Chapter 764 - Unwavering Spirit
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Zhan Long Chapter 764 - Unwavering Spirit

Chapter 764 - Unwavering Spirit

Plunderers were aerial type monsters and were one of the more unique troops in the Hybrid Demon Army. 



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Everyone looked up at the sky, but could only see several dark figures swooping around. Screams rang out from all sides as they were picked up in the Plunderers enormous claws and ripped apart by its sharp teeth and strong jaws. These characteristics were what made the Plunderers such a nightmare. 


“Careful, duck down!” 


Han Yuan raised his spear and shouted, “Do not get ambushed!” 


Unfortunately, no matter what, the Barbarians couldn’t react soon enough. Some of them were frozen with fear, their necks extended and left bare to the monsters. 


“Ka ka ka….” 


The sound of bones being crushed filled the air. Some of the Barbarians didn’t even get the chance to scream before they fell to their knees, blood pooling from their necks. Their heads had flown away, clutched in the Plunderers claws. This was their signature attack, capable of immediately taking a man’s life. 


“F*cking hell!” 


Xao Lie roared and spun around to grab a spear. He quickly targeted his prey and hurled the spear. A screech sounded out and one of the Plunderers plummeted  to the ground. “Peng!” It fell amongst the crowd of people. Han Yuan immediately charged forward with his spear and shouted, “Crush it!” 


Several Barbarians who couldn’t hold in their anger any longer immediately turned around and raised their broadswords. “Ka Cha Ka Cha!” They hacked away at the monster. The Plunderer was quickly chopped to pieces, every part still quivering. Despite that, there was no way it could revive. That Plunderer’s death gave the troops a boost in morale. Han Yuan raised his bloody sword and shouted, “Look, these Hybrid Demon trash are also made of flesh and blood. There’s nothing extraordinary about them. Summon your courage! You are the Royal Army, you are soldiers of the empire. Kill these monsters that are invading your homes. That is your mission!” 


Mission resounded in the hearts of all the Royal Army soldiers. Everyone’s eyes began to brighten with resolve. Even as the blood of their comrades ran in rivers on the ground, it did not wash away their courage. However, the sounds of death were still ringing out. Against such a strong Hybrid Demon, casualties were unavoidable. Besides, the battle power of the Royal Army was never the top in Tian Ling City. Even if he had reorganized the troops, we still needed to train them. And today was the chance to do so. 




A group of the Earth Giants growled as they were stopped by the Royal Army. It had already been ten minutes since they were last able to advance. Clearly, there was some kind of supervisor amongst the monsters. That was the Blood Giant Kehl. Even though we didn’t see him, that b*st*rd must not be far. Otherwise, there was no way these Earth Giants would rush to their deaths like this. One after another, their tendons were cut and they stumbled to the ground. Afterwards, the Barbarians in the Royal Army would surround their fallen enemy and hack the monster to its death. All of the Barbarian foot soldiers were one to three times stronger than the average human. All of their attacks were powerful and savage. We gave each one a sharp iron broadsword, perfect for close combat. Even against terrifying Hybrid Demons like the Earth Giants, they showed little fear. It was because the Barbarians were so heroic that the other soldiers were able to summon their courage and follow by example. All of them kept fighting until their eyes turned red. They were putting aside all worries of life and death and fought with all their might. 




A crack suddenly appeared in the shield formation. A dozen or so Earth Giants had broken through the first line of defense in the Royal Army. I raised a brow and ordered, “Han Yuan, taken some people and fill the hole!” 


Han Yuan raised his blood sword and saluted, “Yes general!” 

He shouted orders and took a couple dozen cavalrymen to the location. He dipped forward and pulled a long spear from one of the Plunderer’s corpse. He then hurled it out, bringing down one of the Earth Giants. Han Yuan’s spear had pierced right through its throat. 




Han Yuan pulled out his sword and halberd from his sheath and charged at the Earth Giant. He swung his halberd, the movements forming the image of a beautiful deadly flower for a moment as it then burst forward like the flame of a dragon. “Pu Chi!” The spear pierced through the Giant. Who would’ve thought that its will to live was so incredibly strong? The attack had only injured it, and didn’t deal a death blow. It suddenly grabbed the hilt of the halberd with its steel fists and swung his other fist towards Han Yuan’s head. It looked to be a mortal blow. 


Han Yuan, however, was one of the most courageous generals in the Royal Army. How could he waver? He immediately let go of his halberd and sprinted backward, dodging the fist of the Earth Giant. He then pulled out his long sword and leapt up from his horse. Midair, he tightened his grip and roared. “Ka Cha!” The Earth Giant let out an answering scream. While Han Yuan couldn’t completely cut through his head, his cut went deep into its skull. 


He slashed again with all his might. Han Yuan had successfully cut off the Earth Giant’s head.


The moment that Earth Giant’s head fell, another Earth Giant rushed forward and slashed Han Yuan’s arm. The general was flung backward with a groan. He must’ve taken injuries from that hit. 


