Chapter 1377- Sneak attacking
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Zhan Long Chapter 1377- Sneak attacking

“Use a cloth to cover the ignition lines of the Dragon Crystal Cannons and God Dragon Cannons, don’t let them get wet. Quick, send my orders. Don’t be late!” Yan Zhao Warrior ordered.

A few War Hawk Knights flew up and went to give the orders. The nearby Royal Army found things that could block the rain. The army had cloth to build tents but not many of them as many were destroyed in battle. Now there was an even more lack of it so many soldiers took off their armor or used their shields to cover the cannons and then fought bare-armed.


“Archers, prepare to blind their eyes!” I held Butterfly and ordered.

War drums sounded and rain started to fall. In the veil, a dense group of Aotian Race troops returned. Their war drum sounds became even dense. They were waiting for this chance to attack.

We had to block this attack or we would be finished.

My heart felt cold and I said loudly, “Prepare to fight!”

“Peng peng peng…”

God Dragon Cannons and Dragon Crystal Cannons could still fire. Aotian Race had underestimated our intelligence and probably didn’t guess our plan.

“Defend the gates!”

One Second Hero jumped off the walls. More and more Zhan long and Royal Army cavalries headed out of the city and formed a defensive line outside. Some people had to sacrifice or the walls would be attacked right away.

“Be careful of their beast cavalries!” Lin Wan Er said loudly.

Heavy hooves could be heard. As expected, hundreds of beast cavalries charged. They were really quick. The Royal Army Dragon Crystal Cannons found it hard to aim at them and it was difficult to insta kill them. As a result, this group reached the walls close and clashed with the players.

I pulled out my swords and charged down. I attacked one of them like a meteor!


I shouldered the nose of the beast and it cried out as it retreated. But the Aotian Race cavalier was tough, thrusting the spear through the rain and at my chest!

I used Star Shield to knock him back and then I used Double Hit to force him further back. One Second Hero led dozens of Zhan Long players to kill him as I charged at the second one. I used my body to reduce his momentum and then I charged at the third one. In a blink, I bumped into dozens of them to help reduce the pressure of the players behind but now I was left with only a third of my health.

Not far away, an orange light shone. It was Wan Er’s large scale Buff. Li Mu raised his sword and roared too, helping to greatly increase the Attack of players within 400 yards. Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han headed down the walls and each of them had their own role. They had to fight with us or the walls would definitely break.


In less than half an hour, blood flowed like a river. Rainwater and blood mixed and flowed around, dying the dry grass and also dyeing the armor of everyone.

Royal Army rather died than retreat, using their lives as the price to kill the beast cavalries. The chefs even headed out with their blades and they started to slice up the corpses o

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