Chapter 20 - My First Earnings
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Zhan Long Chapter 20 - My First Earnings

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Chapter 20 – My First Earnings


My Bramble Thorn Sword sliced through the neck of the Wild Wolf, and the latter fell to the ground with a stream of light. I didn’t even know how many monsters I had killed, but I was level 19, one step closer to the important promotion of level 20! At the same time, I collected many different cloth armors, but the defense that even the best cloth armor gave was incomparable to the powerful attacks of the Wild Wolves.

At the same time, I looked through my skill window. Up until now, it seemed like no one understood the concept on how to make their own skill. There was a simple reason for that. Everyone was bad. Well, to be honest, if custom skills were easily made, this game world would be in complete chaos right now.

After I carefully looked through the requirements for creating a combo skill, I realized quite a few things. A combo skill was a skill that effectively used attacks, defenses, dodges, and knock backs to force one’s opponent to be one step behind, making the opponent unable to defend or dodge. Afterwards, one’s attacks would easily land while the opponent’s would be weak and useless. Although I could do such complex combos in real life, in the game, the requirements for making a skill were a lot harsher. The power, angle, and timing had to be perfect, or else you would not be able to create your own skill.


While killing the Wild Wolves, I thought about the past. Even though I had trained under the old man for many years, the only technique that he passed down was very simple; it used attacks to suppress the opponent. In reality, he didn’t even tell me the name of the sword technique. Perhaps even he didn’t know himself, since there was no specific set of motions for this sword technique. Rather, it was more like a lot of attacking moves that were not correlated to one another.


I thrust my Bramble Thorn Sword forward, and with a “Puchi” sound, it poked a hole straight through the Wild Wolf’s neck. Using the momentum, I slashed left, pulling the sword

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Novel Notes

Hi all that's the end of Zhan Long. Thanks for all the support!
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