Chapter 21 - Spider Queen
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Zhan Long Chapter 21 - Spider Queen


Chapter 21 – Spider Queen

In the job training center, the healer instructor stood at the same spot as before, with her long hair drifting in the wind. When she saw me walking up, she immediately showed a sweet smile, “Oh, young healer, you have grown quite strong now. Would you like to get promoted?”

Well then, this NPC was quite observant!

I nodded, “Yes teacher, I would like to get promoted!”


The instructor smiled and stretched her hand forward, “First, you must pay me a processing fee of 10 silver coins before I can start your promotion mission!”

“Okay….” I gave out 10 silvers. After all, I no longer had a lack of money!

The instructor stretched her neck looking at me with an amused expression, “Good. If you want to become a real healer, you must complete this test. Come. This is a sheet of sheepskin. If you enter the graveyard at the south of the city, you will find a spider’s cave there. Find the gravestone at the deepest part of the cave and jot down the text written on the gravestone. That is your mission. But be careful, there are many dangers inside the spider cave. You may die a very painful death!”

My whole body trembled a bit. But the mission didn’t care if people were willing to do it or not, it was forced on you…

System Notification: You received the training mission [The gravestone text in the Spider Cave]! (Mission difficulty: Level C)

Mission Description: Enter the spider cave and jot down the text found from the gravestone deep inside the cave. You are not allowed to form teams. If a player forms a team, or accepts healing from other players, then the mission will instantly fail. At that, you will need to wait another 72 hours before re-applying for the mission!


My god, this was quite harsh. I was neither allowed to team up nor accept any help from other players! Qing Qian said she would help me out, but she probably didn’t know about this requirement huh?

Walking out the door and opening the player lists, I took a look at the list of healers in Ba Huang City. The highest level f

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Novel Notes

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