Chapter 768 - Unifying the World
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Zhan Long Chapter 768 - Unifying the World

Chapter 768 - Unifying the World

“Hua hua…” 


The windshield wiper brushed away the falling snow. I made sure to drive slowly to avoid slipping. Either way, there weren’t many cars on the road, and the traffic was smooth. I would reach Lin Tian Nan’s house within half an hour. It was a manor style house. Truly, being rich is great! 


When the headlights of my A4 hit the wall, I could already see Wan Er and her white purse. Wan Er was dressed like a princess as she stood outside the house. Lin Tian Nan stood at her side with an umbrella. Behind them were several people who looked like servants and bodyguards. In a manor this large, Lin Tian Nan must be feeling lonely, and that’s why he had so many servants. 



My car came to a slow stop. I stepped out with an umbrella over my head. The snowflakes softly pattered against the umbrella. I could see fireworks everywhere, both near and far. The sparklers lit up Wan Er’s face with a soft glow. She smiled at me, “Well, looks like you’re on time!” 


I smiled and didn’t say anything. Lin Tian Tian Nan looked over at me and said, “Li Xiao Yao, you came?” 


“Yes, Mr. Lin.” 


Lin Tian Nan seemed a bit unhappy, “Don’t call me Mr. Lin, just call me Uncle Lin. There’s no need for the two of us to be so stiff. Besides, Wan Er, this brat, seems to rely on you quite a bit.” 


I had not expected him to say something like that, and was momentarily speechless. I finally said, “I’m sorry.” 


Lin Tian Nan smiled, “There’s no need to be sorry, this isn’t your fault anyway. Wan Er, this brat, has been spoiled by me since she was young. She’s got a terrible attitude. But… don’t you dare bully her. Even if she’s spoiled, you must go along with her, or else I will find you!” 


I felt a shiver run down my back, “Yes, understood.” 


As usual, Lin Tian Nan towered over everyone else, even as he held the umbrella. He continued, “Your salary for this month has already been transferred to your account. Wang Xing should also be updating you on some new information. I know receiving ten thousand every month must be nothing to you now. Your achievements in the game far surpass that amount. If you ever feel that it isn’t enough, that’s no problem. You can choose to leave. I won’t have a problem finding a new bodyguard for Wan Er.” 


As I stood in the snow, I looked up at Lin Tian Nan and said, “No need, I want to remain at Wan Er’s side.” 


Wan Er smiled and then gave Lin Tian Nan a peculiar look, “Dad, today is New Year’s Eve. Why do you keep talking about such strange topics? I don’t believe Li Xiao Yao has offended you, has he? Besides… you shouldn’t have much say in who I choose as my boyfriend. It was a decision we made.” 


Lin Tian Nan smiled, “I know, I’m not interfering too much. I just… care about you. Choosing your boyfriend is your decision. I will not interfere any more.” 




Wan Er smiled and then turned around to hug Lin Tian Nan. She then stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek, “Happy new years dad, I’m going to head out now?” 


Lin Tian Nan nodded. 


Wan Er jogged over to my side and hid under my umbrella. She then got into the car. I turned around to make my way to the drivers side. As I was walking away, I heard Lin Tian Nan say to his butler, “Girls leave the nest so fast… Old Shang, let’s go and drink for the new years!” 





I closed the car door. I glanced back at  Lin Tian Nan’s departing figure. It was very lonely and desolate. I felt my chest tighten, and finally said, “Wan Er, it’s not that good if we just leave in the middle of the night like this. Your dad’s the only one home!” 

Wan Er bit her lip and said, “But, he doesn’t particularly like you. I don’t want you to be embarrassed in front of him either. Really.” 


I thought for a moment and then said, “Nevermind. You should stay home tonight. Just let me borrow a room.” 


“Is that really ok?” Wan Er looked hopeful, and yet there was still some worry in her gaze. It looked like she actually really wanted to stay home, but she also wanted to be with me. As such, she was unsure of what to do. 


I nodded, “It’s fine, it's just one night.” 


“Ok!” Wan Er excitedly nodded and then kissed my cheek and smiled, “Pig, sometimes I think that you really are good to me. I’m starting to really fall in love with you…” 


I smiled, “You’re only just starting to fall in love with me? Man, and here, I liked you from the start…” 


“Hmph, you never said so.” 


“Well now I am…” 


Wan Er blushed and said, “You didn’t say you liked me until after we kissed. Isn’t that a bit late?” 

“Not at all. Hurry up and get out of the car, I’m going to close the door.” 





Wan Er got out of the car. Several snowflakes fell onto her hair as she ran straight for the door. “Pa La Pa La”. Lin Tian Nan looked back and saw that his daughter had come back. His eyes lit up and he smiled, “Wan Er, why’d you come back?” 

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Wan Er smiled, “I decided to spend New Year’s Eve at home… but dad, Li Xiao Yao will be sleeping over tonight, and you’re not allowed to say anything about it. Otherwise, I’ll get mad!” 


Lin Tian Nan grinned, “Alright alright… I won’t say anything. Just in time, the room next to yours is empty. I’ll have Li Xiao Yao stay there.” 



Once I entered Wan Er’s house, I was thinking about how generous I was. But, as before, I still had my reservations. They weren’t without cause. Especially since I had trained before, I shouldn’t be so cautious without rhyme or reason. Is it really only because I was at Wan Er’s house? 



