Chapter 19 - Bloody Dagger
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Zhan Long Chapter 19 - Bloody Dagger

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Chapter 19 – Bloody Dagger


The two Wild Wolves leaped towards Tyrant of Western Chu’s back. Since he was the closest to the Wolves, it was only natural that he became the target for their attacks. After using [Hemostasis] on myself, I took my Bramble Thorn Sword and rushed ahead to attack Tyrant of Western Chu as well. I sliced horizontally with an ordinary sword attack, but I was lacking in practice….



Tyrant of Western Chu’s HP decreased by a chunk, and in addition the two Wild Wolves behind him also raised their claws and used [Whirling Claws] LV-2. Tyrant of Western Chu’s health immediately dropped into the red zone, and his face turned into a shade of deep purple. Knowing that he was at a disadvantage, he turned around and run,

“Healers!” yelled Tyrant of Western Chu.

His two healers quickly ran towards him. Crap, I’d better not let these two healers heal him, or else I wouldn’t have any chance in winning!

I lowered my sword and quickly chased after Tyrant of Western Chu. One of the healers rushed up to him, and the staff started glowing to heal Tyrant of Western Chu, but I quickly caught up and sliced towards the healer’s neck with my Bramble Thorn Sword.



A critical hit, instant death!


System Notification: You have killed player [Drizzling Rain]. Sin +100 points. You’ve become a “Chaotic Player”!


“You…Xiao Yao you bastard!” said Tyrant of Western Chu, full of anger.

I didn’t bother responding to him, and after taking a hit from Tyrant of Western Chu, I quickly cast [Hemostasis], and ran towards the second healer with my Bramble Thorn Sword. I sliced towards the healer’s chest, and the damage showed up as “161”. With cloth armor and only investing stat points in magic, the healer was defenseless against my attack. After 1.5 seconds, I quickly sliced again. The healer could only stand there shocked, without any thoughts of healing herself, and died with a cry.


I heard a gunshot sound, and immediately afterwards, Piggy entered my vision, running with a gun in his hands. He shot me from afar and took out 74 Health Points. At the same time, Tyrant of Western Chu came and attacked me with a powerful strike!


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