Chapter 1376- Chance that Aotian Race was waiting for
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Zhan Long Chapter 1376- Chance that Aotian Race was waiting for

“Are we giving up on Ocean Duke just like that?”

Lin Qiong’s eyes were red as he looked at me, “Your Highness, although you two had your differences, but… But he is one of the three dukes, are we going to let him die in this foreign land?”

“Ocean Duke is important or the 250 thousand troops are important?” I asked.

Lin Qiong had nothing to say.

Situ Xin held his blade and said, “Your Highness… If we head out we will end up food for their 200 thousand troops, there is no chance of us living.”

Jing Yin looked into the distance, “Those poor 50 thousand, they are just buried… The supplies in the city are getting less and less. Your Highness, we are at wit's end…”


I nodded and didn’t say anything.



A message came from Fang Ge Que, “Xiao Yao, how is the situation on your side?”

“If there are no reinforcements, we might all get wiped.”

“Huh? Don’t make things sound so bad!”

“I really didn’t… Old Fang, our enemy is the Aotian Race that is similar to bosses, they are all level 275. Moreover, their AI isn’t low too. They baited us in. We were too overconfident…”

He said, “I know… I know, I am trying to use God Dragon Cannons and Dragon Crystal Cannons to blow the barrier but it isn’t of much effect. Who knows how they activated this barrier? Right, Lochlan led the troops, 1.2 million at the west of Swirling Abyss City. If the Aotian Race dares to come out, it would be a final battle.”

My heart felt tight, “Old Fang, you underestimate their combat strength. 200 of our cavalries might not even defeat one of theirs. Even with NPC troops we aren’t their match. If there is a chance, let Lochlan build a city outside the zone, without walls, they will head right north.”

I thought about something, “Right, head to Dragon City and find Frost. Tell her that I am trapped and ask if she has any solution. They are too strong, if Frost doesn’t help, all the troops will be crushed.”

“En, I will head right away. What if she doesn’t trust me?”

“Head to Xiao Yao King’s manor, there is

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