Chapter 22 - My First Bronze Equipment
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Zhan Long Chapter 22 - My First Bronze Equipment


Chapter 22 – My First Bronze Equipment

【Spider Queen】(Silver Boss Monster)

Level: 21

Attack: 0-0


Health: 50,000

Skill: 【Spawning Spider Eggs】

Description: The Spider Queen corrodes and feeds on the bones of the ancient deceased, absorbing the strength of the dead to produce unlimited spiderlings. This has filled the cave to the breaking point, therefore the Spider Queen must be killed to contain the epidemic of spiderlings in the South Tomb.


I went silent. While examining the attributes of the Spider Queen, I was shocked by its stats. A 0-0 attack value for a level 21 boss monster. What kind of a monster was this? This indicated one thing, the Spider Queen would mass produce spiders, instead of directly attacking me, like a hive.

In the spider hall, besides the Spider Queen, there were also 12 level 21 poisonous spiders. I could probably attract the poisonous spiders to attack me without aggroing the Spider Queen. Then after finishing them off, I could finally aggro the Spider Queen. I could only hope that my healing capacity would be capable of keeping up with the consumption of my health points.

The plan had been set; I immediately started executing it.

I lured one poisonous spider after another, slaughtering them all 5 minutes later. Only the Spider Queen was left. Her huge body trembled slightly, but no spawning had been initiated. She didn’t seem to have been aggroed.

I started carefully examining the hall. The Spider Queen was encased in a huge coffin which touched the wall at an angle, making a 60 degree angle. If I could stand in the corner, only 4-5 small spiderlings would be able to attack me, while the rest would have to wait for their turn. So as long as I could sustain my health, this would be my chance!


My foot slipped on some dust, and I slid to a distance of approximately 3 meters from the spider queen, thereby aggroing it. Her huge body began shivering, pushing out a small round green egg. It rotated a little and then ruptured, and out came a small poisonous spider.

I quickly examined its attributes…

【Small poisonous spider】(Ordinary monster)

Level: 20

Attack: 40-50

Defense: 20

Hit points: 100

Description: Spider Queen’s spiderling


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