otherwise, unifying the seven kingdoms is only a dream and would be completely unrealistic.” 




Wan Er nodded and then gave me a kiss, “Don’t worry idiot. Qing Qian and I, along with Li Mu, Wan Jian and all the others are here to help. This isn’t just your burden!” 



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