Lin Tian Nan really went through with his promise and didn’t say any kind of criticism. All we did was gather around their dining table and drink. Wan Er brought some snacks and placed it at the center. Afterwards, she came over with a large pillow and waved me over to watch TV. There wasn’t much to the New Year’s Eve show, just some jokes and laughs. I sat on the side and chewed on sunflower seeds. 


Lin Tian Nan drank and looked at us. As Wan Er watched TV, she relaxed into my embrace. I could tell from Lin Tian Nan’s eyes that he would much rather separate us immediately. But at the same time, he had promised Wan Er to not interfere. I found this to be very amusing. A man of Lin Tian Nan’s status, the number one in Tian Jin Corporation was actually in such a position, all due to his treasured daughter. Lin Tian Nan’s weakness was clear, his daughter was the only one. 


Now that I thought about it, it was really strange. Lin Tian Nan had found a reliable bodyguard in order to protect his weakness, his daughter. And thus, Wang Xing went and found me. But it was also because of me, that Lin Tian Nan was starting to feel himself lose the love of his daughter. I felt as though he were a farmer, who had spent blood and tears to grow a cabbage, only for it to be taken by his own pig. To top it all off, he couldn’t do anything about it. 


“Li Xiao Yao?” 


After a long time, Lin Tian Nan called out my name. 


I turned around, “Uncle Lin, what is it?” 


“How about you drink some with me?” 




The servant filled a second cup for me. I then sat beside him. Lin Tian Nan watched me and said, “Li Xiao Yao, what kind of people are in your family?” 


I replied, “Auntie, and I have a sister.” 


“What about your parents?” 


“When I was very young, I heard that they disappeared. According to Auntie, they went to take on the Martial Arts World.” 


“Ha….” Lin Tian Nan couldn’t help but let out a sharp laugh, “Then, that must mean that you and your sister rely on each other quite a bit?” 




“When did you start practicing martial arts?” He asked. 

I thought about it for a moment and said, “When I was fourteen, around eleven years ago. I studied under an old man for three years. Afterwards, he took me to the border to expand my experience. He said it was to train my personality and maturity. In the end, he disappeared in the middle of a storm, taking our rations along with him.” 

Lin Tian Nan’s eyes shone, “Heh. Was Lin Cheng trying to push you to your limits? Afterwards, you joined the Liu Biao’s mercenary, isn’t that right?” 

I nodded, “Yes. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay for long.” 

Lin Tian Nan smiled, “Liu Biao has long been targeted by the commando troops on the border. It was only natural for a battle to break out. I heard that in the battle, around thirty people died. And you, you founded the Seven Commando Troops, but didn’t kill anyone. Isn't that right?” 

I took a deep breath, “After I joined the mercenary group, I didn’t kill anyone. Each time, I was only in charge of making sure that the enemy didn’t have the chance to fight back.” 

“I see.” 

Lin Tian Nan nodded, “If Liu Beard’s troop hadn’t been eliminated, if you weren’t the only person who survived, I’m afraid that they wouldn’t have chosen you as a member of the Special Forces. I heard that the Tiger Troop’s battle power was pretty good. But that is all. Their equipment and rations were much smaller.” 

I looked over to him and smiled, “That’s why the government came to you. To have the Tian Jin Corp help provide some resources, isn’t that right?” 

“Yup, but that isn’t all.” Lin Tian Nan smiled, “When I first took the leadership of Tian Jin Corporation, my goal was to separate from Lockheed Martin. Not because I had received any advantages. Rather, when I brought Tian Jin Corp’s 700 people into the team, I didn’t dare trust any of the military heads. Haha….” 

As he said that, Lin Tian Nan looked over at the giggling Wan Er and said, “I’m starting to get old, and I’m not as hot blooded as I used to be. Right now, all I want is to be able to peacefully get through my last years and see Wan Er live happily. That is enough.” 

He gave me a long look and said, “So, Wan Er’s choice, means that I am also choosing you. But, if you ever let her become sad, I will not let you live.” 

I stiffened. I could feel the killing intent rise and said, “Don’t worry, I completely understand.” 

Lin Tian Nan smiled and then lowered his voice, “So, just what makes you think you are suited for Wan Er?” 

I was stunned and after a few seconds, I said, “That is… Probably because I can make her as happy as she is right now?” 

“Well, you’ve barely passed.” 

Lin Tian Nan gripped his cup and said, “I do not need you to do too much, nor do I need you to have many achievements or become famous. Rather, the more achievements you have, the less you will be able to spend on her. Make sure you train properly, so that you have the strength to protect her. And just make sure that you happily fight monsters with her in the game.” 

I nodded, “Ok.” 

“That’s right.” 

“Is there more?” 

“In the game that you guys are playing, the country battles have already started, isn’t that right?” 

“So it seems, what’s up?” 

Lin Tian Nan smiled, “Its nothing, now that you are Wan Er’s boyfriend. Then… I wish you luck in “Destiny”. Make sure you dominate all of the maps. Can you do it?” 

I took a deep breath and looked up at Lin Tian Nan’s expression. Finally, my heart set, I replied, “I can!”  


Unify all of the main cities in Destiny? 

The task my future father in law gave me was truly a difficult one… 

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