Chapter 1378- Rebirth
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Zhan Long Chapter 1378- Rebirth


The blade slashed across and million damage numbers flew up above the heads of five Furnace God Cavalries. That was terrifying. Aotian War Emperor hollered and attacked, leading a bunch of high ranked Aotian Race generals.

One Second Hero and Yue Qing Qian were killed from their skills. In just half an hour, just ten thousand of them remained.


Flames surged around Butterfly as I charged at Aotian War Emperor. My sword was covered in a dozen meter light as I slashed!


I hit his blade and sparks flew.

He looked at me and noticed my badge. He laughed coldly, “You are Tian Ling Empire’s general Li Xiao Yao? Your strength is just average, such a scum wants to be enemies with Aotian Race? Wishful thinking!”

I didn’t reply. I used Blade Rush to break his defence. I raised my swords and a golden light shone. Wind Carrying Slash hit his red armor!

“Peng peng peng…”

There was an intense explosion and cracks appeared on the metal of his armor. I could break his defence and his health dropped a little. This Aotian War Emperor wasn’t strong, he might even be weaker than Sif and Pearl. The terrifying thing was his army.


He kicked me. I shook and flew back by a dozen meters. My waist felt a fiery pain.

I didn’t have Overlord Rebirth’s buff so I definitely couldn’t solo him. The players reduced around me and in just a few minutes, we went from 10 thousand to only 5000.

Q-Sword shouted, “Xiao Yao let’s flee, the north entrance is blown open by Frost. Uncle is commanding the NPCs to retreat. Time is precious let’s go or we won’t be able to leave!”



But Aotian War Emperor held his blade ahead and smiled arrogantly, “You want to leave? You ants have to all die here today, haha… Cavalries, strike!”

Dense horse hooves could be heard as at least ten thousand beast cavalries charged They were really quick. Honestly, our ground troops wouldn’t be able to flee.


I shouted and used Underworld Sword Breaking. I smashed the ground and stirred up

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