The other Royal Army Cavalrymen finally charged forward. They swung their weapons in a fierce attack. One after another, the Earth Giants were barraged with pierces and cuts. They were practically turning into porcupines. Like this, our soldiers traded off, displaying their might. With this tactic, we managed to fell a dozen of so of the Earth Giants. 


“Cough cough…” 


Han Yuan picked himself up from the ground and leapt back onto his horse. Blood covered his face and he fiercely said, “These f*cking giants… I… I will kill them all!” 



In the distance, Xiao Lie quickly gave a signal, “Be careful, their next wave is here!” 

In the darkness, we saw enormous figures sprinting across the landscape. There were at least a thousand Earth Giants coming at us, while the current Earth Giants before us only numbered around two hundred. The power behind this next wave of Hybrid Demons was truly terrifying. 




I raised my Zhen Yue Blade and stood at the center of the Shield Formation and shouted, “It looks like these Earth Giants have something in their hands!” 


“What?” Han Yuan was stunned. 


Xiao Lie squinted at the shadows in the distance. He then shuddered and said, “D*mm*t, they have boulders! These Giants want to smash our formation with boulders?” 


I looked at the soldiers in the Shield Formation and said, “Use both hands to hold your shields. Make sure your bodies are completely covered by the shield. We have to hold off this next round of attacks! They won’t have too many boulders at hand. We just have to wait for them to use them all up!” 


One after another, the soldiers in the Shield Formation looked up at me and shouted, “Yes General!” 



I looked at the figures in the distance. The soldiers in the Royal Army were almost out of breath. Who knew how many more would die in this next wave of attacks? This was unavoidable. From the moment we set out on this mission, we were prepared for this kind of outcome. 




A strong gale rose up and a boulder that was at least a meter long flew at us from a distance and accelerated towards the formation! “Peng!” One of the Shield Formation Barbarian soldiers was thrown back into the second row of soldiers. This created a domino effect that impacted even the fourth row of soldiers. Only then was the boulder stopped. Several of the soldiers hit by the boulder spat out some blood. The impact was too forceful, even the Barbarians with their above average strength couldn’t stand against it. 

Another two or three boulders flew at us from the sky. The soldiers in the cavalry camp were starting to lose hope. If even the Barbarians in the Shield Formation were pushed back by this force, then what would it do to humans? They’d probably be instantly crushed… 


I stood before the human troops. One of the boulders was heading right for me! 


A boulder hurled by a Level 146 Third Level Hybrid Demon. In reality, those monsters were nothing to me. I dipped forward on my battle horse and raised my Zhen Yue Blade with my left arm. “Keng!” the boulder was sliced cleanly in half by my Zhen Yue Blade, decreasing the force of the boulder. It slowly rolled into the grass behind me. 


The Royal soldiers who were watching could barely close their mouths. Han Yuan stared in awe, “Her Highness Princess Pearl said that General has the strength of three armies. Looks like she wasn’t exaggerating. General is truly strong…” 

It was possible that seeing me in action had boosted everyone’s morale. Xiao Lie rode on this wave of excitement and shouted, “Brothers, do not worry! Even though the Earth Giants are strong, they’re also stupid.  Look, a lot of the boulders are being flung into the pile of dragon bones! Everyone, focus and prepare to battle!” 

“Yes sir!” 



It was just as Xiao Lie had said, the Earth Giants had terrible aim. Out of ten, at most one or two would actually hit the formation. The impact of that first boulder was just a coincidence. Once they faced us in close quarters, they could do nothing against the quick attacks from the Barbarians in the Shield Formation. One after another, the Earth Giants fell before the human troops. Xiao Lie and Huan Yuan lead a thousand Royal Army Cavalry out of the formation, killing everything in sight. Despite their victories, they suffered great losses. They retreated covered in injuries and blood. The casualties were terrifying. 


Suddenly, a beautiful figure descended from the sky. Qing Luo raised her long sword and looked across the battlefield in the Dragon Graveyard. She let out a sigh, “And here I thought that these little princelings only knew how to hit on girls and blow empty air. Who would’ve thought… they would actually be able to fight so fiercely for Dragon City. Alright, Lord Dragon Knight, allow me and the two Silver Dragon Knights to take some of the pressure on the Royal Army!” 

I nodded my consent. I cast a glance at the Royal Army’s formation. If I let them continue fighting like this against the Earth Giants, I was afraid that even if we won, we’d only have a few survivors left. Thankfully this wasn’t the main battlefield. If we were up against thousands of Hybrid Demon troops, we’d probably be completely annihilated. 


The screech of dragons rang out in the sky. Qing Luo lead two other Silver Dragon Knights rushing from the sky. Dragon Breath unfurled onto the Earth Giant troops. Quite a few had been frozen and then crushed to pieces. Qing Luo unsheathed her swords and threw several slashes. That brat must’ve improved quite a bit from following Frost for so long. She’d actually reached the point where she could hold down three Hybrid Demons. 





Xiao Lie looked up at the dragon knights, his eyes filled with awe and respect, “Are those the soldiers of Dragon City? Amazing… Truly amazing…” 

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